Kelly Osbourne Unveiling Clothing Range in Sizes 4-28

The news of the Day

Today I have been pretty excited when I heard that Kelly Osbourne will be reveiling her very own clothing range called “Stories by KO”.

Getting a bit sidetracked: “Don’t you remind me of someone?”

I have, except for some of her particularly weird phases, always liked the style of Kelly Osbourne.

Although I had my own weird phases. And for a particular time I remember that I kept getting told that I would look just like her… Although I guess that was mostly a thing of being  on the slightly heavier side and just having somewhat similar hair styles. Looking back though, they had a bit of a point

Image Source picture on right
Me at 18 & Kelly in her teenage years*

Back to the topic

The clothing range. What is particularly special about it, is that it will range from a UK size 4-28 (US 0-24) and with that one of the very few clothing ranges that don’t discriminate between so called “normal sizes” and “plus sizes.

“I believe fashion should be fair”

Kelly says that she believes that fashion should be fair and that this is the reason for the size range choice. I guess that she herself has been pretty much any size from a size 4 to a size 20 (if it is right what I have heard) might have also contributed to this decision.

So having had a similar style in the past and now even more loving her recent style I am really looking forward to her range and am excited to see what will be part of it. I hope it will be easily available in the UK.

Thank you Kelly

Ultimately I would like to say thank you Kelly for being part of the long overdue plus-size revolution and bringing us women closer together. This range brings us closer to the realisation that we are all “normal sized”, no matter what size tag we wear in our clothes. We need more universal ranges like this.




*Image Source

OOTD: A relaxed shopping day in Germany – And a little bit of a rant…

My last weekend was rather eventful. We had been invited to a wedding in Germany. So I took Friday and Monday off and we spent an long weekend in Germany.

Arriving in Germany after a very early 4am wake up and a somewhat delayed flight , I realised that I had forgotten an important part of my wedding guest outfit. There was no way round it – I had to go shopping. Although to be honest I guess I would have done that anyway.

On that day it was not exactly very hot, but warmer than here in the UK. Tired as I was I needed to wear something simple and comfortable, so I ditched a few insecurities & body complexes for the sake of comfort.

I ended up wearing one of my favourite dresses, a Lady Vintage tea dress. It is a shame that they don’t offer this type of dress any more in  the larger sizes, otherwise I would probably own one in every pattern by now…

I combined the dress with some no frills accessories, my trekking sandals from Aldi, which was once again a comfort rather than a fashion choice and my very favourite oversized handbag which I picked up at a sample sale at work for very little money.

For a change I went completely sleeveless, showing one of my non favourite body areas, my upper arms. After I bound my hair in a pony tail, I also bound my fringe back, which I usually never do as I feel it makes my face look too round.

Despite all that I actually felt quite confident in this look. It was also the single most comfortable outfit to wear on a hot day to walk around a new city trying to find a shop that sells what I had forgotten at home. In hindsight I actually quite like what I was wearing.

I would love to say that I showed my upper arm fat, most of my legs etc. and nothing happened. However, unfortunately this was not quite the case.

Within the last minutes of walking back to the hotel, a couple drove past, weirdly pointing at me. They must then have parked round the corner and while they were walking past they were looking at me, in this typical obvious way of trying to look non obvious,  they were clearly giggling about me. There was a time when that would have hit me hard. Nowadays I just don’t understand that behaviour any more.

Over the years I have learned that I can wear whatever I want and my happiness is definitely not dependent on what 1 or 2 random idiots on the street think is funny or not.

I  have absolutely no idea what was going on in their heads. Especially given that they are usally not the most beautiful or “on trend” people either…

The bottom line is, there are idiots out there. There might be some people who can’t fit it in their tiny minds, that there are people that are different. However, this will not keep me from wearing what I like or from what I think is comfortable to me.

It is you that counts. The chances are that for each idiot out there, there are most likely many that either like what you wear or could not care less what you wear as long as you feel comfortable in it.

So I will continue to wear what I like and be who I am, and if I feel like it, I will present my arm fat. If somebody could explain to me what the heck is going on in these people’s little minds, please let me know…

Guido Maria Kretschmer for Heine

Guido who?

I have to admit I have practically no idea who Guido Maria Kretschmer is. I moved from Germany to the UK approximately 5 years ago so I never really know what is going on in the mainstream media there.  But judging by all the chatter that has recently gone through the net and the German plus-size blogger scene,  he appears to be a pretty big deal in fashion there right now.

