Missguided Plus Size Range Goes Live Today

The Day Is Finally Here

The day has finally arrived today Missguided’s long awaited plus-size range goes live today.

The great news is, while in terms of sizing the range is separate from their normal range , coming in sizes 16-24, in terms of style Missguided has made an effort not to change their image or style for the larger sizes, like some other retailers unfortunately have done. Well done Missguided.

Some Killer Pieces

The starting range is  a relatively small, although it has some killer pieces. Most likely I would expect it though that this range would be extended over time. I have already fallen in love with a lot of pieces: some  great coats, clever slogan t-shirts, a selection of evening dresses and skirts and most importantly there is finally a sizeable range of plus-size co-ords.


Coords, Finally!

I am particularly in love with their range of co-ords. It might not be high season for co-ords anymore with summer having gone, but after I have been searching for so long for a decent two piece set I am more than happy that us plus size girls now finally have a range of plus-size co-ords available that come in tartan, grid, floral and some more patterns.

Coord Collage


These pieces are sold separately, this also gives you the chance to go for them either as top or skirt only, if you are not sold on the co-ord idea but like the print. Given that most tops in these sets, are usually crop tops, this does also means that a great range of crop tops is hitting the market And there can never be to many. (Have I said that? No way I would have said that a year ago…)

Evening Dresses

The range of dresses has a few lovely pieces in there. One of which I will actually be wearing to the British Plus Size Awards this weekend. This beauty:

d3106553 with shadow

The the velvet wrap dress

The dress I will be wearing though will be in a colour I have not yet spotted on the page, but I am sure will be on soon. I was dead excited to be able to try this dress on pre-release. I am absolutely loving it. Another thing I can tell you about this dress is that while the model is a good looking girl, this dress looks even better, when worn by a woman with a figure that is much more on the curvy-side. I will be wearing this dress in a size 24.

Excited About What Might Come In Future

As you might have heard I am a bit biased as I am part of the Missguided team, and it was dead excited to see this range come from idea to existence. However, to me it is even more exciting what might come in future. As I am personally hoping and expecting that this range might get extended in future.

And while there are some pieces that I adore, there is range for extension and improvement, given the size of opportunities and styles out there. I for example would say that a next collection could even go much bolder than this one already has done. I would also love to see a wider range of sizes and some glamorous eveningmaxi & party dresses in the so well known Missguided style.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the range? What is your favourite? And what would you love to see in future?

My Asos Sale Wish List + Asos Discount Code

Up To 70% Off

Asos once again has one of their (up to) 70% Sales and there are quite a few amazing pieces. 1 or 2 of which have once again made me break my no more spending on clothes for the rest of the month promise once again, after the recent Anna Scholz Sale.

Empty Bank Account But Feeling Fabulous! 😉

I just wanted share some of my favourite pieces with you, basically those pieces that I would get if I had a bank account that never ran dry.

Ultimately though we might all end up with an empty bank account, but with a wardrobe full of beautiful asos plus size dresses and a big smile on our faces feeling fabulous in our new clothes. 🙂

My Wish List

Starting from the top, left to right

  1. AX Paris Plus Size Lace Skater Dress
  2. Club L Plus Size Scuba Skater Dress With Plunge Neck
  3. Little Mistress Lace Applique Dress
  4. Club L Plus Size Lace Skater Dress With Belt
  5. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Circular Skirt With Zip Front
  6. ASOS CURVE Scuba Wrap Peplum Top In Floral Print
  7. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Drape Dress With Knot Detail
  8. Truly You Bandeau Jumpsuit
  9. New Look Inspire 3/4 Sleeve Lace Belted Skater Dress
  10. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Pencil Dress In Colourblock
  11. Club L Plus Size Side Panel Midi
  12. AX Paris Plus Size Lace Top Jumpsuit
  13. Lipstick Boutique Plus Stripe Detail Pencil dress
  14. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Skirt In Leather
  15. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Skirt In Colourblock

Although it appears that if you want any of those, you will need to be quick, a lot of them are either already low in stock or some even sold out in some sizes.

The Discount Code

While most of those pieces above and the rest in the sale already have a hefty discount applied to them, using the code 10MORE you will be able to get an additional 10% off those bargains.

