Sensationail Gel Manicure Kit – Is It Worth It?

Image Credits Sensaionail
Sensationail – Gel Polish Kit


Trying Out Gel Nail Polish

Getting my first fuse gelnamel kit really seemed what kick-started a slight nail polish obsession. Here you can find my review of this kit.

After this I wanted to step it up one level and try a “proper” gel manicure. As Sensationail, the same company that does fuse, also does a gel kit, it seemed basically the best idea to give this one a try as I already had half the accessories.Especially as this kit really does not come cheap.

I really did not want to risk spending £60 on something I might not like or that might be unnecessary as I already have the fuse set. So I decided to wait till a used LED curing light might come up on ebay and then to buy the polish separately to use with the accessories I already had.

The Contents Of The Set

The set consists of

  • Gel Cleanser
  • Gel Primer
  • Color Gel Polish
  • A Combined Base & Top Coat
  • Lint-Free Wipes
  • A Double Sided Nail Buffer
  • A Manicure Stick
  • An LED Lamp
  • and an instruction sheet.

The Process

Compared to it’s fuse counterpart this system is not applied in one single colour layer but a series of different coats.

  1.  Prepare your nails with the gel cleanser & the nail buffers to clean the nails and file away the natural layer of shine.
  2.  The gel primer and letting air dry it.
  3. The top/base coat and cure it with the LED light.
  4. 2 colour coats.
  5. The final layer of the top/base coat.
  6. Wipe your nails with the cleanser.
  7. Like with the fuse system, the great thing is from here you are good to go…

Here is the official instruction video:

This does actually not take much longer than the one step fuse as you can cure multiple nails at once, as compared to the fuse “one finger light”. All in all it takes about 20 minutes and you are done, over time I might actually get even faster.

The Good, The Bad, The Price…

Unfortunately at some point between transferring the pictures from camera to computer my pictures of the results appear to have gotten lost… (A Bloggers Nightmare…). So for now (check my facebook & instagram soon) you will unfortunately just have to believe my word about the results.

Overall Quality & Colours

The quality of the manicure is a lot better than the Fuse manicure. I really like the vibrancy and the gloss of the colour as well as the giant colour range. But once again, the quality really should be a lot better than fuse, given the price.

Sensationails Colour Range


Godsend For The Impatient & Clumsy

For me, the same as for the fuse system, the main advantages is: No long waiting for it to dry. Once you are done it is done. Using normal polish I am almost never patient enough to let it fully dry. I can’t count how often a nail polish session has resulted in me ultimately giving up and removing it because I dinged a nail for the 5th time in one attempt.

How Lont It Lasts

For me it does not quite last the promised 2 weeks, but I am generally quite hard on my nails. So all in all I am quite happy with the manicures

The Price

While the nails look nice and the manicure lasts, I have been quite disappointed by the nail light. It does feel really flimsy and also is pretty small. Keeping in mind that Sensationail charges £45 pounds for this, it pretty much verges on extortion.

Left Picture: Picture Credits Sensationail

The verdict

I do know now that I am in love with gel polish manicures. I am also loving the Sensationail colours and I am loving gel manicure shine and overall results, but I am not sure I love Sensationail.

The system works well but, but I don’t think I would have been happy  if I had bought it at full price. I am not sure if it is me, having too high expectations or if the price simply is too high.

Generally I am happy with the result, but I am not sure I can endorse the quality or size of product for the price it comes at.

Is Sensationail For You?

If you just occasionally want to wear an a bit longer lasting nail polish and like me have a patience problem and just want to avoid ruining your nails with your impatience, I would say fuse is for you.

The Sensationail might also  be perfect for you if you just want to give home made gel nails a try and wear them occasionally. It claims to contain enough product to last at least 10 manicures and that is still cheaper than the salon.

However if you seriously want to get into doing your gel polish manicure at home, I personally don’t think you will be happy with the kit on the long run. It might be a good starting point, but I think particularly the light might be disappointing. I still have to find out how the

My further plans?

Well now that I have a starting point, I will keep my eyes open and keep trying things out. There appear to be loads of different polished out there and there is also a large community online discussing which brands of gel work well with which LED lights.

So I will go on doing a bit of research and see if there is something better value out there. I am pretty sure I will update you soon with a few link tips and some new experiments.

Taking into account that I have been disappointed particularly by the LED light in this kit I am also pretty excited that I have been asked by USpicy to try out one of their LED Nail lamps. So I am really looking forward to testing those two lights against each other, which I will be doing within the next few days, and you will be the first ones to hear about my conclusions.

Your Experience?

What do you think? Are you using gel nail polishes? Is it Sensationail? Do you like it, and what is a fair price for a kit or light? Any brands to recommend?


Let Me Know What You Think