The Little Black Party Dress

Since I came over to the UK from Germany my night out wardrobe has significantly changed.

I still remember my very first night out in the UK. I had just moved to Cardiff to go to University. I had put on my smoky eye make-up and had decided to wear a very nice pair of skinny jeans combined with a grey shirt with a beautiful & colourful sequins detail and some nice high heels. Although when I say high heels, at the time I meant  about 2-3 inches high heels.

Little did I know about the fashion in the UK and particularly about Cardiff nights out. Because what expected me was this….






The above pictures are part of the Book “Cardiff after Dark” by Maciej Dakowicz, a book that is well worth checking out. You can have a look at its Flicker here or buy it on Amazon.

During my time in Cardiff I learned fast, that a skirt for a night out can never be too short, you can never wear too much hair spray, high heels never can be too high and that there is no shame in walking home barefoot.

Now I live in Manchester and in total I have lived almost 5 years in the UK and while I still have not adopted the British night out style completely and most likely never fully will, I have assimilated quite a bit.

Asos Curve Black Peplum Dress
Asos Curve Black Peplum Dress

While I lived in Germany I almost exclusively used to wear trousers on a night out. I now predominantly wear dresses and the dresses are much shorter than I ever would have dreamt wearing in Germany. However they are still much longer than many that I have seen here. But each to their own. I am still not so much a fan of massively high heels, particularly as I am 5’9 (1.75m) but occasionally I am daring to wear some 9 inch heels. However, in these cases I will always have some ballerinas in my handbag.

Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum

One of my night out dresses is the Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum Dress in the picture above from Asos Curve. This is another one of the little black dresses I recently bought from Asos after I realised that I had been overlooking that essential wardrobe piece by far too long.


At £9 it was a real bargain and so it is no surprise that it is unfortunatelly sold out. This dress has also become one of my favourite pieces of this mini haul. While it is quite short, it is still a decent length at which I am not flashing my knickers and the peplum details gives me a great hour glass like shape, in short: a great party dress.

little black party dress accessories collage

I am wearing the dress with a skinny embossed belt that I also got from Asos as well as with some Deichmann black and red plateau heels which also were a great bargain. I bought them a while back, when Deichmann had a sale on. As far as I remember they were reduced by 75% and I only paid about £5 for them, so like the dress they really were a great bargain.  They also are actually a lot more comfortable than they look. Although I would still never leave the house without some spare ballerinas when I am wearing them.

Deichmann  - Black Plateau Heels

Did you like me ever have a fashion culture shock on your first night out abroad? What do you think about this party outfit?  And lastly what is your favourite plus-size party outfit?




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