Beautyboxes – My Monthly Present To Myself

I absolutely love surprises and also little presents sweetening up every day live. So it seemed like a great idea to sign myself up for a monthly beauty box. Basically my little monthly surprise & gift to myself. However, as there are so many out there, the question is, which one to choose…

Glossybox, Birchbox, Wantable Make-Up Box
Glossybox, Birchbox, Wantable Make-Up Box

A beauty box is basically a monthly little present to yourself consisting of a selection of different beauty products. There are quite a few different providers and the boxes are ranging in prices from ca £10 a month to approximately £30. While some consist mainly of miniature products and samples, others consist mainly of full size products.

So it can be quite difficult to decide which provider and box to go with, without trying them out. That is why I have decided to give 3 different boxes a try and then to decide which box to stay with.

The boxes I am going to try out are  the glossybox, the wantable make-up box and the birchbox.


1. Glossybox


The first box I am going to test out is the Glossybox. This box offers different subscription plans while a one time box comes at the price of £10 + £3.25 P&P per month and consists of 4-5 beauty products each month out of which some are full size and some are miniature products. There is a little questionnaire when you sign up to determine what you like and what you don’t like, to increase the chances that you will receive products that you will like. So, I am curious how well that little test did in making sure that I will receive products I love.


2. Wantable Make-Up Box

After having tested the glossybox for a few month the second box I am will be testing out is the make-up box by wantable. This box is a bit more pricey costing $36 for a monthly subscriptions plan and $40 for one time purchases. For anybody that is a true lover of surprises Wantable does not only offer a make-up box but also a monthly accessories box as well as a monthly lingerie box. I guess though I will be sticking to the make-up box for now.

According to their website the wantable make-up box comes with 4 to 5 full-sized premium make-up products. Before you order, there is a very detailed questionnaire determining your likes and dislikes. It actually lets you chose for each product category, style and even colour if you like, dislike or love it, to make sure that you will definitely get products you will be happy with. At least that is what it claims. This seems to be a much more detailed and accurate personalisation process than any of the other boxes I have seen uses.   So I am definately looking forward to find out if it will keep what it promises.


3. Birchbox

And the third box I will be testing is the birchbox. The birchbox appears to operate on a similiar principle to the glossybox consisting of “5 luxe beauty samples” for the price of £10 + £2.95 P&P per month. Also here, like with the glossybox, you can sign up for a 6 or for 12 month plan. Singning up for the longer plans is rewarded by an overall saving.  Also like with the other two suppliers birchbox builds a beauty profile for you based on a questionnaire and tailors 5 samples chosen for you based on profile. The difference between the birchbox and the glossybox is though that while the glossybox appears to send you the occasional full size products the birchbox appears to rely more on just samples however the birchbox also has an own online shop, giving you the option of  later buying the full sized product in their shop you liked the sample you received in your monthly box.

All in all I am very much looking forward to a few months of surprises and testing out some hopefully great beauty products. Who knows maybe I will discover some great products that I will wonder about how I survived so long without them… Well if good or bad I will keep you up to date and let you know about with my experiences with these exciting boxes over the next months.





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