Body Confidence Boost with “Give Me The Food” by Miss Platnum

Miss Platnum
Miss Platnum

This is an artist and video I just had to share with you – she is a great plus-size style inspiration, and most importantly, her song & music video “Give me the food” is to me one of the most body confidence boosting statements out there.

Miss Platnum is a Rumanian artist. In her career she has often been criticised and scrutinized about her weight.  I can imagine her management telling her that if she wants to make it , she will have to drop at least 10-15 kilos – something I absolutely don’t understand. She has an amazing, curvy figure and I do love her clothing style – she is definitely one of my style inspirations.

One day she must have thought – “ENOUGH, I have to speak up about this” – and came up with this amazing song.

Have a look for yourself:

To say it with her words:

Look at my curvaceous curves
Those models can’t compete
I am a woman
No skinny doll

It would be great to hear what you think about this and what has inspired you. So,what do you think about this song and her style? Do you know any other great body confidence songs?





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