Asos Premier

I am also still very much impressed with Asos Premier, since I signed up for it about 6 months ago. Joining this program costs you £9.95 and you get unlimited free next day delivery. There are some other bits and bobs you get with it but the next day delivery and the free returns is the main important factor for me.

A neat feature that I have been using a lot over the last few months. More retailers should implement programs like this, particularly if it is at such a reasonable price (I am looking at YOU Amazon!).

What Do You Think?

Which one is your favourite? I could not resist the Circular Skirt With Zip Front, the Midi Skirt In Scallop Hem LaceTruly You Bandeau Jumpsuit. Did you end up getting weak? Which one did you get?
I would love to hear from you



British Plus Size Awards

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for the British Plus Size Awards in the cateogory “Best New Blogger”. I really would appreciate it if you would take you time to vote for me.

To vote for me and your favourite plus-size retailers & celebrities just click on the button below:

#OOTD: 50s Inspired Plus-Size Pin-Up Style

Gosh it was not easy to decide what to wear for Plus North, I still had (and have) quite a few outfits to show off that I had not worn yet and there are just so many great pieces that just have come out for the new season. On top of all that I just had changed my hair colour, (and at that to orange!), which really changes the look of *everything* on you.

So as said above, I was really unsure what to wear and went through about a thousand different options, till I came on Asos Curve across what you see below and then what I was about to wear was immediately made clear.


1  – ASOS CURVE Pleated Skater Skirt
2 – Alice & You Bardot Body
– ASOS Bandana Print Headscarf Neckerchief

Current Favourite: Pleated Skirts

I am currently absolutely in love with pleated skirts and if you follow my blog you know that there is basically no skirt or dress I am wearing without a belt. However, on pleated skirts most belts appear to look a bit “off” and somehow never sit right or stay in place. So the contrast waistband on this skirt is really amazing and exactly what I was looking for.

ASOS CURVE Pleated Skater Skirt

Unexpected Favourite: Bodies

Bodies are my new love. I am currently discovering so many new things that work for me. And one  revelation for me was that I actually like the look of myself with my shirt tucked into my skater or a-line skirts and even feel comfortable in it.

However, that once again can be a bit of a pain as, depending on the shirt, you might constantly have to keep an eye on it if it is staying properly tucked in. The amazingly simple solution? Bodies!

Alice & You Bardot Body

I would have never thought I would ever be found in a body again. As a kid my mom had to force me into them, but now they are my new found love. I already own this beauty and am loving it, although unfortunately it is currently sold out. I am sure I will be collecting more bodies (of the textile variety of course) in my wardrobe over the next months.

The Cherry On Top: The Accessories

The final pieces to top the outfit off and to give it the proper 5os style were the accessories: The absolutely essential 50s worker style headscarf from Asos and a killer necklace from Missguided.

Necklace: Missguided – Cleksa Geometric Plate Necklace
Headscarf – ASOS Bandana Print Headscarf Neckerchief

 So Far One Of My Favourites

So far this outfit has been one of my favourite outfits. I absolutely adore the 50s plus-size pin-up style. Not only since blogging but, well basically ever. It is a killer outfit showing off my best curves and enhancing them to a nice hourglass shape. Most importantly it is also a great homage to the 50s and the pin-ups of that time. Not to forget that this day was also one of the first times  I (more or less) successfully managed to style my hair in a way that involved back-combing.

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Have you been to Plus North? Did you have the same dilemma? What is it you like to wear to events like this? I would love to hear from you!


 British Plus Size Awards

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for the British Plus Size Awards in the cateogory “Best New Blogger”. I really would appreciate it if you would take you time to vote for me.

To vote for me and your favourite plus-size retailers & celebrities just click on the button below:


The key to a great plus-size fashion bargain…

As the very first thing, please forgive me terrible pun in the headline. But now to the outfit: When I was last at the Simply Be store in the Manchester Arndale Center I was looking for a top to go with the polka dot skirt from Castaluna. Both are featured in  my last outfit post. Before I went I gave myself one promise, this time, I would buy nothing else but the one shirt.

