Missguided “Flawless” Earring Giveaway

Missguided – “Flawless” Earrings

You might have seen my new favourite earrings, the Missguided “Flawless” Earrings either on my Instagram account or in my latest blog post. I have had a  few requests about them and so I thought I let you know a bit more about them.

Missguided Jewellery – Get Those Lovely Earrings

These earrings are a unique pair of gold earrings, that send an important body positive message, and that in style. These beauties are from  Missguided and they can be found here on their website.

As I have also mentioned in my latest post, Missguided are, to my surprise, more and more turning into one of my favourite places for jewellery

I would strongly recommend to have a look round their jewellery section, I can almost guarantee you will find something amazing, particularly in the necklace section, there are some stunning statement pieces in there.


“Flawless” Earring Giveaway

Missguided have been so friendly to provide me with a pair of these earrings to share the love and body positivity with you.

So I have decided to kick off my little series of giveaways to celebrate my nomination to the British Plus Size Awards with this lovely pair of earrings.

So just check out the widget below and enter the giveaway and maybe you will soon be rocking these killer body positive earrings yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end at midnight Tuesday the 7h of October. The winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway is open to entrants EU wide, so feel free to join from Germany etc.

What Do You Think

What type of give-away would you like to see. Will you be going to the plus-size fashion awards. And most importantly, have you voted for me yet? 😉


British Plus Size Awards

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for the British Plus Size Awards in the cateogory “Best New Blogger”. I really would appreciate it if you would take you time to vote for me.

To vote for me and your favourite plus-size retailers & celebrities just click on the button below:

Plus North Leeds – My First Big Plus-Size Event

My First Big Plus-Size Fashion Event

This weekend I had an absolute amazing time at one of my first big plus-size blogger events: Plus North. It was a really fun, fashion & plus-size filled weekend which involved meeting lot’s of amazing ladies.

The Plus-Size Runway Shows

One of the big highlights were definitely the fashion shows in which Ann Harvey, Yours Clothing, Topsy Curvy, Simply Be, Curvissa, So Fabulous and Evans were showing a selection of their key pieces on some very fabulous plus-north visitors and plus-size blogger babes. It was absolutely amazing to see so many confident women showing off how comfortable felt in their bodies and showing off their confidence and love for themselves, an absolutely inspiring event!

Some of the fabulous bloggers on the runway

The Exhibitors

All the brands that were showing off their newest trends in the runway shows also had little stalls at this event where we had a chance to check out their upcoming Autumn – Winter Collection up close and I have to say, I already have a by far too long wish-list.

Although some of the real gems of the stalls were actually those that had not been part of the shows.

Curvy Kate had brought some of their amazing & sexy bras with her and conducted tons of bra fittings and delivering some amazing uplifts. Chunky Cat Cuddler showed off some great and imaginative jewellery. I also finally saw Nicky Rockets T-Shirts up close.

Image Credits: Next to my own pictures, some of the above pictures have been provided by Georgina from She Might Be Loved

Here I also learned about a new and interesting way of how to buy high class beauty products: Cohorted. They are offering each week 4 different products, the kind of product you would like to treat yourself to but might be just a bit out of your budget, to bring them to you cheaper due to the power of group buying.

Keep checking back I will give you a closer look at some of the exhibitors and their products over the next weeks, especially of those I could not resist and now call my own.

Showing Off My Little Makeover

Plus-North was a great opportunity for me to show off my style, my new hair and outfit. Before coming to the event I had basically gone through a whole little makeover.

I had my beloved Bettie Page fringe re-trimmed by Nicky from “Having A Hairmare?“. The benefit brow bar had taken care of my eyebrows . I had a complete home made hair colour makeover. If you follow me on twitter of facebook you might have already seen that I recently had a relatively extreme hair colour makeover thanks to some ebay ordered peroxide and Bleach London’s Tangerine Dream. And lastly I had a completely new outfit, which I had ordered specifically for plus-north using their next day delivery.

Finally meeting all those lovely ladies

But ultimately the best thing about plus north was to finally meet so many amazing & lovely blogger ladies, that are so often on my screen, finally in real life.  Obviously there was no way around to take some of those obligatory selfies:

Top left: Georgina from She Might Be Loved
Top right: Sarah H Plus Size Model
Bottom left: Debz from The Not So Secret Diaries Of A Wannabe Princess
Bottom right: A slightly blurry Becky from Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat?

What Do You Think?

Have you been to Plus North? What was your favourite of the day? What other blogger events have you been to? Are there any other blogger events you would recommend to me and would say I should not miss? Please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you!


