My New Bettie Page Hair

Unfortunately my hairdresser here in Manchester, who was really good at vintage hair cuts, closed in December 2012… Since then I had not had a proper haircut – I’d only been for the odd trim of the fringe at random hairdressers, and most of the time I’d been reduced to cutting my fringe myself – sometimes with more, and sometimes with, shall we say…less success…

Nikkie from Hairmare cutting my hair Needless to say that after such a long time my hair was really in need of a proper cut, and looking for a vintage hairdresser is not that easy, especially if you can’t be sure if they’re any good. Twitter to the rescue! Thanks to some tweeted recommendations to my enquiry I found Nikki at Hairmare who not only charges very reasonable rates but will even come to you – a worthy convenience that can save quite a bit of time and hassle.

Nikki is very good at what she does and has some interesting stories to tell about her past work in special effects and of her experiences building props and doing make-up for TV and documentaries. She specialises in vintage haircuts and make-up and gave me great Bettie Page 50s pin-up-style hair.

Bettie Page & Lisa

I have finally found a new hairdresser – so if you live in Manchester and are in need of vintage make-upĀ or a new vintage haircut give Nikkie a call, she’s definitely worth it. Now I just need to finally get my eyebrows sorted…



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