Missguided+ On A Girl In Size 24

The Missguided Lace Peplum Dress

I am more than excited that I was provided with a lovely peplum dress out of the new Missguided+ Plus-Size range that only launched yesterday, which I will be wearing to the Simply Be Spring /Summer Collection 2015 preview tonight. Check out the hashtag #SimplyBeSS15 if you want to watch live what will be happening.

Missguided Plus Size Lace Peplum Dress Ecom Picture

I am very much looking forward to wearing this Missguided+ beauty. The dress comes in a lace look but also in a leopard print. This might not be as extensive as a usual review but I just wanted to give you a first idea how this dress looks on a girl that is on the larger side of curvy, namely a size 24-26.


True To Size – Slightly Larger

The dress feels lovely and appears to be true to size. If anything, it is a bit on the larger side, as it fits me well while I am usually somewhere between a size 24-26 with a relatively large bust. Although I would say despite that, there is no need to size down.


More “Missguided On A Size 24”-Pictures To Come

I will be posting quite a few of these looks. So keep checking back here on the blog or make sure to follow me on Instagram. Obviously I won’t be modelling the whole 70 pieces, Unfortunately I can’t quite afford that, but I am sure I there will be quite a few interesting pieces and that there will enough to give you a good idea :). Let me know which pieces you would like to see.

Some of the things of which I can tell you that you will definitely be able to see them here soon are: the leopard print midi skirt and the beautiful cobalt blue wrap dress, in fact I  will be wearing the latter one to the British Plus Size Awards.

Complaints About Sizing Range A Little Unfair

I have seen quite a few people complaining about the sizing range ending at a size 24. I personally hope as well that the sizing range that I hope will be extended in future. However, complaining about the sizing range is unfair.

You do have to think about this from a business point of view. Missguided is a retailer that so far has only catered for women up to a size 14 (and the occasional 16). Immediately moving from this to a range which is upwardly open would be an incredibly risky move. As there is no guarantee as to how the collection performs.

Therefore this collection should be seen as a first entry into the plus-size business. Missguided are basically dipping their toe into the plus-size market. Trying to work out what works for them and what does not. I am sure there will be one or the other amazing piece and some great surprises in the future.

What Do You Think?

There are so many things I would love to her from you about. What you think about the dress and the range in general? Which of the items would you like to see on the blog?

Lots of love


#OOTD: 50s Inspired Plus-Size Pin-Up Style

Gosh it was not easy to decide what to wear for Plus North, I still had (and have) quite a few outfits to show off that I had not worn yet and there are just so many great pieces that just have come out for the new season. On top of all that I just had changed my hair colour, (and at that to orange!), which really changes the look of *everything* on you.

So as said above, I was really unsure what to wear and went through about a thousand different options, till I came on Asos Curve across what you see below and then what I was about to wear was immediately made clear.


1  – ASOS CURVE Pleated Skater Skirt
2 – Alice & You Bardot Body
– ASOS Bandana Print Headscarf Neckerchief

Current Favourite: Pleated Skirts

I am currently absolutely in love with pleated skirts and if you follow my blog you know that there is basically no skirt or dress I am wearing without a belt. However, on pleated skirts most belts appear to look a bit “off” and somehow never sit right or stay in place. So the contrast waistband on this skirt is really amazing and exactly what I was looking for.

ASOS CURVE Pleated Skater Skirt

Unexpected Favourite: Bodies

Bodies are my new love. I am currently discovering so many new things that work for me. And one  revelation for me was that I actually like the look of myself with my shirt tucked into my skater or a-line skirts and even feel comfortable in it.

However, that once again can be a bit of a pain as, depending on the shirt, you might constantly have to keep an eye on it if it is staying properly tucked in. The amazingly simple solution? Bodies!

Alice & You Bardot Body

I would have never thought I would ever be found in a body again. As a kid my mom had to force me into them, but now they are my new found love. I already own this beauty and am loving it, although unfortunately it is currently sold out. I am sure I will be collecting more bodies (of the textile variety of course) in my wardrobe over the next months.

The Cherry On Top: The Accessories

The final pieces to top the outfit off and to give it the proper 5os style were the accessories: The absolutely essential 50s worker style headscarf from Asos and a killer necklace from Missguided.

Necklace: Missguided – Cleksa Geometric Plate Necklace
Headscarf – ASOS Bandana Print Headscarf Neckerchief

 So Far One Of My Favourites

So far this outfit has been one of my favourite outfits. I absolutely adore the 50s plus-size pin-up style. Not only since blogging but, well basically ever. It is a killer outfit showing off my best curves and enhancing them to a nice hourglass shape. Most importantly it is also a great homage to the 50s and the pin-ups of that time. Not to forget that this day was also one of the first times  I (more or less) successfully managed to style my hair in a way that involved back-combing.

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Have you been to Plus North? Did you have the same dilemma? What is it you like to wear to events like this? I would love to hear from you!


 British Plus Size Awards

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for the British Plus Size Awards in the cateogory “Best New Blogger”. I really would appreciate it if you would take you time to vote for me.

To vote for me and your favourite plus-size retailers & celebrities just click on the button below:


Sold – Buy My Wardrobe – Red Strapless Cocktail Dress

I am selling my red strapless George cocktail dress.

I have worn this dress once, for the Athletic Union Ball of Manchester University when I was part of the Rugby team, and I have had a really great time in it.

It is a size 20(EU48, US16) and has only been worn once. At only £15 (€19) it is yours.


To buy it, just send my an email to GirlGeekInADress@gmail.com and I will get back to you with additional info. Alternatively you can also head over to Vinted and buy it here.


