Missguided Plus Size Range Goes Live Today

The Day Is Finally Here

The day has finally arrived today Missguided’s long awaited plus-size range goes live today.

The great news is, while in terms of sizing the range is separate from their normal range , coming in sizes 16-24, in terms of style Missguided has made an effort not to change their image or style for the larger sizes, like some other retailers unfortunately have done. Well done Missguided.

Some Killer Pieces

The starting range is  a relatively small, although it has some killer pieces. Most likely I would expect it though that this range would be extended over time. I have already fallen in love with a lot of pieces: some  great coats, clever slogan t-shirts, a selection of evening dresses and skirts and most importantly there is finally a sizeable range of plus-size co-ords.


Coords, Finally!

I am particularly in love with their range of co-ords. It might not be high season for co-ords anymore with summer having gone, but after I have been searching for so long for a decent two piece set I am more than happy that us plus size girls now finally have a range of plus-size co-ords available that come in tartan, grid, floral and some more patterns.

Coord Collage


These pieces are sold separately, this also gives you the chance to go for them either as top or skirt only, if you are not sold on the co-ord idea but like the print. Given that most tops in these sets, are usually crop tops, this does also means that a great range of crop tops is hitting the market And there can never be to many. (Have I said that? No way I would have said that a year ago…)

Evening Dresses

The range of dresses has a few lovely pieces in there. One of which I will actually be wearing to the British Plus Size Awards this weekend. This beauty:

d3106553 with shadow

The the velvet wrap dress

The dress I will be wearing though will be in a colour I have not yet spotted on the page, but I am sure will be on soon. I was dead excited to be able to try this dress on pre-release. I am absolutely loving it. Another thing I can tell you about this dress is that while the model is a good looking girl, this dress looks even better, when worn by a woman with a figure that is much more on the curvy-side. I will be wearing this dress in a size 24.

Excited About What Might Come In Future

As you might have heard I am a bit biased as I am part of the Missguided team, and it was dead excited to see this range come from idea to existence. However, to me it is even more exciting what might come in future. As I am personally hoping and expecting that this range might get extended in future.

And while there are some pieces that I adore, there is range for extension and improvement, given the size of opportunities and styles out there. I for example would say that a next collection could even go much bolder than this one already has done. I would also love to see a wider range of sizes and some glamorous eveningmaxi & party dresses in the so well known Missguided style.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the range? What is your favourite? And what would you love to see in future?

Meet Ursula – Or The Trouble Of Finding The Right Plus-Size Costume

The Trouble Of Finding The Right Plus-Size Costume

Finding the right Halloween costume can be quite difficult for the plus size girl. There are not too many plus-size costumes to buy out there. The choice is basically limited to witch, vampire or pirate, unless you want to get a kinky costume from Ann Summers and that is definitely something I would very much like to avoid. So in most cases you will have to get a bit creative and create the costume yourself.

Using Our Curves To Our Advantage

But we can turn this into an advantage and with a little creativity us plus-size ladies can really rock Halloween. There are great costumes, skinnier ladies would have trouble pulling off.

For now I just wanted to show you my look for this year: Ursula The Sea Witch


Ursula is a very voluptuous lady and just definitely one of my favourite Disney villains. While I was terrified by her when I was younger, she now has something about her that I do love. Maybe it is that she is an independent plus-size lady who does not need a prince to fulfil herself, if we ignore the evil part for a moment…

Meet Ursula

The Make-Up

This year I decided to dress up as Ursula. Which is pretty easy. All you need is an Albert Einstein Wig which you can style like Ursula’s hair, some purple facepaint, blue and dark grey eye-shadow & red lipstick combined with a few more make-up supplies. And that is hair and make-up already done.

Also Georgina from She Might Be Loved has recently done a great tutorial for Ursula.

The Costume

The costume is very simple to make and  requires only very little sewing and with that minimal sewing skills. In fact, I am quite sure that the sewing could also be completely replaced by hot-gluing. You can find the how-to, leading you through all the steps to create the costume here.

All you need is some purple and some black fabric which you sew together in long thin triangles which are then stuffed (In my case I used simple kitchen paper). And boom you have your tentacles.  If you want your tentacles to stand out even more,  you can add wire to them so that you can bend them. I was quite happy with them without the wire.

Lastly create a belt loop at  the top of each and, wonder oh wonder, hang them on a belt.

