The Holidays Are Over – Back To Work

Lisa & Jen christmas

A Little Break – From Everything

Hi Everyone, the Holidays are over and I din’t only take some time off work but also off blogging.


Even though I would have loved to do lots of blogging, to be honest I I very much needed the break and had not much of a choice as a mixture of a bad back, tooth problems and exhaustion practically forced me into the horizontal position.

This year was a good year but particularly the last few months have been particularly hard on me and have taken their toll. Next to the stress and the health issues I have been pratically exhausted and almost literally fell into bed for four days with only a short interruption for festive activities.

Festive Activities

As you might have heard I unfortunately wasn’t able to get home to my family in Germany for Christmas – which added to whole of “me not feeling great” mix.

At least I had a great “surrogate Family” for my Christmas as I was invited by Irene, a uni friend, and her lovely family to be part of their festivities. So in the end I had an absolutely amazing, typically British, Christmas with the most amazing Christmas dinner with the most dazzling table decoration I have seen so far.



Please excuse the whimsical frame etcetera, but you should never leave me alone with certain picture manipulation programs that have silly holiday functions

A Quick Look At The Festive Fashion

I chose to wear my Club L Sequins Dress in black from Asos which I got a while back as one option for our office Christmas party. I love the dress but it is really a bit short for ever wearing it without leggings… I really love the style of Club L and Asos has currently quite a few Club L bargains in their winter sale. Including some items that are part of my wardrobe.

Coming back toe the dress though, the meantime I have also bought the dress in silver, just because I love the dress so much.Soon I will give a look at this one too as I plan an outfit post on the two dresses within the next days.

Sequins proved to be a good choice as it turns out that Jen, Irene’s daughter, also had chosen to wear a lovely sequins dress and luckily she agreed to take a picture with me for my blog.

Lisa & Jen

I love the skater dress she is wearing. If anyone of you has seen anywhere a similar dress in plus size let me know. I would love to have sequins skater dress.

Oh A Fez!

On the way out I discovered a Fez on in their hallway. There is no way I would have left the house without a picture…. Why? As I am (thanks to my lovely friend Jess, as she pointed out 😀 ) am a close to obsessed Doctor Who fan… and you can not come across a fez and not take a picture as a whovian…

So here it is:

Lisa & Jen fez


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

How was your Christmas? Did you celebrate with your loved ones or did you have an alternative Christmas like me?

I hope you had great Holidays and if you are back in work like me this week I wish you a great start back into worklife and otherwise I wish you an amazing time off – either way, enjoy the last few days of 2014 and have a great start into 2015.

Lot’s of love


 As a little bonus:


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