Meet Ursula – Or The Trouble Of Finding The Right Plus-Size Costume

The Trouble Of Finding The Right Plus-Size Costume

Finding the right Halloween costume can be quite difficult for the plus size girl. There are not too many plus-size costumes to buy out there. The choice is basically limited to witch, vampire or pirate, unless you want to get a kinky costume from Ann Summers and that is definitely something I would very much like to avoid. So in most cases you will have to get a bit creative and create the costume yourself.

Using Our Curves To Our Advantage

But we can turn this into an advantage and with a little creativity us plus-size ladies can really rock Halloween. There are great costumes, skinnier ladies would have trouble pulling off.

For now I just wanted to show you my look for this year: Ursula The Sea Witch


Ursula is a very voluptuous lady and just definitely one of my favourite Disney villains. While I was terrified by her when I was younger, she now has something about her that I do love. Maybe it is that she is an independent plus-size lady who does not need a prince to fulfil herself, if we ignore the evil part for a moment…

Meet Ursula

The Make-Up

This year I decided to dress up as Ursula. Which is pretty easy. All you need is an Albert Einstein Wig which you can style like Ursula’s hair, some purple facepaint, blue and dark grey eye-shadow & red lipstick combined with a few more make-up supplies. And that is hair and make-up already done.

Also Georgina from She Might Be Loved has recently done a great tutorial for Ursula.

The Costume

The costume is very simple to make and  requires only very little sewing and with that minimal sewing skills. In fact, I am quite sure that the sewing could also be completely replaced by hot-gluing. You can find the how-to, leading you through all the steps to create the costume here.

All you need is some purple and some black fabric which you sew together in long thin triangles which are then stuffed (In my case I used simple kitchen paper). And boom you have your tentacles.  If you want your tentacles to stand out even more,  you can add wire to them so that you can bend them. I was quite happy with them without the wire.

Lastly create a belt loop at  the top of each and, wonder oh wonder, hang them on a belt.

Now all you need is a peplum dress to hide the belt under, and once again *boom*, you have Ursula 🙂

Dress – Simply Be (old, similar)
Leggings – Simply Be
Ballerinas – Yours Clothing

Winning The Fancy Dress Competition

Ultimately I was even rewarded by winning the office fancy dress competition, which is an achievement if you work in the fashion industry… 😉

Ursula Also Knows How To Dress For A Night Out

Given that the central piece of this costume is a peplum dress, another amazing aspect is that she does not only know how to dress for the office, but also for the night out.

For going out, I simply teamed the tentacle belt with one of my favourite night out dresses from Asos, which I featured a while back on the blog, in this post.

 Dress – Asos
Belt – Yours Clothing
Shoes – Deichmann

What Do You Think?

What do you think is a great costume idea for us plus-size ladies? And finally, what did you wear this year? I would love to hear from you, and to see photos!



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