Now all you need is a peplum dress to hide the belt under, and once again *boom*, you have Ursula 🙂

Dress – Simply Be (old, similar)
Leggings – Simply Be
Ballerinas – Yours Clothing

Winning The Fancy Dress Competition

Ultimately I was even rewarded by winning the office fancy dress competition, which is an achievement if you work in the fashion industry… 😉

Ursula Also Knows How To Dress For A Night Out

Given that the central piece of this costume is a peplum dress, another amazing aspect is that she does not only know how to dress for the office, but also for the night out.

For going out, I simply teamed the tentacle belt with one of my favourite night out dresses from Asos, which I featured a while back on the blog, in this post.

 Dress – Asos
Belt – Yours Clothing
Shoes – Deichmann

What Do You Think?

What do you think is a great costume idea for us plus-size ladies? And finally, what did you wear this year? I would love to hear from you, and to see photos!



Challenge Your Body Shape Beliefs- The Jumpsuit

Amazing On Others – But On Me?

The jumpsuit used to be for me one of those pieces of clothing that you see and admire on other people but are convinced/sure that it just would not work for your body shape.

Where It All Changed

This all changed when this summer I ordered this lovely & light printed jumpsuit in a spur of the moment situation. To my surprise it did neither look “off” on me, nor did it highlight all the wrong areas of my body. In fact I actually loved it, despite me having to bare my arms and it was one of my favourite pieces of the summer.


If you want to find out more about this jumpsuit just take a look at this blog post about stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Bye Bye Summer – Hello Autumn Wardrobe

Unfortunately Summer has come and gone and so I was clearing out my wardrobe to switch over from summer to autumn selection. One thing was clear, I needed more pieces suiting the weather and my new style.

“Socially Acceptable Onesies”

Jumpsuits are just amazing, they are basically socially acceptable onesies, incredibly comfortable but also very stylish. Although you will have to make sure to choose the right one for you. If you are like me particularly bigger in the belly section you should definitely make sure not too choose too tight cuts. I would recommend you have a look around, order a selection trying to find out which one is for you.

In My Wardrobe

These are the lovely plus-size jumpsuits that have made it into my autumn wardrobe:

From left to right:

  1. Pink Clove Wrap Front Jumpsuit (In Sale: Was £28, Now: £18)
  2. Club L Plus Size Mesh Insert Jumpsuit (In Sale: Was £49, Now: £22)
  3. ASOS CURVE Jumpsuit With Cold Shoulder

Oh and don’t forget you can currently get an extra 10% off sale items till Thursday 30th October 8am, using the code 10MORE

One of my favourite pieces between those is definitely this beauty:

Our Trip To The Reeperbahn

I was wearing this beauty to our visit on the Reeperbahn when we on our Germany trip for the Plus Size Fashion Days. Jumpsuits are the perfect outfit for sightseeing.


Especially with a cardigan jumpsuits are giving you just the right flexibility for a sightseeing day when you might feel warm from all the walking or in public transport or slightly cold outside during one of those windy transitional autumn days.

Not to forget they are also very comfortable for a long day on your feet, perfect style for having a coffee during the day and with a little make-up update also perfect for a drink in a hip bar in the evening.

My Favourite Cardigan

This cardigan, which I wore on this day out has made it on to my top list of favourite cardigans. I do very much like the star design on it, it has a great feel and for once isn’t a grey black or white cardigan. This lovely star patten cardigan is also part of the sale and currently reduced frrom £32 to £16 in the current (up to 70%) Asos Sale. Although you will need to be quick, most sizes are already sold out

Challenge Your View Yourself

If there is one thing I have learned that is really important for us plus-size ladies over the last few months of blogging then it it is to challenge style rules, not only societal rules on what large women should or should not wear, but mostly your own view of yourself.

You might have tried a piece on ages ago and that particular one might not have sat right, or one of the numerous style experts online will once again have given great style advice on what larger ladies stay away from. Don’t let this make you miss out.

Try it on!

It is so worth it to occasionally try a piece you think you might look ridiculous in. The worst thing that can happen is that you will either send it back or in the store put it back on the hanger. Generally the rule is, if in doubt, try it on! And if there is something out there you have never tried on (like me a while ago with my very first bikini) get out there and try it on!

