What a weekend….

It has been quite quiet around me for the last few days, as work was busy and there was a lot to prepare for, what was now in hindsight, an epic weekend away.

On Friday we flew back over to Germany just for the weekend.What awaited me was a lovely wedding, last minute panic shopping for integral parts of my wedding guest outfit that I had forgotten at home, a beautiful bride, an opportunity to finally wear my blue project d maxi dress, unplanned accessories and make-up brush hauls, disbelieve over how many things are promoted on the back of the world cup over there (fly swatters in national colours…), a world cup final to watch and celebrations as we finally won the football world cup again, after 24 years.

There was definitely a lot to fit in to only 3-4 days. I did my best to document as much as possible in pictures. Also as soon as theĀ  might be a guest post by her about her stunning wedding dress. So expect some catch up posts over the next days, as well as some great pictures.


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