Extra 15% Off Sale Items – Plus-Size Bargains at Asos

Update: The Discount Code for an extra 15% off has unfortunately expired but the reductions up to -75% are still available

Discount Code GET15

Asos is currently giving you an extra 15% off their reduced items,  using the code “GET15“. This code will be valid till Monday the 8th of September.

Usually I am not the one to shout about reductions, so many were happening recently. In this case however, there are a few real bargains and I had to work hard on controlling myself not to go on a giant spree. So I thought this one would probably be quite interesting to you.

Sale items are reduced  up to 75% and with the extra 15%, there are quite a few great bargains available. In fact also the jumpsuit I have written about in an earlier post is available in this offer:

New Look Inspire Aztec Print Bandeau Jumpsuit

At full price this plus-size jumpsuit was £22.99. With the discount and using the code, you can get it now at £13.60, which really is an amazing bargain.

What’s In The Sale

As it was to expect most items are summer lines, but there are also some great transitional pieces amongst them. Also most of these summer pieces will be great to see you through autumn and maybe even winter if you mix up the combination a bit, for example with a leggings, a cardigan or maybe even Wingz. In case you have not heard about them yet, Wingz  are separate sleeves that you can wear under a sleeveless top, giving you a bit of extra coverage and great for turning a summer dress into a lovely autumn dress.


My Sale Wish List

There are actually a lot of great items available within this sale that I had my eye on for a while. The truth is unfortunately though, neither my wallet nor my wardrobe space is infinite. But one can dream…. and so I put the below wish list together.


1: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Skirt In Colourblock – Was £22.00, Now £11.00, With Code £9.35
2: ASOS CURVE Scoop Neck Skater Dress With Short Sleeve – Was £22.00, Now £11.00, With Code: £9,35
3: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Applique Lace Trim – Was £40.00, Now £12.00, With Code £10.20
4: Forever Unique Plus Size Esta Bandage Dress – RRP £247.50, Now £100.00, With Code £85,
5: Club L Plus Size Mesh Insert Pencil Skirt – RRP £38.00, Now £15.00, With Code £12.75
6: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Salon Dress With Scallop Edge Applique – Was £85.00, Now £42.00, With Code £35.70
7: Alice & You Pleated Skater Skirt – Was £25.00 Now £10.00, With Code £8.50
8: ASOS CURVE Full Skater Skirt In Scuba – Was £30.00, Now £18.00, With Code: £15.30
9: ASOS CURVE SALON Fit & Flare Dress With Inserts In Print – Was £75.00, Now £52.00, With Code: £44.20
10: Barney’s Originals Plus Size Leather Biker Jacket – RRP £225.00, Now £75.00, With Code: £63.75
11: ASOS CURVE Floral Skirt With Lace Hem In Longer Length – Was £45.00, Now £13.00, With Code £11.05


Ultimately I Could Not Resist

As mentioned above, neither my wardrobe space nor my wallet are infinite and I actually had promised myself not to buy any further  clothes till next payday. However, looking at the choice available I at least wanted to try a few pieces on. And so I ended up ordering the 3 lovely items below. The plan is to keep only the 1-2 items I like the most. However, I know myself… f I like them on myself it will be very unlikely that one of them is  actually going to get sent back.

1: ASOS CURVE Pleated Midi Skirt In Bright Floral Print – Was £35.00, Now £24.00, With Code £20.40
2: Club L Plus Size Mesh Insert Jumpsuit  – Was £49, Now £22, With Code £18.70
3:  ASOS CURVE Exclusive Leather Trousers – Was £95.00, Now £28.00, With Code £23.80

What is your favourite

What is your favourite? Have you made use of this offer and if, what have you bought? Or are there maybe any other great deals out there we don’t know yet about… Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you!



Kimonos – Perfect To See Out Summer

The End Of Summer

With August Bank Holiday gone, the end of Summer is unfortunately approaching fast and even more unfortunately the weather is actually showing this more and more. We occasionally still have stunning warm days but especially the evenings have are not as warm any more as they were a few weeks back.

This is generally a relatively difficult time to dress for as it is not quite warm enough any-more for lovely skin flashing high summer outfits but it is also way to early for  jumpers and long sleeves. So transitional pieces are key for now.

Kimonos – Perfect To See Out Summer

Kimonos are one of those of these trends that have been round all summer but I did initially did not pay much attention to. However, now that the seasons start to change I have discovered kimonos perfect end of summer piece.

