Taking A Dip – Boohoo Extreme Dip Back Top

May I Introduce To You Another Impulse Buy!

I am usually not a fan of  weird hems. The hanky hem, bubble hem and drop hem are basically one of my pet hates in plus size fashion. This baby though really caught my eye and spurred another impulse buy.

PicMonkey Collage3

Plus Lizzy Extreme Dip Back Top

Trying New Things And Loving It

In the beginning I was not 100% sure, but then I thought what the hell, I can at least try it. If I learned anything over the last year of blogging then it is to challenge what I believe looks good on my and to push my boundaries of what I feel comfortable with.

Extreme Dip Back TopBoohoo
Body – Boohoo
Skinny Jeans –  very old season George at Asda
Stiletto Plateau Heels – Deichmann
Grey Clubmaster GlassesSpecspost

Neither Usual Fat Stereotype nor Eurovision Song Contest

In most cases drop hems are either one of those weird little weird  half circle added over the bum, or something you would expect to see at the Eurovision song contest. This top however is a drop hem game changer for me – it is bold enough to be special but I do not feel like I belong in an episode of Ru Pauls Drag Race.


The Sizing & Fit

The shirt is generously sized as it is meant to have a slight oversized fit. This does not necessarily mean that you should size down, but if you are a size 26 and have your heart set on this top, you should probably still be ok.

The front hem of the shirt comes in a bit higher than it does for the model on my 5’9(1.75m) & size 24-26 (EU 52-54). For my liking it is a little too high but it does not spoil the top for me, I’d just prefer the front to be a little longer. I guess the reason for it coming in higher is my rather largish bust with a cup size F-G.

For my height also the longest part is more than fine and if you are average height you should be perfectly fine as well. I think I had about 20 cm room before the “train” would have started scraping on the floor.

Plus Size Drop Hem Top - Lisa vs Boohoo Model2

Great For Layering

I love the versatility of this shirt. With summer coming slowly to an end, the potential to layer becomes an important attribute for clothing. Another win for this top. On warmer days I have worn this top just with leggings bearing my arms. Now that it has become a little colder I like to combine it with a long sleeve top and jeans like I did for these pictures or with a set of Wingz, which are great for adding sleeves to any piece of clothing, for the last remaining warm days.


Easy To Dress It Up Or Down

This is one of these pieces of clothing that has endless combination and style possibilities. Did you notice how much the look and feel of it changes by just changing the shoes from my beloved Birkenstock Flip-Flops to my Deichmann plateau high heels. Depending on the accessories this can so easily dressed up or down.

PicMonkey Collage-2

There is one thing though I can tell you, you do stand out with this. Not necessarily in a bad way, but you just have to be ok with it to get some more looks than usual. At least this is what happened to me when I went out and wore this stunner in public.

Standing Out Is Not A Bad Thing

It is an unusual cut and when you walk the drop-hem basically turns into a flowing train, it just does stand out as a cut, plus-size or not.  This combination with the expectation that unfortunately still appears to exist that owners of fat bodies will generally be invisible or at least try to stay unnoticed unfortunately still seems to surprise some people.


However like I keep repeating myself quite a bit recently, like I said in my bikini a while back or in my rant about the oprah-magazine and their insane comment about the crop tops, even if this surprises people, it is not the end of the world, despite a few extra looks the world still continues to turn and in the worst case nothing happens except for you feeling more fabulous and having contributed to people wearing what they want having become a more normal sight in public.




A Word Of Warning

One little word of warning though… Just be careful if you by any chance end up wearing this top with stiletto high heels like I did and make sure this won’t be happening to you:


Now Reduced From £16 to £10

I think I found here a true stunner and am so happy ending up getting it despite initial doubts if I would really wear it. I love it and I do wear it a lot. The best news is that, while I got it at full price, it now ended up in Boohoo’s sale and is reduced from £16 to £10 now. I can only give you the advice to try it if you are on the fence about it… you might fall in love with it, in the worst case you can always send it back… 😉


What do you think?

What do you think about this top? Did you recently get an out of the ordinary piece of clothing? Let me know. I would love to hear what you think. Please drop me a comment below.

Lots Of Love


Awesome Geeky Shirts – Available Till Midnight

I should Not Have Checked Qwertee

Last night just after midnight I once again checked Qwertee the geeky t-shirt supplier I posted about  a while back like I sporadically do. I should really learn not to do that when I cannot really afford to buy any additional clothing.