And so I stumbled across several blog posts & online articles about a plus size range, he designed recently for the German retailer Heine

His Plus Size Range For Heine

Many of the headlines in magazines & blogs promised an amazing plus size range, that all German plus size women had waited for and in which they could finally feel sexy and feminine. Guido Maria Kretschmer himself stated that he designed an on-fashion and very feminine collection, so that big women would not have to  feel like wearing  granny clothes or potato sacks any more…

So let’s have a look at it

That sounded quite promising. So I had a look at it, hoping the situation had gotten much better back in my old home Germany. Well and what I saw was quite… erm… well… meh.

A few pieces of the Guido for Heine range with it’s prices on the German market

Click here to see the rest of his collection:
On the UK Site
On the German Site

To be fair, I have been spoiled by the by far more progressive plus-size fashion szene here in the UK. But the clothes in this collection lack, well anything that can show off the curves of us plus size women. Except for a few pieces, and in my opinion these are sold at extortionate prices and even the shapeless pieces are by far to expensive for what they are.

How plus-size is this plus-size range?

The other issue I have with this plus-size collection is that it only offers a size  range of EU Size 40-52(UK sizes 12-24), while the UK standard for plus size retailers is a size range of EU size 42-60 (UK Size 14-32).

The Conclusion

So ultimately I have to say, unfortunately I am less than impressed with this collection. Generally I am not really aware of the current stand of German plus-size fashion, I have to admit, but if this is really one of the most feminine and on trend plus-size ranges, then I am very much disappointed by the German retailers. And in addition, looking at the prices of the range, it appears that German plus size clothes still are surprisingly expensive.

I guess, given how much press coverage this range seems to have received, it at least appears to be a sign that plus size fashion is slowly but steadily is moving into the right direction in Germany.  So I think it while it appears to be moving into the right direction it really does needs some speeding up, but that is me saying that from abroad – please correct me if I am wrong.

Some of the help for speeding up the process is actually coming from the UK. Indeed quite a few of the UK’s plus size retailers are slowly moving into the German market, offering a wider range and in most cases also lower prices. Examples are Evans, Asos and Simply be. Although even some of those retailers don’t offer their larger sizes in Germany (see the asos section below) which I really don’t understand. So it appears German plus-size retailers will need to change and that quickly, if they don’t want to be left behind.


Simply Be

The design of the Euro website of Simply be is awful, but their clothes and particularly their dresses are really good and a lot more affordable. As their logo in the below collage states, they offer UK sizes 14-32 which corresponds to EU sizes 42-60.

A few pieces of the range of the Euro page of simply be & for comparison their prices on the German market 


Also Asos will be worth having a look at. As far as I know, they already sell for quite a some time in Germany and also have, other than simply be, a German language website. They  have a great and varied range. Although what I don’t understand is why on their German site they only offer up to a EU size 54 (UK size 26) when they offer  up to a size 30 (EU size 58) on their UK site.

A few pieces of the range of the German page of asos & for comparison their prices on the German market

Cheaper alternatives if you like Guido’s collection

I have included in both, the asos & the simply be collages, one or two pieces that might be suitable and a lot cheaper alternatives to the Guido for Heine range. So if you liked the nicer Guido for Heine pieces, but were put off by the price, head over to the mentioned shops or have a look in my (growing) Plus-Size Shops section of the blog.

Most UK Plus-Size shops ship to Germany

So far, all of the companies in my Plus-Size Shop section are UK based, but as I mentioned before, more and more of them are moving into the German market or at least are shipping to the German market. So head over, you might find some great more affordable pieces or even some great pieces and styles that haven’t made it to the German market yet.

So what are you girls from Germany thinking about the current state of the plus-size market? Has it changed much over the last 5 years I have not been around? Are there any new great shops I should check out when I am back in Germany for me weekend trip next week? And what are your favourite shops?

I would love to hear from you.


An Amazing Day at Leeds Plus Size Pre-Party

Today I had an amazing day at the Leeds Plus Size Pre-Party, the official warm up party for  Plus North (taking place in August), as well as my  first ever blogger event.

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you out for Sarah (of “Sad Excuse of a Girl“) for organising this event. It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many fabulous ladies today!

