Feeling Like A Princess – With Florentyna Dawn

Florentyna Dawn Title Pic

Special Occassions – A Time You Should Feel Amazing

When attending a special occasion it is just so so important not only to finds a dress that looks great but to also in which one feels comfortable. Although what am I saying here, more than comfortable, one should feel a million bucks and struggle to avoid mirrors and other shiny surfaces as you love the sight of yourself so much. It is a time when you should feel amazing and it is a shame if an outfit you don’t like should be the thing ruining how you feel.

As much as this holds true as a wedding guest or similar, but especially when attending a once in a lifetime event like your prom, your daughters wedding or maybe even your own wedding it is more than only important, it is crucial.

Making Do – The Issue With Ill-Fitting & Boring Dresses

It is a real shame how much we plus-size ladies have to make do with mediocre and ill-fitting dresses on occasions like this. Might it be just because there is hardly any choice or that clothes were so hard to find our compromise arrived last minute and there is just no time to exchange it or finally the worst case when we did not find anything at all. In this case we are presented with the choice of not going or we often make do with any day dress we can find that we can somehow pass on as evening dress.

I Hated My Graduation “Dress”

I do think back to my graduation ball (Abiball). This is one of the rare occasions in German everyday life where you have an excuse to dress yourself up to the nines.While other girls usually attend the dance in lovely flowy evening gowns, I was forced to wear a more or less tight chinese print tunic over black trousers. This was the best I could find after a 6-month search. I don’t think there are even any pictures of myself in that outfit I hated it so much…

Florentyna Dawn – One Of The Rare Truly Size Inclusive Boutiques

Florentyna Dawn - Plus Size Special Occassion & Mother Of The Bride Wear

Experiences like this are what make me appreciate little gems and exceptions from the norm like Florentyna Dawn so much. Florentyna Dawn is one of the rare shops that are truly size inclusive and body-positive. Without question, they are offering all their dresses in a size 6-50+. Yes the plus means that even the 50 is not limiting. They specialise in mother of the bride dresses, but they do have something available for any special occasion you might come across. We do need more size inclusive businesses like that, that are not petite, not plus size, not tall but just well stocked and flexible!



#WhatILoveAboutYou – Plus Size Blogger Event

A while back they invited some of us ladies for an afternoon to their Hazel grove shop and they made all of us literally feel like princesses. The dresses were stunning. It was amazing to be able to take dresses as special as these of the rail and to be able to just try them on.



One might expect they have the dresses in a few standard sizes and if you are above that you have to order them in, but this is not the case. While each of us came in a different size representing pretty much the whole size spectrum each and any of us were able to pick some lovely dress of the rail and try it on.

Buy Bridesmaid dresses NZ at discount price at Topbridal.co.nz

The day was absolutely amazing, not only were the dresses stunning Florentyna Dawn had even invited an amazingly talented MUA Sarah Maredith who did our hair and makeup and she really did an amazing job!


Before & After MUA

We all literally did feel and look like princesses.

Have a look, don’t we look stunning?!


Jaqui, Helena, Charlie, Michelle, Me, Tanya

Florentyna Dawn Collage 1

Florentyna Dawn Collage2

Florentyna Dawn Collage3

Florentyna Dawn Collage 4

A Big, Big Thank You!

We really have to give a massive thank you to the amazing ladies of Florentyna Dawn for making this awesome day possible and for making each of us feel so special and simply put, like princesses.

bridesmaid dresses
The lovely staff of Florentyna Dawn & the owner Dawn Priestnall (3rd from left)

Florentyna Dawn Sponsoring Ms British Beauty Curve

I am more than proud to announce that Florentyna Dawn is supporting me as Ms. Manchester Curve 2016 and will be one of my sponsor the in Miss British Beauty Curve Pageant.

Have A Browse

If you have an event coming up I can only recommend giving them a look either online at www.florentyna-dawn.co.uk or maybe even in their brick in mortar shop in Stockport near Manchester.


What Do You Think?

Like always I would love to hear from you, about your experience and what you think. This time I really can’t decide on one question, so here are a few things I would love to hear from you about:

  • Which of the above is your favourite dress?
  • What is your experience with evening wear?
  • Where do you buy your occassion wear?
  • What was your last special occasion and what did you wear? I would love to see your pictures!

Lots of love



Still Looking For A Last Minute Plus-Size Valentines Outfit?

Valentines With List

If you are looking for last minute affordable plus-size valentines outfit then here is my oersonal plus size wish list coming to your rescue along with “last orders” information to make sure you still get your dream outfit in time.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite?

Last Orders?