How to expect… I broke my promise

However, I am me and like it was to expect, I broke my promise as I came across this beauty:     So, obviously I could not resist. And once again I walked out of the shop not only with the see through daisy shirt for my last post , but also with the above shirt with peter pan collar and a beautiful key print. However due to that I now I had the same “problem” again, only the other way round. Now I had a shirt that needed a great skirt or trousers to go with. Well… “needed”…

The Solution

So I had a quick look at Asos Curve. And once again I was very lucky and spotted a bargain, a  leather skater skirt reduced  from £85 to only £34 pounds and it was still available in my size.  

A true bargain

When I received the skirt I was quite impressed. It is a great quality and at this price an absolute bargain. At the time of me writing this it is still available in the sizes 20 and 24-28.

Please excuse the image quality but it was, like usually, a very busy day and by the time we got to take the pictures the sun had almost gone.

I combined the skirt and the top with my trusty black wedge heels which  I bought off Deichmann ages ago and still absolutely love. And I also added my £10 satchel from Tesco, which I also bought a while back. This bag really does not look like a £10 pound bag, even if the true quality is not the best. But if you don’t expect it to last you for the next decade it is still a great bag. All in all this whole outfit is quite a bargain: it came at the price of approximately only 70 pound in total (and that is including the shoes & bag)

Shirt: Simply be – £14 (available here)

Leather Skirt: Asos – £34 (available here)

Shoes: Deichmann – ca £20

Bag: Tesco – £10   I love stumbling over little bargains like the largely reduced skirt or even the cheap Tesco bag that did not look like a cheap supermarket bag. What was your favourite fashion bargain? Do you have a secret tip where to find them? I would love to hear from you. Signoff

Showing some skin…

Over the last months I have been admiring many US & UK plus-size fashion bloggers showing off theirs shapes & curves rocking amazing crop tops or fatkinis. I have tried crop tops on, but never felt comfortable showing my belly, nor was I happy with my shape in them.

But here, finally comes my contribution to the plus-size revolution, telling the mainstream fashion & media industry where to stick it by being a UK size 24-26 (EU size 52-54) woman who dares to show some skin, actually even showing quite a lot of bare skin, by wearing a basically completely see through top combined with a lovely knee length polka dot skirt.

Alice&You+Ellos - 1
Top: Alice & You – Simply Be
Skirt: Ellos Casual – Castaluna
Shoes: Deichmann

The top is the Daisy Burnout Top by  Alice & You  which I bought at Simply Be. It features some lovely white daisies on an otherwise completely see through material.I feel great in this top and love showing a bit more skin this way. For colder day’s or when visiting my mom who keeps complaining about my ‘too short skirts’ I can simply combine in with a white or cream coloured vest top, I am sure this will look just as great.

Alice&You+Ellos - 2
Top: Alice & You – Simply Be
Skirt: Ellos Casual – Castaluna
Shoes: Deichmann

The polka dot skirt is my very first buy from Castaluna wich appears to be the plus-size sister page of La Redoute . A site priding itself in delivering “French style made easy”. The brand of the skirt is Ellos, which, after having done some research, appears to be a Swedish department store brand… which erm surprised me a bit.

Ultimately unimportant where it is from, I am loving the skirt. It do like the pattern , especially as it is featuring smaller dots than your standard polka dots. And it actually has pockets a plus point I would love to see in more skirts. So mega plus points for practicality here.

Alice&You+Ellos - Collage
Top: Alice & You – Simply Be
Skirt: Ellos Casual – Castaluna
Shoes: Deichmann

I would love to pass on to you were you can buy this top and skirt, but unfortunately both items appear to be quite difficult to buy by now. Although I only bought them myself within the last 4-5 days, they now appear to be impossible to come by online.

I ordered the skirt approximately a week ago, on the same day that I had discovered the page of Castaluna. But when  Ilookedfor the skirt today in order to link to its product page, it seemed to have disappeared. So I guess it will have sold out.

Also the Alice & You burnout top appears not to be available online  any more. However, it might be worth checking your local Simply Be, as the branch where I bought it, it still appeared to be well stocked.

What do you think about plus-size crop tops? What is your most daring wardrobe piece? I would absolutely love see some of your most daring fashion statements, maybe on your own blog or maybe you could  tweet a picture to @Girlgeek85.

Lot’s of love