First Experiences With Asos

Ok, to be honest, my wardrobe is spilling over with dresses, but there is one kind of dress I am constantly short of: the classical little black dress. I love bold dresses in striking patterns and colours. So most of the time I just appear overlook the simple black dress. This is ultimately a bit unfair, as these dresses are great all-rounder that suit all situations, from a work day to a girls night out or date night, just depending on how you accessorize or combine them.

Asos - Wide Range Of Black Dresses

So I decided to use this opportunity to try out Asos Curve. I had been meaning to try them out already for a while. In a way I could not believe that I actually hadn’t yet. They also appeared to have a very wide range of dresses including many black ones, as you can see in the picture above (and that was only the first page). Giving me a choice between quite a few black dresses in various different styles and particularly several ones with sleeves. As I mentioned before, I will never understand why there are so few dresses with sleeves out there.

So ultimately I decided on these dresses:

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swing Dress With V-Neck And Long Sleeve

Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swing Dress With V-Neck And Long Sleeve

  ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Square Neck

Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Square Neck

ASOS CURVE Midi Dress With Scoop Neck

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Midi Dress With Scoop Neck In Nepi

Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum Dress

Image 1 of Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum Dress

I also signed up for asos premier which could be described as an amazon prime for fashion, but  at £9.95 it is much more reasonably priced. What this ultimately gets you is one year free unlimited next day delivery and free returns collection alongside with another few little things like early access to sales and a subscription to the asos magazine print version. I am not massively keen on the early access to sales etc although I really like the next day delivery. A great option if you need a dress for an unexpected special occasion or if you are simply impatient, like me.

So I ordered the dresses and only one day later I had all those lovely little black dresses delivered via a well tracked DPD package.

Initially I had planned to only keep one or two, but I loved them all and ultimately I decided to keep them all. So look forward to a number of “little black dress” review posts soon.


Dress Review: Anna Scholz – Print Peplum Dress

Anna Scholz - Print Peplum Dress2

I have had my eyes on the Anna Scholz print peplum dress for a while. It is part of the of the Anna Scholz for simply be  line. I adore peplum dresses as they tend to emphasize my shape and curves in a great way. Also the reviews of this dress I had seen before were really promising. So after I had seen  Georgina at “Fuller Figure Fuller BustCass at “Plump Parsnip”   and   Rosie at “A Pocket Full Of Rosie”  rock this dress I was wondering how this great piece would look on me.

The print is absolutely stunning. Although my other half keeps referring to it as  “the dress with the interference pattern”. And to be fair, he has a point. The print resembles an impressionistic picture of water lilies or to go with his interpretation an image of them, on a monitor with strong interference. Anyway, a great pattern.

Anna Sholz Print Peplum Dress - Outfit Collage

The dress is not only well designed but also well made, I do love quality. Although the feel of the dress, is something that took me a bit to get used to. It is quite thick, smooth and shiny which does make it a bit slippery and for me causes the belt to rock up quite a bit.

I am very happy with the overall length of the dress, but I would like the top of the dress to be a bit longer and the peplum to begin a little lower, but this is not spoiling it for me. Especially as one big pluses for this dress are the sleeves. I will never understand why there are so few dresses with sleeves out there. This means that this is one of the few that I will happily wear without a cardigan.


All in all I am in love, especially when combined with the shimmery high heels that I recently bought in the sale at Deichmann. I still cant believe I got these shoes for only 5 pounds.

Currently (at the time of this post) the dress is still available in most sizes and is also strongly reduced. So if you, like me had your eyes on this for a while, now is the time…


Lady Vintage – Plus-Size Hepburn Dress

I was recently invited to a fancy cocktail party so I finally had a reason to wear the red Hepburn dress I bought a few weeks ago. This dress came from one of my favourite shops: Lady Vintage – a shop definitely worth checking out. They sell absolutely lovely vintage-style plus-size dresses, though their plus-size selection seems to have significantly shrunk over the last few months. This particular dress has sold out in red, but is still available in several other beautiful colours here.

Plus-Size Hepburn DressPlus Size Hepburn Dress

Dress – Lady Vintage, Leggings – Simply Be, Shoes – Deichmann, Belt – Yours Clothing

The dress is made in London and has a lovely shape – I think it really flatters my curves, especially when teamed with a belt. The big drawback of dresses like this for me is that they are sleeveless – I rather feel that bare upper arms do not agree with me and my figure.

Because of this I absolutely love this short bolero, which is basically nothing but a set of sleeves; I would love to have more of these but unfortunately I’ve never come across another one in this style since. This one I bought quite a while back at… well… I think at New Look. I’m not quite sure any more as I don’t even recognise the logo on the tag…

So if anyone knows where you can buy boleros like this one, please let me know – you would make me very happy.


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Evening Lace Dress

This lovely black and silver dress with lace detail was part of my first experience with “Yours Clothing”. Bonded and multi layer lace dresses like this have been quite big recently and I am definitely a fan of the look – I think it lends the lace a certain sophistication.

Meeting up with an old Uni friend at a German restaurant for a great meal was the perfect occasion to wear this dress and show it off. It has also been performing sterling double-duty as one of my office dresses.Finished Collage

This dress came with a ribbon belt – however, with dresses like these I prefer to wear wide belts as they tend to give a lot more definition to my waist which creates a nice hourglass which I think better flatters my shape. For a very long time I had only one of these belts until, finally, I recently found a great choice of belts at “Yours Clothing” and so this belt is from their collection, as well as the Handbag and also the matching purse.

At 5’9″ I am not really friends with high heels, especially as I find them to be quite painful after a relatively short time. I find Ankle boots like this pair that I bought at Deichman while on my most recent trip to Germany, to make a great alternative to pumps and high heels.