Plus Size Girl Geek T-ShirtQwertee Minion/Tardis T-Shirt
OOTD post here

Only Available For A Day

If you are not familiar with Qwertee, let me explain the issue quickly to you. Qwertee offers awesome and very creative geeky shirts. So far so good. The real trouble is they offer them only for one day. Every day they have a new set of shirts but they are only available for 24 hours and then pouf gone (FAQ Here).


Oh How I Wish You Could Be Mine

And today they do not only have 1 of them but 3…

Firefly Qwertee Shirt

For The Firefly Fan-Girl In Me


Doctor Who Qwertee Shirt

For The Doctor Who Lover In Me


You Shall Not Pass Qwertee Shirt

For the Maths Geek & Lord Of The Rings Reader In Me

Lessons To Be Learnt

There are also some other ones, so if you are as geeky inclined as I am and have a little more money than I have, it might be worth to give it a look. You can also check the “previous shirts” if you would like to see what else they have done as well as vote on the designs you would like to see soon. However, if you are broke as me, stay away. One thing I still have to learn.

Although while we are talking about “things to learn” it would be nice if Qwertee would offer some larger ladies style shirts, but till then the men shirts will do and have done fine. If you would like to see how they fit you can check out my OOTD featuring the Minion shirt.


What Do You Think

I would love to know what your “geeky pleasure” is. Is there a shirt that you could not resist?

Lots of love


Boohoo I Am Skint – Plus-Size Summer Essential Bargains

No Shopping Sprees For Me This Summer

This summer I am a little broke… So unfortunately there was no way I could have done any big summer clothes hauls. Over the whole summer I was watching with This summer I am a little broke… So unfortunately there was no way I could have done any big summer clothes hauls.

A Bit Jealous Of The Colourful New Wardrobes

Over the whole summer I was watching other fashion bloggerswith a slight sense of jealousy  how they were showing off their lovely summer dresses. I am particularly jealous my newest blogger crush and discovery Boardroom Blonde. Just look at how colourful and bright her wardrobe is:

Screenshot from 2015-08-31 02:31:18

Woohoo – A Mini Haul Is Possible

So I was very, very happy when I once again was online window shopping when Boohoo came to the rescue. Boohoo in general offers very, very affordable clothing that even their plus size section does really deserve the label fast fashion, unlike the plus size section of some other retailers..

Bargains In The Summer Essential Section

A lot of their Summer Essentials section is currently up to 60% reduced and there are some real bargains in there.

I bought all of the below items for only £29


Plus Nicola Printed Wide Leg Trouser – £4 (was 20)
Plus Rebecca Colour Block Skater Dress – black or blue- £5 (was £18)
Plus Natalie Side Slit T Shirt Maxi Dress – black or blue – £8 (was 16)
Plus Macy Strappy Front Bodysuit – black, grey, white – £12 (full price)

There are also lot’s of other lovely pieces in the sale  that I unfortunately had to leave behind, next to some lovely full price jumpsuits. Too many to all call them out. Just check them here. One last piece of the sale I still want to mention specifically is this dip back top (black/white/grey), as will be a central piece of an upcoming OOTD that will be live very soon. I still bought this at full price during the time I was offline you are now able to get this instead for £16 for £10.

Boohoo Dip Hem Plus Size Top

Plus Lizzy Extreme Dip Back Top

Dead Excited

The clothes might not be quite as colourful as Boardroom Blondes amazing wardrobe but I am still so, so looking forward to this little parcel arriving. There is just no better feeling than a bargain ;).

Always Worth To Have A Browse

This find is also once again proof that it  at times can be worth to have a quick browse online or instore even if you expect not to find anything in your price range and boohoo is always a good place for a bargain. Debz recently also has written an interesting post about an unexpected New Look bargain on the high street…

End Of Summer Sales Everywhere

So if you are skint like me at the moment, now is the time to have a good window shop as all the other usual retailers will right now run their end of summer sales or run a sale on their new season pieces to start to push those. So wherever you go boohoo, new look, asos, missguided or any other fast fashion low(ish) price retailer you will have a good chance to make a bargain. My asos summer sale wish list in fact is endless. If there is ever time for a bargain it is now and the boohoo sale is a great place to find one.

What Do You Think?

Have you come across a great bargain? Where and what did you get? Do you have a new blogger crush that we should not miss out on? Please drop me a comment below.


Big Love For Purple Hair – Bleach London

Bleach London Bruised Violet & Out Of The Blue, La Riche Directions Violet & Atlantic Blue

Hello Internet, I have changed my hair colour again. This time it is purple & I am very much in love with it.