Perfect With Summerwear or Swimwear

Kimonos are great for the last hot days, as they are lovely lightweight and go great with your light summer wear or even your swimwear.

great as beach cover-up with swimwear

Kimono: Fringed Palm Print Sheer Kimono – Yours Clothing (alternative)
Bikini: Elomi Swimbra & Miss Mary of Sweden Bikini BottomsSimply Be
(detailed bikini outfit post here

When It Is A Bit Colder

They are also super for  the colder times, as they give you just that little bit of cover up and bit of protection against droughts and slight chills you might need now in the evenings or on a windier day, while still giving you a great summery feel.

for the chillier days

Yours Clothing Kimonos

I had fallen in love with the fringed Kimonos from Yours Clothing. Initially I had planned to only get the palm print kimono.

However, I had ordered over click&collect to save on the delivery costs,  so when went to the Yours Clothing shop in Manchester to pick it up, I could not resist and ended up getting it in two versions rather than only one: The tropical palm print as well as an amazing flower print kimono.

I am usually a size 24-26 but they did not have my size in the flower print any more. So I went for a size 28-32 fortunately sizing does not matter in kimonos so much. I think I am still quite happy with the fit of the flower print kimono.

Kimono: Fringed Palm Print Sheer Kimono – Yours Clothing (alternative)
Top: Black Ribbed Cotton VestYours Clothing
Denim Leggings: Simply Be sale item
Shoes: Deichmann sale item

Kimono: Fringed Multi Tropical Print Sheer Kimono – Yours Clothing
Top: Black Ribbed Cotton VestYours Clothing
Denim Leggings: Simply Be sale item
Shoes: Deichmann sale item

At the time, the kimonos were £30, but at the moment the floral one is reduced to £19. Some sizes are not available any more but as mentioned above, in case they might have sold out your size, don’t be afraid to size up the kimono will still look fine.The palm print kimono is unfortunately sold out. But here is a lovely alternative.

As a little tip, if you are a new customer to Yours Clothing you can currently also use the code WGGAUG15 for an extra 15% off.

My Kimono Wishlist

Here is a “little” list of the plus-size kimonos that have made it on my wish list. unfortunately my budget won’t allow me to get all of them, but I guess that 2 or 3 are going to make it into my wardrobe.

1: Joanna Hope Longline Lace Kimono Style Jacket Simply Be
2: New Look Inspire Button Through KimonoAsos
3: AX Paris White Lace KimonoSimply Be
4: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Kimono In Light Rose PrintAsos
5: Anna Scholz Vintage Rose KimonoSimply Be
6: Leopard KimonoSimply Be
7: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Kimono In Floral Spot PrintAsos
8: New Look Inspire Mono Floral KimonoAsos
9: AX Paris White Floral Tassel KimonoSimply Be
10: Truly You Floral Print KimonoAsos

Maybe you could help me decide… Which one is your favourite?

What about you?

What do you think about kimonos? Do you have a favourite one? Print or Plain? Fringe, yes or no? What do you like to combine them with? I would love to hear from you

Lots of love


Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone…

The Girls Of “Outside My Comfort Zone”

A few monts back I also stumbled across a blogging challenge called “Outside my comfort zone”. Ever since then been following the lovely ladies taking part. Here are some of these ladies:

Mookies Life
Natty Nikki
Feeling Flabulous
Just me Leah
Big Fat Betty
A Wheelbarrow Full Of Style

These bloggers continuously question their own self image and  what they are comfortable with. These ladies inspired me to take things the next level and take a big step outside my comfort zone myself.


Me In A Jumpsuit?

I have always loved the look of Jumpsuits on other people, but I never dared to try one. Inspired by the #OMCZ Ladies I deecided it was time to finally change that.

I was quite excited when my New Look Inspire Aztec Jumpsuit from  ASOS  arrived. I also was a bit nervous, about how I would look and feel in it, especially as it was a double step outside my comfort zone. Not only is it a jumpsuit but also showing a lot of arm and shoulder.

Then I put it on and unexpectedly, I loved it.

Its light fabric, the bandeau design and the wide cut legs make this jumpsuit perfect for a hot summer day. In my opinion it is a great choice for the office as well as for the beach.

I was also pleasantly surprised that it was  long enough for me. Quite often, and particularly in leggings, trouser legs are about 5-10cm to short for me. For your reference, I am 5’9. If you are much shorter, you might need up to turn up the legs.


Another First: Plateau Shoes

Another step out of my comfort zone were the plateau shoes that I am wearing in the pictures. As mentioned above I am quite tall so I don’t often wear very high heeled shoes and usually they are also much too uncomfortable to me for every day use. However, in this case the shoes I bought from Missguided have a relatively large plateau which makes the shoes actually quite comfortable.

