Skinny Models For Plus-Size – Why?

I have voiced in the past numerous times that I have absolutely no idea why the Plus-Size Industry keeps using models hardly ever larger than a size 12 and if we are lucky maybe a 14 and today this been highlighted once again.

Rebel Wilson In A Stunning Sequins Dress

Asos Curve shared yesterday on their Facebook page this lovely picture of Rebel Wilson in an absolutely stunning sequins dress out of their collection that she wore yesterday for a film premiere.

How Could I Overlook this?

I absolutely love this dress and was wondering how I could have overlooked this stunner when I was on the look out for a sequins dress for the Christmas season. However, clicking through to the website I realise why.

But see yourself:




ASOS CURVE Exclusive V-Neck Dress With Sequin Skirt – £35

Nothing against the model, she is a very beautiful girl and even the poses are not even the problem. The issue here is, her figure might be very beautiful but it is just not suitable to give me or any other woman on the other side of a size 20 an idea of how this dress might look on us.

I Would Have Bought It In A Heartbeat

PicMonkey Collage

I absolutely love how the piece looks on Rebel it really hugs her “lady lumps” in all the right places. Based on her picture, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Although now I can’t justify it any more, as I have already bought 3 sequins dresses in the meantime, and there are only so many Christmas and New Years Eve parties you can go to…

Why doesn’t the Plus-Size Industry Fix This?

Weirdly enough the plus size industry does not appear to try to fix this by using larger models but rather by padding the skinny models with fat suits, erm what?

 Two Models A Possible Solution?

What I would love to see in the plus size industry is what the lovely little independent label Silly Old Sea Dog is doing for some of it’s products, it is very simple and will not cost too much more: Simply using two models.

PicMonkey Collage3
Image source

Silly Old Sea Dog Cartoon Dress 50s Style – £95 (Handmade)

If retailers are affraid we might not click on the item if we don’t see on a skinny woman then this might be the solution. And it gives the retailers a soft way to test the use of larger models without increasing risk or costs by too much.

Thinking about how much overhead goes into a piece of clothing simply a second model for the plus-size items, giving us ladies on both sides of the spectrum a better idea how it might look on us, is not going to add that much of a cost to it. I am sure it would be at least something that would be worth trialing for the big retailers. Why it has not been done yet I really don’t know

Lot’s of love





I wish more online stores used mutiple models. Stores like pin up girl clothing use two models and personally I think it works better that way. I’m the smaller size of plus size but I’ll still prefer a wider image as I’m very busty.
In addition to asos using “skinny models” I’ve come to be annoyed at there use of “flattering” images- ie covering the waist of high waisted jeans and overusing jackets. I want to see the products fit!

Charlie Cohen

Yes! The jackets! It’s hard enough being fat shamed off the high street and having to do most of your shopping online, but even harder when everything you buy is a guess because the model is 5 sizes smaller than you!

Charlie Cohen

Totally agree. As a plus size woman I have to do most of my shopping online anyway, but the fact that I have to guess at how it will look on me due to the model being 5 sizes smaller makes it even harder!


I totally agree with you, there needs to be a solution. I would love truly curvy women to be correctly represented in the media and I believe it will create body positivity. Most women are curvy, in all different dimensions, so there is no sure-fire way to cater for everyone, but you could incorporate two images as you suggested or switch up the models. The plus-size industry has come a long way recently, but we still have a LONG way to go… we need to continue to push back!


Great post Lisa! I think using two or more models is a great idea. I wouldn’t have thought about buying the dress as on the model, but Rebel looks a tiny bit more like me, so at least I have an idea of what it *might* look like on me. xx

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