Summer Beauty Brawl 2017

The Blogging Break Is Over

After a few months of a blogging hiatus it is great to be back. I am looking forward to so many great things. there will be lots of new fashion and body positivity posts like there have always been. On top of that I am though also looking forward to a lot more beauty, a ton more plus-size fitness and some other great things like mindfulness, self-care and one or the other DIY.

Back With A Bang – Beauty Brawl  2017

While I might not have taken part in this year’s Summer Beauty Brawl which took place a few weeks ago I still loved the idea. So I thought what is stopping me to to join in a little late reviewing my own list of 10 beauty products.. Over the next days you can expect 10 beauty packed posts.

If you wonder what a beauty brawl is just check out the rules below.

Beauy Brawl 2017 - Beauty Blogger Event
Graphics by Emma Drury

So What Is A Beauty Brawl

The Beauty Brawl is a group of different bloggers getting together and for 10 days reviewing one beauty product each day. While each blogger will review a different product, all bloggers will look at the same product type each day, starting off with a liquid lipstick, following with a brow product and so on.


What Products Are We Reviewing Each Day?

Day 1: Liquid Lipstick

Day 2: Brow Product

Day 3: Eyeliner

Day 4: Makeup Remover

Day 5: Nail Varnish

Day 6: Face Mask

Day 7: Primer

Day 8: False Eyelashes

Day 9: Hand Cream

Day 10: Bronzer


What are the rules?

  1. Each blogger must review the arranged product type on the designated day – well that is the rule that I am breaking by taking part late….
  2. Reviews must be honest, with each product being scored out of 100 using the following three categories: product, packaging, and price.
  3. The scores for each review will be turned into a Top Trumps card via the Top Trump It app – next time around we will have our very own custom made cards!
  4. The products should be new and not used before – this helps to keep things fair so that no one is at an advantage.
  5. Bloggers can either buy the products themselves or source them from sponsors, depending on what they would prefer.


Who is taking part?

This time around the following bloggers took part:


Lots of Love


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