In order to receive your last minute outfit in time for valentines you need to order by:

Next Day Delivery:  Friday 12.02. by 12pm, if you are willing to take some risk you might still be lucky if you order before 5pm on Saturday 13.02.

Next Day Delivery: Friday 12.02. by 4pm
Sunday Delivery: Saturday 13.02 by 9pm

Weekend Delivery: Friday 12.02. by 8pm
Weekend Delivery: Saturday 13.03 by 7pm

Your Plans?

What are your plans for valentines day? Will you spend it with your loved one or go out with the girls, but most important, what will you be wearing?

My very first British Hen Do – Wearing Lady Vintage

PicMonkey Collage

In June I am invited to another lovely English wedding. In fact actually to the wedding of my lovely friend who is and was important in so many little introductions to proper British culture and cultural experiences.

Like she pointed out in her comment she left on my About Me Page, she is responsible for my deep love of Doctor Who and she also worked with me in one of my first proper jobs in the UK, helping me navigate through the very peculiar British office politics she also invited me to my very first English Hen Do.

Recently there has been another big one of those big cultural experiences she invited me to her hen do. I have to admit, initially I was a bit afraid it would involve plastic penises or similarly cringe worthy things but a classy lady as Jess is this was not the case. We all were given our obligatory hen do sashes and obviously Jess was wearing her “learning bride” L together with a veil, but that just is a most.

Her hen do took us first to the Hard Rock Cafe, where we had some really nice burgers and the main party then took place here in Manchester in the Birdcage. This was also my very first drag show, so ultimately I had two firsts in a day. The show was great and it was fun to watch in the dancing breaks between the show pieces how many girl in the audience tried out their best on the stripper pole that was provided, getting bolder the further the night had progressed.

Although I have to admit that the night was not 100% plastic genital free. As the audience was full of hen dos that either wore suggestive costumes or had straws in a design you can imagine. For some reason there was also a guy dressed up as a traffic light wearing a traffic cone on his head… but I guess that is the normal audience in the birdcage and it actually really adds to the atmosphere.

So ultimately it was  a truly special night with some lovely ladies and some great memories.


For this I wore one of my lovely Lady Vintage Dresses. To be honest I have had this dress for a while as it has been slightly too tight when I bought it, but I loved it just too much to send it back. Now that I have lost a (very) few pounds as I was unfortunately struck by a very uncomfortable lower back pain (every pound my back does not need to carry helps.), the dress fits a lot better and so has seen it’s very first night out.

Lady Vintage Plus Size Vintage Dress Blue With Bow


Like usually on this kind of occassions I have forgotten to take a proper picture but I might take a quick one at a later point and might either post a little addition to this post or just let you see it on my facebook page.

The dress is unfortunately not available on the Lady Vintage site anymore but especially now that they have launched “Lady Voluptuous” they always have a great range of plus-size vintage dresses and it always worth checking them out.

So now the big next step is choosing an outfit for the upcoming wedding and I really do not do well in deciding what to wear. So I guess very soon I will provide you with  few options and maybe you can help me by letting you know which ones you like most. I am actually even playing with running a Facebook vote or similar.

Lots of love




FatPhRocks – Plus-Size Maxi Dresses For Tall Girls


Not only fat but also tall…

Finding the right evening- or occasion dress is really not easy for me. Particularly when I have set my heart on maxi dress, as I am not only struggling with the plus-size aspect but I am also 5’9 (1.75m).

Most so called “floor length” maxi dresses end up rather ankle length on me and heels are almost always a no go, as even if the dress is a bit longer it usually still leaves the dress at this neither here nor there length. To me this is a real shame, as while I don’t need the heels for the height, they do give my posture and real boost and accentuate all the good bits of my figure.

FatPhRocks – Plus-Size Dresses For Tall Girls

So the guys from FatPhRocks really can be a godsend. They are a dress shop specialising in plus-size dresses for tall girls. They offer day & evening dresses, up to a size 28 in a very affordable price range, with most dresses ranging between the sizes £25 and £50. At the moment they are still a fairly small shop, but they still have good range to choose from.

Capturescreenshot of FatPhRocks showing part of the range

In particular I really like their single colour floor length dresses in almost all cuts offered and especially that they offer a choice of dresses that either do or don’t cover your arms/chest area if you are looking for this kind of thing but also sleeveless dresses that expose more of your chest area if you are looking for that . The only thing I am personally not too much of a fan of in their range are some of the prints, but this is rather a matter of personal taste, who knows you might love those prints.

Overall I would recommend, if you are a taller lady like me, it will most likely be worth having a look yourself. The range is small but for that it offers some choices the bigger players don’t offer.

