The not so little “little black dress”

I recently have noticed that in my love for bold colours, prints and vintage dresses I am unfairly overlooking the humble but essential black dress.

So I recently decided, even though it is spring at the moment and with it the time of bright colours, that it is high time to correct this and to try out a range of black dresses. I used this opportunity to try out Asos Curve for the very first time, you can view my post about the shopping experience here.


Asos Curve - Midi Dress: Catalogue pic & me

So this is the ASOS CURVE Midi Dress With Scoop Neck, the first of the four plus-size “little black dresses” that I have recently ordered. Being a midi-dress it is not so much a “little black dress” but it certainly has earned it’s place in my wardrobe.

The dress is a bit longer than the dresses I usually wear. Generally I like a them to end at or just above the knee, but I have grown to like the length of  this dress. What I particularly like are the 3/4 sleeves, which enable me to wear the dress without cardigan, which is particularly great now in spring, when the temperatures have risen but they are not quite yet in the short sleeve area.

Asos Curve - Midi Dress (2)

I like to add in a little bit of colour when wearing a black dress, particularly now in spring. On colder days I might do this with cardigan. In this picture I am simply wearing a deep red lipstick paired with nail polish in the same tone. Coloured belts are also a great way of brightening a dress like this up for spring. Unfortunately, I don’t have many coloured belts atm. But I am already in the process changing this.

Asos Curve - embossed red belt

So, today have made use of my year long free next day delivery from Asos thanks to Asos premier and (as it was Sunday today) by Tuesday already I will receive the belt above to go with the red lipstick and the nails, for the next time I wear this dress.

All in all I can only speak good about the dress. I like the feel of it as well as the way it falls and the shape it gives me. It is very comfortable and for this reason it has already become one of my favourite dresses to wear at work.

So what do you think about the humble black dress? Is it a staple dress for you or do you tend to overlook it like me? Is a dress like this a no go for you in the spring time or how would you brighten up a black dress like this for spring? I would love to hear from you.


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