Jumpsuit: New Look Inspire – Asos £16 (was £22.99)
Shoes: Missguided £24.99
Belt: Accessorize (Old Season)

Challenge yourself

I will definitely continue to challenge what my comfort zone and what I believe that looks good or me or not. There are many surprises.

What was your biggest step outside your comfort zone? Did you surprise yourself by loving something on yourself that you never thought you would. I would love to hear from you.


Guido Maria Kretschmer for Heine

Guido who?

I have to admit I have practically no idea who Guido Maria Kretschmer is. I moved from Germany to the UK approximately 5 years ago so I never really know what is going on in the mainstream media there.  But judging by all the chatter that has recently gone through the net and the German plus-size blogger scene,  he appears to be a pretty big deal in fashion there right now.

And so I stumbled across several blog posts & online articles about a plus size range, he designed recently for the German retailer Heine

His Plus Size Range For Heine

Many of the headlines in magazines & blogs promised an amazing plus size range, that all German plus size women had waited for and in which they could finally feel sexy and feminine. Guido Maria Kretschmer himself stated that he designed an on-fashion and very feminine collection, so that big women would not have to  feel like wearing  granny clothes or potato sacks any more…

So let’s have a look at it

That sounded quite promising. So I had a look at it, hoping the situation had gotten much better back in my old home Germany. Well and what I saw was quite… erm… well… meh.

A few pieces of the Guido for Heine range with it’s prices on the German market

Click here to see the rest of his collection:
On the UK Site
On the German Site

To be fair, I have been spoiled by the by far more progressive plus-size fashion szene here in the UK. But the clothes in this collection lack, well anything that can show off the curves of us plus size women. Except for a few pieces, and in my opinion these are sold at extortionate prices and even the shapeless pieces are by far to expensive for what they are.

How plus-size is this plus-size range?

The other issue I have with this plus-size collection is that it only offers a size  range of EU Size 40-52(UK sizes 12-24), while the UK standard for plus size retailers is a size range of EU size 42-60 (UK Size 14-32).

The Conclusion

So ultimately I have to say, unfortunately I am less than impressed with this collection. Generally I am not really aware of the current stand of German plus-size fashion, I have to admit, but if this is really one of the most feminine and on trend plus-size ranges, then I am very much disappointed by the German retailers. And in addition, looking at the prices of the range, it appears that German plus size clothes still are surprisingly expensive.

I guess, given how much press coverage this range seems to have received, it at least appears to be a sign that plus size fashion is slowly but steadily is moving into the right direction in Germany.  So I think it while it appears to be moving into the right direction it really does needs some speeding up, but that is me saying that from abroad – please correct me if I am wrong.

Some of the help for speeding up the process is actually coming from the UK. Indeed quite a few of the UK’s plus size retailers are slowly moving into the German market, offering a wider range and in most cases also lower prices. Examples are Evans, Asos and Simply be. Although even some of those retailers don’t offer their larger sizes in Germany (see the asos section below) which I really don’t understand. So it appears German plus-size retailers will need to change and that quickly, if they don’t want to be left behind.


Simply Be

The design of the Euro website of Simply be is awful, but their clothes and particularly their dresses are really good and a lot more affordable. As their logo in the below collage states, they offer UK sizes 14-32 which corresponds to EU sizes 42-60.

A few pieces of the range of the Euro page of simply be & for comparison their prices on the German market 


Also Asos will be worth having a look at. As far as I know, they already sell for quite a some time in Germany and also have, other than simply be, a German language website. They  have a great and varied range. Although what I don’t understand is why on their German site they only offer up to a EU size 54 (UK size 26) when they offer  up to a size 30 (EU size 58) on their UK site.

A few pieces of the range of the German page of asos & for comparison their prices on the German market

Cheaper alternatives if you like Guido’s collection

I have included in both, the asos & the simply be collages, one or two pieces that might be suitable and a lot cheaper alternatives to the Guido for Heine range. So if you liked the nicer Guido for Heine pieces, but were put off by the price, head over to the mentioned shops or have a look in my (growing) Plus-Size Shops section of the blog.

Most UK Plus-Size shops ship to Germany

So far, all of the companies in my Plus-Size Shop section are UK based, but as I mentioned before, more and more of them are moving into the German market or at least are shipping to the German market. So head over, you might find some great more affordable pieces or even some great pieces and styles that haven’t made it to the German market yet.

So what are you girls from Germany thinking about the current state of the plus-size market? Has it changed much over the last 5 years I have not been around? Are there any new great shops I should check out when I am back in Germany for me weekend trip next week? And what are your favourite shops?

I would love to hear from you.