Trying The Dress

I chose the Eddie Dress In Purple*, a dress that is a bit more high-necked than most of the evening dresses that I have worn in the past, but I thought this might be a good choice, looking back at the last big evening dress I wore, where I ended up exposing a bit more of myself than I had wanted (you might remember).

But before I go on, let’s give you some more pictures of the actual dress, as we know picture says more than a 1000 words, so moving images should be even better, right?.
(thank god for gifs, helping me to make a complete fool out of me…)


FatPhRocks  – Dress Eddie Dress In Purple*
Belt: Accessorize – Old Season

Overall I am very happy with the dress. Finally a maxi-dress that is not only long enough but that also manages to contain my boobs, I knew it had to exist somewhere. Although, I had to get used to a bit to the neckline as it is some what in the middle, neither high nor low. But now looking at the pictures again after a few days I have to say I have grown to like it.

barefoot collage with shadow
Please excuse the “all over the place” lighting, I was experimenting with a new setup

The higher neckline is balanced out by the low back. While I do like this feature of the dress, the pictures do remind me every time that I am desperately waiting for the summer as I am in real need of at least a little bit of a tan.

The very first thing that I checked out though was the length. Within 5 minutes I had popped on the high heels to find out how it would work with those. And I have not just tested it with any small heels, but my impulse buy stunning but sky high Missguided sandals (usually I am more the kitten heel kind of girl)

PicMonkey Collage-shoeshadowFatPhRocks  – Dress Eddie Dress In Purple*
Shoes: Missguided Clara Strappy Heeled Sandals (I’m wearing silver)
Belt: Accessorize – Old Season

I’d say for me the dress is the exact right length. It works with heels and still  but if wearing it with flats it might touch the floor but will not be dragging over floor.

I Will Come Back

I am definitely happy with the dress and can’t wait for the next occasion to wear it out and for the next wedding that I will be going to the FatPhRocks shop will definitely be one of the shops I will be checking.

Do You Know Other Plus-Size Specialty Stores

For everyone that stands out in another way except for being plus-size, may it be being tall, short, having big feet or a large bust, knows how difficult it can be finding fitting clothing, as shops are rare.

So I have decided to compile a list of specialty plus-size shops and ranges. So if you are aware of any specialty shops, may it be petite, maternity or any speciality you can think of, pop a comment in the box down below.


Lots of love




Missguided+ Releases New Pieces & Extra 40% Off Sale

After Missguided had released their plus size range in late autumn last year with a lot of noise, things appear to have changed a bit.

In the meantime there were quietly quite few new pieces added to range. While new pieces are nice we are wondering when a full SS15 plus size collection is going to come.

But let’s have at what happened & the new range:

November 2014: Reveal of the Plus-Size Range

It’s too long ago that all eyes of the plus-size fashion world were directed at Missguided, last November actually, to be precise: That was when Missguided launched their very first plus size range.

Coord Collage

November/December 2014: Me & Other Bloggers in Missguided

For a few weeks the plus-size blogosphere was full of lot’s of amazing plus size babes showing off the range. I was no exception, posting about the lace peplum dress and the stunning cobalt blue velvet wrap dress which I wore to the British Plus Size Awards.

PicMonkey Collage with shadow

January 2015: It has gone quiet

But the fashion world turns fast and the plus-size fashion world is no exception. So over the last months it has become fairly quiet around Missguided, well at least in regards of plus-size.

The fast fashion company has so far only concentrated at the lower end of straight sizes (going up to 14).  Their first plus size range was, by the looks of it, only a test range, if a strong one, with approx 70 lines in sizes only going up to a size 24 so far.

The big question here was if the brand after an enthusiastic launch would forget about their plus-size customer, like so many promising other brands have unfortunatelly done before, leaving the range as an token range for the fatties to avoid being called fat shaming.

February 2015: New Pieces – Without A Lot Of Noise

Fortunately this does not appear to be the case. Well, at least there are a few positive indicators that this time it might be different.

Without making a lot of noise abut it they appear to have been working quietly on a few updates to their best pieces as well as some completely new pieces.

Screenshot from 2015-02-25 03:05:22

Unfortunately there is no complete new range or big overarching new style at the moment, but one thing I do have to credit Missguided for is that after running only a very few months, they have looked at demand and, like a good fast fashion retailer does, not only restocked as it was selling out but also put a little bit of effort in and improved/updated a few lines by adding new colour options

Let’s Have A Look At The Range Update


Some of the pieces they have renewed were the wrap dresses that were very popular after the launch and quickly sold out in many colours.

The wrap dresses have not only been repeated in the original colours that had sold out they are now also available in for example khaki and grey.

