FatPhRocks – Plus-Size Maxi Dresses For Tall Girls


Not only fat but also tall…

Finding the right evening- or occasion dress is really not easy for me. Particularly when I have set my heart on maxi dress, as I am not only struggling with the plus-size aspect but I am also 5’9 (1.75m).

Most so called “floor length” maxi dresses end up rather ankle length on me and heels are almost always a no go, as even if the dress is a bit longer it usually still leaves the dress at this neither here nor there length. To me this is a real shame, as while I don’t need the heels for the height, they do give my posture and real boost and accentuate all the good bits of my figure.

FatPhRocks – Plus-Size Dresses For Tall Girls

So the guys from FatPhRocks really can be a godsend. They are a dress shop specialising in plus-size dresses for tall girls. They offer day & evening dresses, up to a size 28 in a very affordable price range, with most dresses ranging between the sizes £25 and £50. At the moment they are still a fairly small shop, but they still have good range to choose from.

Capturescreenshot of FatPhRocks showing part of the range

In particular I really like their single colour floor length dresses in almost all cuts offered and especially that they offer a choice of dresses that either do or don’t cover your arms/chest area if you are looking for this kind of thing but also sleeveless dresses that expose more of your chest area if you are looking for that . The only thing I am personally not too much of a fan of in their range are some of the prints, but this is rather a matter of personal taste, who knows you might love those prints.

Overall I would recommend, if you are a taller lady like me, it will most likely be worth having a look yourself. The range is small but for that it offers some choices the bigger players don’t offer.

Trying The Dress

I chose the Eddie Dress In Purple*, a dress that is a bit more high-necked than most of the evening dresses that I have worn in the past, but I thought this might be a good choice, looking back at the last big evening dress I wore, where I ended up exposing a bit more of myself than I had wanted (you might remember).

But before I go on, let’s give you some more pictures of the actual dress, as we know picture says more than a 1000 words, so moving images should be even better, right?.
(thank god for gifs, helping me to make a complete fool out of me…)


FatPhRocks  – Dress Eddie Dress In Purple*
Belt: Accessorize – Old Season

Overall I am very happy with the dress. Finally a maxi-dress that is not only long enough but that also manages to contain my boobs, I knew it had to exist somewhere. Although, I had to get used to a bit to the neckline as it is some what in the middle, neither high nor low. But now looking at the pictures again after a few days I have to say I have grown to like it.

barefoot collage with shadow
Please excuse the “all over the place” lighting, I was experimenting with a new setup

The higher neckline is balanced out by the low back. While I do like this feature of the dress, the pictures do remind me every time that I am desperately waiting for the summer as I am in real need of at least a little bit of a tan.

The very first thing that I checked out though was the length. Within 5 minutes I had popped on the high heels to find out how it would work with those. And I have not just tested it with any small heels, but my impulse buy stunning but sky high Missguided sandals (usually I am more the kitten heel kind of girl)

PicMonkey Collage-shoeshadowFatPhRocks  – Dress Eddie Dress In Purple*
Shoes: Missguided Clara Strappy Heeled Sandals (I’m wearing silver)
Belt: Accessorize – Old Season

I’d say for me the dress is the exact right length. It works with heels and still  but if wearing it with flats it might touch the floor but will not be dragging over floor.

I Will Come Back

I am definitely happy with the dress and can’t wait for the next occasion to wear it out and for the next wedding that I will be going to the FatPhRocks shop will definitely be one of the shops I will be checking.

Do You Know Other Plus-Size Specialty Stores

For everyone that stands out in another way except for being plus-size, may it be being tall, short, having big feet or a large bust, knows how difficult it can be finding fitting clothing, as shops are rare.

So I have decided to compile a list of specialty plus-size shops and ranges. So if you are aware of any specialty shops, may it be petite, maternity or any speciality you can think of, pop a comment in the box down below.


Lots of love





This is fantastic to know!!! I’m 5ft10 with a fetish for 6inch heels so I find it very difficult to find a descent maxi dress that doesn’t turn into a midi at the first sign of my points. I’ll definitely be checking out this store when I next feel the need to become a grecian goddess next.

C xx


Loving the back of that dress. I love a bit of a daring plunge back. So sexy without being obvious! And your hair is FAB!
I’m gonna have to check out Fat PhRocks me thinks.


Loving this! Love the back – sexy yet sophisticated. And the colour rocks with your hair! Deffo need to check FatPHRocks out some time as I love a gorgeous maxi…

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