Many, Many Colours

Although it is probably not much of a surprise, anybody who may follow me knows that I do have a thing for changing my hair colours often. . Not to forget that I do have a thing for colours that are not the most natural.If you don’t yet feel free to have a browse through my past posts and I am sure you will notice that over the last few months I have collected quite a wide range of different colours.

Hair Collage2

Dyeing Tips Series

I am planning to write a bit more about this soon, giving you the best tips I have, from the bleaching to the dying and how you can same money, as there seems to be quite a bit of interest for this topic, while this is more of just a little colour update.



What This Purple Is Made Of

Bleach London Bruised Violet & Out Of The Blue, La Riche Directions Violet & Atlantic BluePurple Hair - Portrait 1If you wonder where to get this purple, it does not come out of any bottle,as it is like almost all my hair colours  self mixed from multiple dyes. This colour was mixed from a large portion of Conditioner, Bruised Violet, with a largish portion of Out Of The Blue with a dash of Directions Lilac and Atlantic Blue.

I was going for something more blue but I am more than happy with the result. I actually prefer this over the colour I was going for. The very best thing of this colour is actually that it goes perfect with my favourite MAC Lipstick – Up The Amp Amplified.

Bleach London Bruised Violet & Out Of The Blue, La Riche Directions Violet & Atlantic Blue - Favourite MAC Lipstick  Up The Amp Amplified



Every time I dye my hair with a mix it is quite exciting to wait to find out how the colour is turning out, as the colour in the bowl never quite looks like the colour on your hair, but with experience you do get a good feel for it. The other advantage is that this colour is not permanent and always can be dyed over soon… 😉

Bleach London Bruised Violet & Out Of The Blue, La Riche Directions Violet & Atlantic Blue


Using Up My Bleach London Stash

For this dying cycle I wanted to use some of my Bleach London Dyes  because I was planning to move over  to La Riche Directions. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing which Bleach London, they are good dyes and I have made good experiences with them, I just personally prefered Directions and in particular their range of colours, but after how this colour has turned out I might stick withBruised Violet &  Out Of The Blue For A While.

Unfortunately you can’t just pick Directions up at Boots, like you can with Bleach London, you will need to get them online . But this is still simple enough as Amazon does offer the full range, many even over their prime service through which you get unlimited free next day delivery: here 30 days free prime – just don’t forget to cancel, if you do not want to sign up for a year.

A Few Tips

While I want to save how-to’s for a later post there are a I essential tips I would like to give you, just in case you are considering to do something similar to your hair.

  • It is always best to leave the bleaching to a professional, if you decide to do it yourself, educate yourself well about the process and substances before you do it.
  • Regarding the actual colour start simple and search online for example images of how it has turned out on the hair of others.
  • Maybe abstain from mixing for now, consider to go for the colour out of the box.
  • You can control the strength of the colour by how much conditioner you mix in.
  • You can always increase the experimenting with experience.

I had not many things go wrong, but it has happened to me. Reduce the chance of that happening to you, And as a last tip, that is something you do not want to have happen to you without some backup colour to dye.

What Do You Think?

Would you go for an unnatural colour? What colour would it be? And what colour would you like to see me wear?


Lots Of Love


Put A Ring On It

Despite the title, no I have not gotten engaged. However, I recently got a little bit of a feel of how it is to wear a set of precious Diamonds at a lovely little jeweller at Victoria Highfields.

Victoria Highfields Cupcakes - Jewellers Blogger Event
The obligatory branded event cupcakes 🙂

I Am A Little Scared Of Diamond Rings…

I am usually not the jeweller and diamond type of girl. To be honest, I rarely wear any jewellery above the price of £20, simply because I would be terrified of losing it. I still do have the appreciation for beautiful diamond jewellery. And this place has some lovely things to look at for anyone with an appreciation for diamonds


Look! Sparkly!

In fact we were able to try some absolutely stunning pieces on, pieces that are very unlikely to ever grace my finger in real life as I would be more than mortified of losing them. Each of them was at least worth the equivalent of a small to mid-range car on my finger, being German this is an accepted way of  estimating value.

Victoria Hall Jeweller - Diamond Rings


Unfortunately none of these beautiful pieces did fit on my rather large fingers. The good news is that they do these pieces on a bespoke pieces so even if you have somewhat fat fingers like mine, they will  make for you, the exact ring you imagined for you.I was told if you want you can even bring the stones in yourself if you want to save some money or want to give a stone from a family heirloom a new life.