I “stole” the picture below  from Lucy of “Lucy loves” who herself is in the far left of this picture together with some of the lovely guest of today’s party on the amazing roof terrace of The Belgrave Music Hall,

Lovely Group picture stolen from Lucy of
Lovely Group picture of some of the ladies, picture “stolen” from Lucy of
From left to right:
Lucy  – Lucy loves
Laura – Lozzie Loves Lippy
Georgina – She Might Be Loved
Michelle – Satchels & Pearls
Faith – Music and Eyeliner
Ellie – misellyre

I am looking forward to seeing you & all the other bloggers I met today again at Plus North and hopefully at many more great Plus Size events.


Healthy Curves

If you follow my twitter, you might have seen that I recently quite often check in at the local aquatics centre. The reason for this is that I am working on going back to healthier curves

The chances that I will ever become a thin girl are very slim (see what I did there…) But that is anyway not what I want or am striving for. Neither am I chasing a number on a scale nor a number on a clothing tag, what I am after is feeling fit and healthy. And yes, that is possible even if you are heavier than average!


I have always been heavy but fit

I have always been a heavy/big/plus-size/fat/curvy (or fill in whatever word your are personally comfortable with). But I also have always been a very fit and sporty big girl, what I have always been proud of. In 2008 I even completed a half marathon.

Me finishing the half marathon in September 2008 – at 95kg (15 stone), at a BMI that officially classed me as obese, wearing a UK size 20 (EU size 48)

Where it went wrong

That unfortunately had changed a bit when I chose a quite demanding university path (including skipping years and completing a bachelors and a specialist masters in only 2 years. So my active sport life unfortunately took a hit in favour of sedentary uni work and after that the entry in the competitive domain of digital marketing.

Now I am unfortunately paying the price for this as I am feeling that my muscles can not properly support my heavy frame or at least not as well as I would wish for often leaving me with back pain and I am out of breath by far too quickly.


The Plan

So this is the reason why I am out to change this by bit by bit changing my eating habits (and Uni leaves you with some really really bad habits) and an active sports program, which at the moment consists mainly of swimming. Swimming is particularly for us heavy/big/plus-size/fat/curvy part of the population a great one as it is easy on the joints. I would love to do running, but I like me knees by far too much to do that to them at this weight.

So we will see how it is going. For the moment I will stick to the swimming. Oh and I will continue to ride my bike to work. Any low impact sport is great. So and from there the next step would be to add in a few sessions in the gym.


It’s not about numbers

I am looking forward to becoming fitter and maybe even fitting again in some old loved clothes that have become to small. But if there is one thing I have learned over the last years, this will not be about numbers, may it be clothing size, weight or BMI, this is about me feeling healthy and fit and nothing else!

Lammily – The Barbie for a more realistic body image

In March Barbie had her 55th birthday. Which was once again enough reason for a range of newspapers to write all sorts of articles about the doll, unearthing all sorts of facts lists and infographics about the her.

As popular as Barbie is, as unrealistic  and problematic is her body which promotes an unrealistic and overly thin body image.  In fact she is so thin that most vital organs would not fit into her tiny waist. Due to her overly thin ankles she could not stand, she would need to crawl. She would even be infertile as she is so skinny that her period would stop. On top of that  the hormone imbalance connected with this would cause her to have osteoporosis.

Click on the image below for a few more facts about her health that were put together by the dailymail:

Barbie – Health Problems Infographic Source: dailymail

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a more realistic doll that would promote a far more healthy body image to the next generation of girls?

Well this is were Nickolay Lamm comes in, a researcher and artist that has already done lots of interesting projects in the past like visualising how the world would look like if we could see the mobile phone network or how popular dolls would look like without makeup.

In one of his latest projects he is highlighting how unrealistic Barbie really is, by creating a Barbie like doll modeled after the average measurements of a 19 year old girl. And this was the result:

Barbie vs Realistic Doll Source:

Initially this was only an art project. However, Nickolay Lamm received so many requests if & where this Barbie could be bought, so that he set up a crowd funding bid, to fund the production. Also here he received incredible feedback & support so that is project was funded in only one single day. And this doll, called Lammily, can now be preordered.

One of the strongest statements he made in the video describing and promoting his crowd funding bid is a statement that I can not highlight enough, his bid to support the project so that it can help a new generation of girls “to grow up to become admirable stronger women truly confident and proud in their own bodies”. There need to be by far more projects striving to achieve this goal.

View the video yourself in which he talks about his motivation and describes and presents the doll:

I personally think that Lammily, the more realistic doll, is by far more beautiful than the original Barbie. What do you think about this? Would you buy your daughter, niece, god daughter or or other girl in your life one of these? Would you, yourself have wanted one of those?