The best thing that can happen is that you open up a whole new world of styles looks for yourself. And on top of that it feels amazing. This can open up a whole new confidence or a completely different way you see yourself

Obligatory Touristy Pictures

And to finish the post off, here a some touristy pictures four your pleasure. Unless you would like to see the slide show… 😉


What Do You Think?

Have you been suprised by a piece of clothing before, of which you thought it would be so wrong for your body type and love now? What do you think about Jumpsuits? What is your favourite autumn wardrobe piece? I would love to hear from you.

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My Asos Sale Wish List + Asos Discount Code

Up To 70% Off

Asos once again has one of their (up to) 70% Sales and there are quite a few amazing pieces. 1 or 2 of which have once again made me break my no more spending on clothes for the rest of the month promise once again, after the recent Anna Scholz Sale.

Empty Bank Account But Feeling Fabulous! 😉

I just wanted share some of my favourite pieces with you, basically those pieces that I would get if I had a bank account that never ran dry.

Ultimately though we might all end up with an empty bank account, but with a wardrobe full of beautiful asos plus size dresses and a big smile on our faces feeling fabulous in our new clothes. 🙂

My Wish List

Starting from the top, left to right

  1. AX Paris Plus Size Lace Skater Dress
  2. Club L Plus Size Scuba Skater Dress With Plunge Neck
  3. Little Mistress Lace Applique Dress
  4. Club L Plus Size Lace Skater Dress With Belt
  5. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Circular Skirt With Zip Front
  6. ASOS CURVE Scuba Wrap Peplum Top In Floral Print
  7. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Drape Dress With Knot Detail
  8. Truly You Bandeau Jumpsuit
  9. New Look Inspire 3/4 Sleeve Lace Belted Skater Dress
  10. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Pencil Dress In Colourblock
  11. Club L Plus Size Side Panel Midi
  12. AX Paris Plus Size Lace Top Jumpsuit
  13. Lipstick Boutique Plus Stripe Detail Pencil dress
  14. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Skirt In Leather
  15. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Skirt In Colourblock

Although it appears that if you want any of those, you will need to be quick, a lot of them are either already low in stock or some even sold out in some sizes.

The Discount Code

While most of those pieces above and the rest in the sale already have a hefty discount applied to them, using the code 10MORE you will be able to get an additional 10% off those bargains.

Asos Premier

I am also still very much impressed with Asos Premier, since I signed up for it about 6 months ago. Joining this program costs you £9.95 and you get unlimited free next day delivery. There are some other bits and bobs you get with it but the next day delivery and the free returns is the main important factor for me.

A neat feature that I have been using a lot over the last few months. More retailers should implement programs like this, particularly if it is at such a reasonable price (I am looking at YOU Amazon!).

What Do You Think?

Which one is your favourite? I could not resist the Circular Skirt With Zip Front, the Midi Skirt In Scallop Hem LaceTruly You Bandeau Jumpsuit. Did you end up getting weak? Which one did you get?
I would love to hear from you



British Plus Size Awards

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for the British Plus Size Awards in the cateogory “Best New Blogger”. I really would appreciate it if you would take you time to vote for me.

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Plus-Size Fashion Days Hamburg – What I Wore

Still Very Much In Love With Vintage

Like for all Plus-Size Fashion Events I had been thinking for weeks about what I would wear for the Kurvenrausch Plus  Size Fashion Days In Hamburg. Ultimately I decided to stay true to my favourite style and go with a vintage dress with modern twist and a sprinkle of glamour.

Lady V – Estella Dress

Like for all Plus-Size Fashion Events I had been thinking for weeks about what I would wear for this event. But once again I was over thinking it, as for weeks I already had the perfect dress hanging in my wardrobe, just waiting to be shown off at the right occasion:Estella vintage dress by Lady V in a lovely birdcage print.

Designed In Cooperation With A Plus-Size Blogger

This dress was designed in cooperation with plus-size blogger Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. And it definitely shows that this dress was not designed by somebody who only theoretically thinks about what plus size women (and particularly those with a larger bust) might be looking for in a dress.

When designing this dress Lady V has definitely listened to somebody who is knowing herself the troubles of trying to find the right dress, accommodating your bust, while not looking like a tent. I think she did an amazing job, communicating what is important in a dress for busty women.

