Awesome Geeky Shirts – Available Till Midnight

I should Not Have Checked Qwertee

Last night just after midnight I once again checked Qwertee the geeky t-shirt supplier I posted about  a while back like I sporadically do. I should really learn not to do that when I cannot really afford to buy any additional clothing.

Plus Size Girl Geek T-ShirtQwertee Minion/Tardis T-Shirt
OOTD post here

Only Available For A Day

If you are not familiar with Qwertee, let me explain the issue quickly to you. Qwertee offers awesome and very creative geeky shirts. So far so good. The real trouble is they offer them only for one day. Every day they have a new set of shirts but they are only available for 24 hours and then pouf gone (FAQ Here).


Oh How I Wish You Could Be Mine

And today they do not only have 1 of them but 3…

Firefly Qwertee Shirt

For The Firefly Fan-Girl In Me


Doctor Who Qwertee Shirt

For The Doctor Who Lover In Me


You Shall Not Pass Qwertee Shirt

For the Maths Geek & Lord Of The Rings Reader In Me

Lessons To Be Learnt

There are also some other ones, so if you are as geeky inclined as I am and have a little more money than I have, it might be worth to give it a look. You can also check the “previous shirts” if you would like to see what else they have done as well as vote on the designs you would like to see soon. However, if you are broke as me, stay away. One thing I still have to learn.

Although while we are talking about “things to learn” it would be nice if Qwertee would offer some larger ladies style shirts, but till then the men shirts will do and have done fine. If you would like to see how they fit you can check out my OOTD featuring the Minion shirt.


What Do You Think

I would love to know what your “geeky pleasure” is. Is there a shirt that you could not resist?

Lots of love


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