The Little Black Party Dress

Since I came over to the UK from Germany my night out wardrobe has significantly changed.

I still remember my very first night out in the UK. I had just moved to Cardiff to go to University. I had put on my smoky eye make-up and had decided to wear a very nice pair of skinny jeans combined with a grey shirt with a beautiful & colourful sequins detail and some nice high heels. Although when I say high heels, at the time I meant  about 2-3 inches high heels.

Little did I know about the fashion in the UK and particularly about Cardiff nights out. Because what expected me was this….






The above pictures are part of the Book “Cardiff after Dark” by Maciej Dakowicz, a book that is well worth checking out. You can have a look at its Flicker here or buy it on Amazon.

During my time in Cardiff I learned fast, that a skirt for a night out can never be too short, you can never wear too much hair spray, high heels never can be too high and that there is no shame in walking home barefoot.

Now I live in Manchester and in total I have lived almost 5 years in the UK and while I still have not adopted the British night out style completely and most likely never fully will, I have assimilated quite a bit.

Asos Curve Black Peplum Dress
Asos Curve Black Peplum Dress

While I lived in Germany I almost exclusively used to wear trousers on a night out. I now predominantly wear dresses and the dresses are much shorter than I ever would have dreamt wearing in Germany. However they are still much longer than many that I have seen here. But each to their own. I am still not so much a fan of massively high heels, particularly as I am 5’9 (1.75m) but occasionally I am daring to wear some 9 inch heels. However, in these cases I will always have some ballerinas in my handbag.

Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum

One of my night out dresses is the Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum Dress in the picture above from Asos Curve. This is another one of the little black dresses I recently bought from Asos after I realised that I had been overlooking that essential wardrobe piece by far too long.


At £9 it was a real bargain and so it is no surprise that it is unfortunatelly sold out. This dress has also become one of my favourite pieces of this mini haul. While it is quite short, it is still a decent length at which I am not flashing my knickers and the peplum details gives me a great hour glass like shape, in short: a great party dress.

little black party dress accessories collage

I am wearing the dress with a skinny embossed belt that I also got from Asos as well as with some Deichmann black and red plateau heels which also were a great bargain. I bought them a while back, when Deichmann had a sale on. As far as I remember they were reduced by 75% and I only paid about £5 for them, so like the dress they really were a great bargain.  They also are actually a lot more comfortable than they look. Although I would still never leave the house without some spare ballerinas when I am wearing them.

Deichmann  - Black Plateau Heels

Did you like me ever have a fashion culture shock on your first night out abroad? What do you think about this party outfit?  And lastly what is your favourite plus-size party outfit?




First Experiences With Asos

Ok, to be honest, my wardrobe is spilling over with dresses, but there is one kind of dress I am constantly short of: the classical little black dress. I love bold dresses in striking patterns and colours. So most of the time I just appear overlook the simple black dress. This is ultimately a bit unfair, as these dresses are great all-rounder that suit all situations, from a work day to a girls night out or date night, just depending on how you accessorize or combine them.

Asos - Wide Range Of Black Dresses

So I decided to use this opportunity to try out Asos Curve. I had been meaning to try them out already for a while. In a way I could not believe that I actually hadn’t yet. They also appeared to have a very wide range of dresses including many black ones, as you can see in the picture above (and that was only the first page). Giving me a choice between quite a few black dresses in various different styles and particularly several ones with sleeves. As I mentioned before, I will never understand why there are so few dresses with sleeves out there.

So ultimately I decided on these dresses:

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swing Dress With V-Neck And Long Sleeve

Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swing Dress With V-Neck And Long Sleeve

  ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Square Neck

Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Square Neck

ASOS CURVE Midi Dress With Scoop Neck

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Midi Dress With Scoop Neck In Nepi

Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum Dress

Image 1 of Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum Dress

I also signed up for asos premier which could be described as an amazon prime for fashion, but  at £9.95 it is much more reasonably priced. What this ultimately gets you is one year free unlimited next day delivery and free returns collection alongside with another few little things like early access to sales and a subscription to the asos magazine print version. I am not massively keen on the early access to sales etc although I really like the next day delivery. A great option if you need a dress for an unexpected special occasion or if you are simply impatient, like me.

So I ordered the dresses and only one day later I had all those lovely little black dresses delivered via a well tracked DPD package.

Initially I had planned to only keep one or two, but I loved them all and ultimately I decided to keep them all. So look forward to a number of “little black dress” review posts soon.


Lady Vintage – Plus-Size Hepburn Dress

I was recently invited to a fancy cocktail party so I finally had a reason to wear the red Hepburn dress I bought a few weeks ago. This dress came from one of my favourite shops: Lady Vintage – a shop definitely worth checking out. They sell absolutely lovely vintage-style plus-size dresses, though their plus-size selection seems to have significantly shrunk over the last few months. This particular dress has sold out in red, but is still available in several other beautiful colours here.

Plus-Size Hepburn DressPlus Size Hepburn Dress

Dress – Lady Vintage, Leggings – Simply Be, Shoes – Deichmann, Belt – Yours Clothing

The dress is made in London and has a lovely shape – I think it really flatters my curves, especially when teamed with a belt. The big drawback of dresses like this for me is that they are sleeveless – I rather feel that bare upper arms do not agree with me and my figure.

Because of this I absolutely love this short bolero, which is basically nothing but a set of sleeves; I would love to have more of these but unfortunately I’ve never come across another one in this style since. This one I bought quite a while back at… well… I think at New Look. I’m not quite sure any more as I don’t even recognise the logo on the tag…

So if anyone knows where you can buy boleros like this one, please let me know – you would make me very happy.


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