Have a look at the beautiful Georgina modeling a range of different styles of the Estella dresses:

Showing A Bit Too Much Bra
(once again)

However thanks to the extra space for the bust in combination with the wrap design, I personally have the problem that the dress is opening relatively low in the middle of my décolleté. As I had forgotten to bring my safety pins with me, it exposed a little too much of one of my new Curvy Kate bras, as you can see in the below close up. However this was far from the problem I had when I was wearing my Project D dress recently (Read more about this incident here). And fortunately the bra was in a nice flesh tone.

The reason for this bra showing so much is that Curvy Kate’s bras are designed specifically to give as much support as possible to the larger breast, of which is does a goo job by the way. So these bras, particularly in the larger cup sizes, close a little bit higher up y. Curvy Kate’s bras are some of the few out there that manage to do so whilst still looking sexy and definately not granny like

Simply BeCurvy Kate Princess Balcony Bra

Ad mentioned above, fortunately I had chosen a this flesh coloured version of the bra and therefore it did not stand out too much. However this particular “bra incident” is nothing a lower cut bra, a safety pin or, if a more permanent solution is desired, a few stitches could not solve

My First Ever Petticoat

Let’s stay in the underwear department for a moment. On this day I also wore my first ever petticoat. I actually had to search for it for quite a while. Petticoats, their sizing, length and layering can be a bit confusing, especially if you have no experience. I have not found the perfect one but it is a good one to start with. Being a size 26 is also not particularly helping…

Ultimately I ended up buying this petticoat of ebay. It is an ok petticoat, if a bit tight and it could be a bit more, how should I say…, puffy. But it is a good petticoat to start with, giving your skirt a bit more volume without looking over the top. So if you are ideally a size 24 or under and want to try out petticoats, this could be a potential model to get started with.

The Birdcage Print

The birdcage printis absolutely amazing, full of lovely detail and very cute. When I ordered the dress I could not decide at first if I preferred the design on the white or the light green background. ultimately I liked them both that much that both found a place in my wardrobe.

While the print that I was wearing is unfortunately not available any more, there is a range of other styles that are still available as well as a range of prints that has recently added.

Lady Vintage – Worth To Keep An Eye On

What I love about Lady V, is that they have a great range of prints that they review constantly. So while they have a number of great designs they always have in stock in a range of different prints. They also update the prints available quite regularly.

The prints range from classic prints, like polka dot or lace print to imaginative novelty prints, like one of their most recent ones: a cupcake print. So it is always worth keeping an eye on their page to see which new desing/print combination they might have added.

This is the current* range of Estella dresses available.

I do love the polka dots. It is just such a classical design that goes so well with so many things. I am a fan of particularly blue polka dot and already own one Lady V Dress in this print, which you can see here. So this  print might be another version I might have to add to my Estella dress collection soon.

 What do you think?

What do you think about the Estella dress? Do you already have one of them in your wardrobe? Which one is your favourite design? Let me know in the comments.



*At the time of this blog post being published.

British Plus Size Awards

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for the British Plus Size Awards in the cateogory “Best New Blogger”. I really would appreciate it if you would take you time to vote for me.

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Dont Miss The Anna Scholz Sale

Anna Scholz – Luxury Plus Size Designer 

I had firmly promised myself not to spend any more money on clothes this month… and then the Anna Scholz sale came along…

Anna Scholz really is a great designer. I might not love all of her designs, but there are definitely some awesome, awesome pieces in her collection. One of my all-time favourites is a stunning peplum dress with the most stunning print I have ever seen that I have reviewed a while back.

A Sale That Definitely Caught My Attention

As much as I like Anna’s creations, unless she does a cooperation with a high street retailer like recently with Simply Be in the UK and sheego in Germany. So, when I saw the below status about the current sale on Facebook, it really caught my attention.


It might be a bit difficult to see in the numbers in this image. They have reduced dresses in the £200 to £420 range to £37-£85 and there are skirts that were in the range of £139 to £189 are now between £27-37. You  are getting the gist of this.

So if you are like me, liking Anna’s collection but don’t quite have the cash for it, it might be really worth it to head over to the Anna Scholz page and have a look round.

So as said above, that has made me break my no-spending promise, but I won’t tell you yet what. This will be revealed in a hopefully fabulous outfit post.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about Anna Scholz. Is there any piece that might make you break your spending limits? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you?



British Plus Size Awards

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for the British Plus Size Awards in the cateogory “Best New Blogger”. I really would appreciate it if you would take you time to vote for me.

To vote for me and your favourite plus-size retailers & celebrities just click on the button below: