Lammily – The Barbie for a more realistic body image

In March Barbie had her 55th birthday. Which was once again enough reason for a range of newspapers to write all sorts of articles about the doll, unearthing all sorts of facts lists and infographics about the her.

As popular as Barbie is, as unrealistic  and problematic is her body which promotes an unrealistic and overly thin body image.  In fact she is so thin that most vital organs would not fit into her tiny waist. Due to her overly thin ankles she could not stand, she would need to crawl. She would even be infertile as she is so skinny that her period would stop. On top of that  the hormone imbalance connected with this would cause her to have osteoporosis.

Click on the image below for a few more facts about her health that were put together by the dailymail:

Barbie – Health Problems Infographic Source: dailymail

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a more realistic doll that would promote a far more healthy body image to the next generation of girls?

Well this is were Nickolay Lamm comes in, a researcher and artist that has already done lots of interesting projects in the past like visualising how the world would look like if we could see the mobile phone network or how popular dolls would look like without makeup.

In one of his latest projects he is highlighting how unrealistic Barbie really is, by creating a Barbie like doll modeled after the average measurements of a 19 year old girl. And this was the result:

Barbie vs Realistic Doll Source:

Initially this was only an art project. However, Nickolay Lamm received so many requests if & where this Barbie could be bought, so that he set up a crowd funding bid, to fund the production. Also here he received incredible feedback & support so that is project was funded in only one single day. And this doll, called Lammily, can now be preordered.

One of the strongest statements he made in the video describing and promoting his crowd funding bid is a statement that I can not highlight enough, his bid to support the project so that it can help a new generation of girls “to grow up to become admirable stronger women truly confident and proud in their own bodies”. There need to be by far more projects striving to achieve this goal.

View the video yourself in which he talks about his motivation and describes and presents the doll:

I personally think that Lammily, the more realistic doll, is by far more beautiful than the original Barbie. What do you think about this? Would you buy your daughter, niece, god daughter or or other girl in your life one of these? Would you, yourself have wanted one of those?



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