Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone…

The Girls Of “Outside My Comfort Zone”

A few monts back I also stumbled across a blogging challenge called “Outside my comfort zone”. Ever since then been following the lovely ladies taking part. Here are some of these ladies:

Mookies Life
Natty Nikki
Feeling Flabulous
Just me Leah
Big Fat Betty
A Wheelbarrow Full Of Style

These bloggers continuously question their own self image and  what they are comfortable with. These ladies inspired me to take things the next level and take a big step outside my comfort zone myself.


Me In A Jumpsuit?

I have always loved the look of Jumpsuits on other people, but I never dared to try one. Inspired by the #OMCZ Ladies I deecided it was time to finally change that.

I was quite excited when my New Look Inspire Aztec Jumpsuit from  ASOS  arrived. I also was a bit nervous, about how I would look and feel in it, especially as it was a double step outside my comfort zone. Not only is it a jumpsuit but also showing a lot of arm and shoulder.

Then I put it on and unexpectedly, I loved it.

Its light fabric, the bandeau design and the wide cut legs make this jumpsuit perfect for a hot summer day. In my opinion it is a great choice for the office as well as for the beach.

I was also pleasantly surprised that it was  long enough for me. Quite often, and particularly in leggings, trouser legs are about 5-10cm to short for me. For your reference, I am 5’9. If you are much shorter, you might need up to turn up the legs.


Another First: Plateau Shoes

Another step out of my comfort zone were the plateau shoes that I am wearing in the pictures. As mentioned above I am quite tall so I don’t often wear very high heeled shoes and usually they are also much too uncomfortable to me for every day use. However, in this case the shoes I bought from Missguided have a relatively large plateau which makes the shoes actually quite comfortable.

Jumpsuit: New Look Inspire – Asos £16 (was £22.99)
Shoes: Missguided £24.99
Belt: Accessorize (Old Season)

Challenge yourself

I will definitely continue to challenge what my comfort zone and what I believe that looks good or me or not. There are many surprises.

What was your biggest step outside your comfort zone? Did you surprise yourself by loving something on yourself that you never thought you would. I would love to hear from you.


Mookie Moo

Thank you so much for the mention. I’m really honored. And you look amazing. I’m so glad you have stepped outside your comfort zone and played with a new look. That is what fashion is about. You go girl. xx

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