PicMonkey Collage2


And also the leopard print skirt that I own and love has been renewed and it is along with some other skirts  now available in the trend colour camel as well as a black PU panel version.

skirts 2

 New Dresses

There are some lovely new midi dresses. The below dress on the left in the grid has been added in black and in the green and also some other completely new dresses.


Screenshot from 2015-02-19 01:58:50


Tie Waist Skirt

Another new addition to the collection is the tie waist skirt which is expected to be a big trend this spring. A skirt I could not resist buying already and that will be on my blog soon in an #OOTD.

This skirt is basically a skirt that pretending to have a shirt slung around the hips. Sounds a bit weird when trying to describe it,  but I like the look.

tie waist Collage2

Trends At The Same Time For Fatties AND Normalos

The tie waist skirt is one of the examples where Missguided is really really promising for the future. I am not necessarily talking abut the style itself but the timing of the delivery of the style. If you have a look around through the sizes, tie waist appears to be one of their big upcoming trends that they have heavily bought into across their straight sizes.

Unlike so many other retailers out there, Missguided is not waiting till at least next season to finally deliver a trend in a  plus-size version, but is delivering it at the same time for us larger ladies as wekk as in straight sizes. Although admittedly they deliver this trend only in one style for 18+ while in almost uncountable styles for straight sizes, but it is a start.

Where is the SS15 range?

After having been unsure, when first launching the range in November, of how it would resonate with us fatties, they should now have a much better idea of who their plus-size customers are and what we like.

This does make me wonder even more why it is taking Missguided so long to get their Spring/Summer range out. With it being end of February they might be a bit late to the market. Although I am still holding up big hopes for a banging collection

Extra 40% Off Sale While We Are Waiting

While you are browsing through the new items don’t forget to have a quick look at the sale items, as for a very limited time you will be able to get 40% all sale items using the code EXTRA40.

Missguided Sale Items

What do you think?

Which one is your favourite? Are you calling some of the new pieces your own? And for which retailer  can’t you wait to finally announce their new SS15 collection.



The Holidays Are Over – Back To Work

Lisa & Jen christmas

A Little Break – From Everything

Hi Everyone, the Holidays are over and I din’t only take some time off work but also off blogging.


Even though I would have loved to do lots of blogging, to be honest I I very much needed the break and had not much of a choice as a mixture of a bad back, tooth problems and exhaustion practically forced me into the horizontal position.

This year was a good year but particularly the last few months have been particularly hard on me and have taken their toll. Next to the stress and the health issues I have been pratically exhausted and almost literally fell into bed for four days with only a short interruption for festive activities.

Festive Activities

As you might have heard I unfortunately wasn’t able to get home to my family in Germany for Christmas – which added to whole of “me not feeling great” mix.

At least I had a great “surrogate Family” for my Christmas as I was invited by Irene, a uni friend, and her lovely family to be part of their festivities. So in the end I had an absolutely amazing, typically British, Christmas with the most amazing Christmas dinner with the most dazzling table decoration I have seen so far.



Please excuse the whimsical frame etcetera, but you should never leave me alone with certain picture manipulation programs that have silly holiday functions

A Quick Look At The Festive Fashion

I chose to wear my Club L Sequins Dress in black from Asos which I got a while back as one option for our office Christmas party. I love the dress but it is really a bit short for ever wearing it without leggings… I really love the style of Club L and Asos has currently quite a few Club L bargains in their winter sale. Including some items that are part of my wardrobe.

Coming back toe the dress though, the meantime I have also bought the dress in silver, just because I love the dress so much.Soon I will give a look at this one too as I plan an outfit post on the two dresses within the next days.

Sequins proved to be a good choice as it turns out that Jen, Irene’s daughter, also had chosen to wear a lovely sequins dress and luckily she agreed to take a picture with me for my blog.

Lisa & Jen

I love the skater dress she is wearing. If anyone of you has seen anywhere a similar dress in plus size let me know. I would love to have sequins skater dress.

Oh A Fez!

On the way out I discovered a Fez on in their hallway. There is no way I would have left the house without a picture…. Why? As I am (thanks to my lovely friend Jess, as she pointed out 😀 ) am a close to obsessed Doctor Who fan… and you can not come across a fez and not take a picture as a whovian…

So here it is:

Lisa & Jen fez


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

How was your Christmas? Did you celebrate with your loved ones or did you have an alternative Christmas like me?

I hope you had great Holidays and if you are back in work like me this week I wish you a great start back into worklife and otherwise I wish you an amazing time off – either way, enjoy the last few days of 2014 and have a great start into 2015.

Lot’s of love


 As a little bonus: