After Dark in the Arndale Center- #MAAfterDark

An Exciting November

#MAAfterDark is next to the British Plus Size Awards one of the events I am very much looking forward this month.

#MAAfterDark is an exciting blogger event centred all around the perfect party dress, there will be lots of music, food, drink, fashion & beautifying. Each blogger attending the event got assigned a retailer they will be representing.

Representing Yours Clothing.

I am very excited to be representing Yours Clothing, which I am really looking forward to as it has been one of my favourite shops for quite a while now.

In the meantime I have already been extensively online window shopping their party range and have already found a few possible contenders for my personal perfect party dress. I am very much looking forward to a first shopping day at the Arndale Center today, trying a few of those dresses to narrow it down.

Finally An Inclusive Event

One thing I like about this event, is that this is a general fashion event, as compared to a plus-size specific event. These two genres are far too often separate, as the general fashion industry by far too often ignores that women beyond a size 20 might want to wear fashionable clothes. But thanks to the Arndale Center hosting several plus-size shops we can finally bring these two worlds together, well done!

More Choice On The High Street Please

I am sure all of you plus-size ladies will agree, and particularly all of us that have surpassed size 24 at any points in their life. that it can be quite difficult to find good and fashionable plus-size clothing on the high street. While it has become online a lot easier, there are still few shops that offer plus-size in their brick and mortar shops.

Here in Manchester for example I have once been very disappointed when I set out for a shopping day in the ginormous Trafford Center, only to find out that there was not a single piece of plus size clothing in the whole center.

And here is where the Arndale Center makes me quite happy, with actually offering at least some degree of choice by hosting several plus size shops.

Yours Clothing as well is contributing to giving us plus ladies more choice with constantly opening more and more shops. Here you can find a list of their current stores.

A Good Start

This is a good start, however I would very much wish more retailer would offer plus-size clothing and more plus-size retailers would open hight street stores.


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