Evening Lace Dress

This lovely black and silver dress with lace detail was part of my first experience with “Yours Clothing”. Bonded and multi layer lace dresses like this have been quite big recently and I am definitely a fan of the look – I think it lends the lace a certain sophistication.

Meeting up with an old Uni friend at a German restaurant for a great meal was the perfect occasion to wear this dress and show it off. It has also been performing sterling double-duty as one of my office dresses.Finished Collage

This dress came with a ribbon belt – however, with dresses like these I prefer to wear wide belts as they tend to give a lot more definition to my waist which creates a nice hourglass which I think better flatters my shape. For a very long time I had only one of these belts until, finally, I recently found a great choice of belts at “Yours Clothing” and so this belt is from their collection, as well as the Handbag and also the matching purse.

At 5’9″ I am not really friends with high heels, especially as I find them to be quite painful after a relatively short time. I find Ankle boots like this pair that I bought at Deichman while on my most recent trip to Germany, to make a great alternative to pumps and high heels.


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