Affordable Winter Walks – Featuring bonprix

Snuggling Up While It’s Getting Cold Outside

Autumn is in full swing and as it is getting colder and windier outside it is time to cosy and snuggle up either at home under a blanket with nice cup of tea or to have a stroll in a toasty and warm coat through the awesome autumn landscapes that millions of colourful leaves have turned the world into.

I love this feeling of snuggling in a warm coat or blanket while it is cold around you. This year seemed to be passing me by and although I recently found a lovely autumn coat, winter is just round the corner and I had absolutely now winter ready coat. I already expected I once again had to wear lots and lots of layers.

Affordable Winter Walks With bonprix

So I was even more excited when bonprix got in contact with me if I might be interested in taking part in their Affordable Winter Walks challenge.

If I am honest I have to admit, it was a while back since I had last checked out bonprix and so I was very positively surprised of their range. Since I last knew about them, their choice and range as a whole has significantly improved.  I  had quite a hard time to decide, there were so many lovely coats and vests to choose from.

Faux Suede Duffle Coat

After I debated for a while for and against a biker jacket (I had recently binge watched sons of anarchy…) I decided to go with the winter jacket that reason was voting for right from the beginning and chose this beautiful faux suede suede duffle coat which is bang on trend with this strong (faux) suede trend.

So ultimately there was not much of a compromise between reason and fashion to make and snuggly as it is, it is the absolutely perfect choice for a stroll in the autumn/winter sun enjoying the colourful landscape

bonprix faux suiede coat


Bon Prix - Plus Size Sued Coat Taupe Side

The Fit – Length

Especially while being as a cyclist and being 5’9 both the length of the coat and the length of the arms are important for me.

It is not too long to be restrictive but long enough to cover your lower back which sometimes does get exposed by too short coats when wearing jeans, especially when on the bike.

Bon Prix Plus Size Suede Winter Jacket

The Fit – Size

I am usually somewhere between a size 24 and 26 and chose a 26 for this coat, keeping in mind that there might be a time when I might wear a jumper or multiple layers of clothing under it. It is a good job I went for the larger size as it does fit well but is a little bit snug when the zip is closed. So go for your usual size but if you are unsure between two sizes, go for the larger one.

Faux Suede Duffle Coat Open vs Closed

The Fit – Arm Length

I so so often struggle with the arm length,with coats exposing the especially on the bike dreaded dreaded gap between gloves and sleeves, but this coat works perfectly being at this perfect compromise length working for the taller and the shorter girl.

Bon Prix Plus Size Faux Suede Coat

The Cut – Seams

When ordering the coat I wasn’t too sure on the outside seams but now wearing it I do actually like it as it seems to stretch your length in the back and accentuate your waist thanks to strategical placing.


The Lining – Warm & Cuddly

The faux suede is super soft and the coat is lined with and even softer  shearling style trim which will keep you warm and toasty even in the strongest winds.

This makes particularly the hood lovely and cuddly, although that might be a little bit roomy but no less comfy.



Bon Prix Faux Suede Coat Hood

The Combination

Right about the time I got the coat, Lindy Bop entered a sale with hundreds of dresses reduced up to 30% and some even more… (bye, bye bank balance) I simply could not resist… As you know I absolutely adore vintage and particularly ‘Tara’, this autumnal  dress in plum, seemed just perfect for the season while complementing and connecting the colours in the coat with my blue/purple hair.


lindy bop collage

The Shoes

The ankle boots are from my absolute favourite shoe shop: Deichman. They are not only one of the few shoe shops in the UK that offer a reasonable ratio of flat to high heels with even some reasonable proportion of kitten heels they also offer fashionable shoes that last more than only a few wears at a reasonable price. Chances are you are going to use those lovelies next winter season for a walk again.

Brown Deichman AnkleBoots With Buckle

Deichman – Ankle Boots £19.99

The boots are part of their XXL line, this means they run up to EU size 44 (UK 10) and are usually a little wider than their normal Graceland range shoes. They might not be fur lined, so they are not quite winter shoes yet, but with some cosy socks they will comfortably carry you through autumn.

The Cardigan

I will ignore the cardigan for now, not only is it 5 seasons old and from a shop that is not available in the uk, but I am also sure that if you are the slightest like me, you will have a large collection of cardigans already waiting to be thrown into autumn ready combinations.

Adding It All Up – Affordable Winter Walks Indeed

With the overall topic being affordable winter walks, this outfit is definitely
falling into the affordable Category.

Bon Prix & Lindy Bop Dress


With the Calculation looking as follows

What do you think?

What do you think about this coat? Would you have chosen a different one? Have a look at the range yourself… there are so many I “almost chose”. Which Lindy Bop dress could you not resist?



Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I got here because I was on the Lindy Bop website, wondering how that dress would look on me. I google searched it, not expecting success, but here you are! And, it looks so fantastic on you I’ve ordered one.

So glad to have found your blog. 🙂

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