Love At First Swipe: Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour & Primer

After I recently tried out a Clinique lipstick for the very first time. It was immediate love. The Clinique Long Last Matte Soft Lipstick in matte plum is literally  one of the most beautiful purples lip colours I have ever seen and tried out

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Clinique Pop Liquid™ Matte Lip Colour and Primer

After falling in love with my very first Clinique lipstick a few months ago, I was recently investigating the clinnigeu counter once again. There I came across their Clinique Pop Liquid™ Matte Lip Colour and Primer range, which comes in a range of liquid but also solid lip colours.

Clinique: A lightweight liquid lipstick covers lips with lush pigment and a modern matte finish. Wears all day. Moisturising formula with built-in primer provides a smooth, even glide so lips feel as fresh as they look.


As I had recently worn my hair  green, another lovely purple shade sounded like a great lipstick choice and so I went for shade number 8 -black liquorice.


The deep berry colour of this liquid lipstick is an absolute dream. The pictures, unfortunately, don’t do it any justice.

I personally am a fan of liquid lipsticks that dry and that don’t leave you in the danger of smearing that deep colour all over your own face, which will inevitably happen to me. This lipstick in unfortunately not of this type. I was waiting for ages for it to dry till I realised that this is just not going to happen. While I initially was disappointed in this, it turns out this is also where a major difference lies in for this liquid lipstick

While many other matte lipsticks can dry out your lips, the Clinique Pop comes with a primer and not a separate one. The liquid itself contains a hydrating primer made of shea and murumuru butter that not only nourishes your lips but only makes the colour go on smoother.

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There is not much to say on the point of packaging. The lipstick comes in a nice looking square frosted tube along with a silver top that can double as an emergency mirror if you have nothing else available. It is not quite perfect, but definitely better than blind application.

The applicator itself is also one of the relatively common liquid lipstick applicators. However, I have used applicators in the past that made precise application of liquid lipstick easier, but it is not unusable. Although, it might be worth considering using a lipstick brush, should you have one within reach.


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Clinique is pretty much everything but a budget brand but at £16.50 it still comes in significantly cheaper than your favourite MAC lipstick. So I guess while it might not be a “cheap” option but given its quality, I would say it definitely qualifies as a “value for your money” option.


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A product I can only recommend

While I already loved Clinique lipsticks , the  Clinique Pop Liquid™ Matte Lip Colour and Primer  once again has been awesome.

Clinique might not be the first point of call when thinking of lipsticks but I will definitely find myself back at the Clinique counter, to try out some more lipsticks. Who knows maybe my Clinique lipstick  collection will soon even outnumber my MAC & Lush lipsticks…


What is your favourite lip product discovery/brand?

Did you recently discover any new or unexpectedly amazing lip products? Which matte lipstick is your favourite? I would love to know!




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