Plus-Size Fashion Days Hamburg – What I Wore

Still Very Much In Love With Vintage

Like for all Plus-Size Fashion Events I had been thinking for weeks about what I would wear for the Kurvenrausch Plus  Size Fashion Days In Hamburg. Ultimately I decided to stay true to my favourite style and go with a vintage dress with modern twist and a sprinkle of glamour.

Lady V – Estella Dress

Like for all Plus-Size Fashion Events I had been thinking for weeks about what I would wear for this event. But once again I was over thinking it, as for weeks I already had the perfect dress hanging in my wardrobe, just waiting to be shown off at the right occasion:Estella vintage dress by Lady V in a lovely birdcage print.

Designed In Cooperation With A Plus-Size Blogger

This dress was designed in cooperation with plus-size blogger Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. And it definitely shows that this dress was not designed by somebody who only theoretically thinks about what plus size women (and particularly those with a larger bust) might be looking for in a dress.

When designing this dress Lady V has definitely listened to somebody who is knowing herself the troubles of trying to find the right dress, accommodating your bust, while not looking like a tent. I think she did an amazing job, communicating what is important in a dress for busty women.

Have a look at the beautiful Georgina modeling a range of different styles of the Estella dresses:

Showing A Bit Too Much Bra
(once again)

However thanks to the extra space for the bust in combination with the wrap design, I personally have the problem that the dress is opening relatively low in the middle of my décolleté. As I had forgotten to bring my safety pins with me, it exposed a little too much of one of my new Curvy Kate bras, as you can see in the below close up. However this was far from the problem I had when I was wearing my Project D dress recently (Read more about this incident here). And fortunately the bra was in a nice flesh tone.

The reason for this bra showing so much is that Curvy Kate’s bras are designed specifically to give as much support as possible to the larger breast, of which is does a goo job by the way. So these bras, particularly in the larger cup sizes, close a little bit higher up y. Curvy Kate’s bras are some of the few out there that manage to do so whilst still looking sexy and definately not granny like

Simply BeCurvy Kate Princess Balcony Bra

Ad mentioned above, fortunately I had chosen a this flesh coloured version of the bra and therefore it did not stand out too much. However this particular “bra incident” is nothing a lower cut bra, a safety pin or, if a more permanent solution is desired, a few stitches could not solve

My First Ever Petticoat

Let’s stay in the underwear department for a moment. On this day I also wore my first ever petticoat. I actually had to search for it for quite a while. Petticoats, their sizing, length and layering can be a bit confusing, especially if you have no experience. I have not found the perfect one but it is a good one to start with. Being a size 26 is also not particularly helping…

Ultimately I ended up buying this petticoat of ebay. It is an ok petticoat, if a bit tight and it could be a bit more, how should I say…, puffy. But it is a good petticoat to start with, giving your skirt a bit more volume without looking over the top. So if you are ideally a size 24 or under and want to try out petticoats, this could be a potential model to get started with.

The Birdcage Print

The birdcage printis absolutely amazing, full of lovely detail and very cute. When I ordered the dress I could not decide at first if I preferred the design on the white or the light green background. ultimately I liked them both that much that both found a place in my wardrobe.

While the print that I was wearing is unfortunately not available any more, there is a range of other styles that are still available as well as a range of prints that has recently added.

Lady Vintage – Worth To Keep An Eye On

What I love about Lady V, is that they have a great range of prints that they review constantly. So while they have a number of great designs they always have in stock in a range of different prints. They also update the prints available quite regularly.

The prints range from classic prints, like polka dot or lace print to imaginative novelty prints, like one of their most recent ones: a cupcake print. So it is always worth keeping an eye on their page to see which new desing/print combination they might have added.

This is the current* range of Estella dresses available.

I do love the polka dots. It is just such a classical design that goes so well with so many things. I am a fan of particularly blue polka dot and already own one Lady V Dress in this print, which you can see here. So this  print might be another version I might have to add to my Estella dress collection soon.

 What do you think?

What do you think about the Estella dress? Do you already have one of them in your wardrobe? Which one is your favourite design? Let me know in the comments.



*At the time of this blog post being published.

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Janice Wilson

I have the Audrey lace one I love all your dress,s I wish you could do the dress Grace Kelly wore in Rear Window it has black top and chiffon flowing skirt I would love a dress similar if it can be done but my black lace is amazing and great quality wearing to Xmas night out and will send in a picture love love love Lady V x♥


I love the Estella dress! I own several other dresses from Lady V but the Estella fits better than the others, because clearly it has been designed with a fuller figure in mind. Love it!

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