I Finally Found Out My Ring Size

I had a good chat with one of their staff and got some advice on what ring size to wear. Apparently I measure a Y, but this is not where the advice ended because there is more to it than just measuring. Which ring size you buy also depends a bit on the type of ring. For a thicker ring you will probably get away with a larger size than for a smaller ring. The rule of thumb is a ring should slide on, but always wiggle off.

If you also have no clue what your ring size is and always just buy whatever fits you in the cheap store you went to like I always did: here is link to the Victoria Highfield ring size tool that will help you to find out your size – all you need is a ring that fits you well and a printer. Although for ring fitting it will always be best to visit your local jeweller. I guess rings are also a little bit like bras, because one fits you does not mean that all in that size fit you. Ultimately it will be best to try them on.

Despite Expectation: I Did Not Feel Out Of Place

Jewellers really were and are not one of my usual habitats … But having had a closer look at one I have to say I have been positively surprised. It does not always have to be cheap fashion jewellery from fashion retailers. I had a good look at all the displays and there were some beautiful and actually affordable gems (see what I did there… erm sorry that was a bad one).

I guess spending a few pounds more, can get some lovely  and a lot longer lasting jewellery than you can get from your usual retailer. I would encourage you to have a quick browse at your local jeweller, it is at least worth a look.

Victoria Hall Jeweller - Blogger Event - small

Giving My Beautiful Family Heirlooms A New Life

I think I might actually very soon be paying Victoria Highfield another visit fairly soon. I have now for quite a while some lovely rings lying around that I have inherited from my grandmother,  that I have not done with much more than staring at, as they are far too small for me.

These rings aren’t worth much in money, however they are to me. They are basically all the physical memories I have left of my grandmother and it would be amazing to be able to wear them.  I am sure  Victoria Highfield will do a great job with these  3 lovely family heirlooms giving them another life, beiing worn by another generation.

My Grandmothers Rings


She Practically Never Took The Gold One Off…

I am so so looking forward to wearing this pieces. Particularly the gold ring with the large stone is absolutely stunning to me. I have been told that was also the ring that she wore the most and practically never took of. I do like to think back to the memories I have with my grandmother, unfortunately they are few as she unfortunately died when I was 5. It will be great to be able to wear a piece of my family and it’s history.

Far To Valuable To Be Locked Away

I would encourage you to have a look to your drawers at home or ask your parents if there is any family jewellery that was just locked away in a box. Those pieces of memory are far to valuable to be locked away.



I have been Offline For A While…


No Posts For More Than A Month

I have not posted since my last rant when instagram banned the hashtag curvy in mid July. There was the occasional tweet or instagram post, but my blog remained quiet for more than a month after my blogging schedule had been a little erratic for a while already. In the blog world this is basically an eternity and for the google algorithm basically unforgivable, however sometimes, if planned or not and no matter how much I love this blog, live will have to take priority.

Blogging – Not Quite As Glamorous As It Often seems

Most of us bloggers do unfortunately not have the seemingly glamorous lives that our blogs like to make you believe we have. The reality for most of us that next to the blog, we do have a day job, which for most of us is a full time job. Obviously we do also have usual other responsibilities , like looking after the household and garden etc. Responsibilities that everybody has.

Well, And Then Things Happen…

While all of us are busy enough with life just as it is sometimes fate likes to throws some additional things in our life, like a change of career plans, a new project opportunity that needs work & time, a personal health issu or a responsibility for a relative, loved one or friend that for whatever reason might need our support for some time.

We Are Redacting Our Lives For The Online World

All of these responsibilities and life’s little issues are often easily forgotten over the blogposts that show the  happiest and most glamorous parts of our lives. We all like to do this. It would be amazing if all of our lives would be as fabulous as they look on facebook or instagram. It is also so easily forgotten how much time blogging can take, at times it feels like a second full time job.

Sometimes We Just Need To Take The Time

Sometimes, a hobby no matter how much love we have for it, has to be put on hold and we just really need to take the time for ourselves and our loved ones.

For now I do not want to go deeper into details why exactly I had to take this break. Generally I am very happy to share a very large part of my life with you here and am always happy to answer your questions but I believe some things should remain private. So I am very sorry for not having been around for the last few weeks,just let me tell you, I needed this time.

But now I am back! I am busy working away on catching up on a few things that have happened over the last few weeks and also have a few new projects in the works. What I am looking the most forward to though is meeting you all at the Curve Fashion Festival in Manchester this September.

Lots of Love