Do We Neglect Workwear?

I love how far the plus size scene has come over the last years. The blogosphere is full of fat babes killing the game in amazing casual wear, evening dresses, vintage wear and even lingerie.

There only seems to be one aspect of our daily life that we seem to neglect a little bit, and that is workwear, despite this being an important aspect of our lives. Ultimately work/office wear is what most of us will clad our fat bodies in for 8-10 hours each Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately till today the understanding of plus-size office outfits still appears to mainly consist of unshapely blouses, blazers or tunics whose only goal appears to be to spare our environment from actually seeing any of our lumps and bumps. When I bought my first set of workwear here in the UK I made a very similar experience.

The Worst Shopping Weekend In A Lifetime

I had just finished my MSc and my mom had come over to celebrate. She had the great idea to go on a shopping trip to find some job interview clothes and a respectable wardrobe for when  I would find a job – what followed was the shopping weekend from hell.

At the time I had no idea where to buy work-wear or office clothes let alone that my plus size body could deserve to be dressed in fashionable clothes. The only brick and mortar shop where I knew to find plus size clothes were Asda… George at Asda is a lot better as it sounds, but not really the place for workwear.

The weekend consisted of visiting Asdas, Tescos that did not have any suitable clothes that fitted as I was at the time I was at the end of their size range. Followed by canvassing the Trafford Center here in Manchester that did and I think still does not have a single shop that carries plus sizes (shame on you), we finally found the Evans shop in the Arndale Center.

An Endless Rotation of 6-7 pieces

I came out with 3 tops, 1 pinstripe blazer and 2 pairs of black wide-leg trousers which were pretty shapeless and made me look a little like a middle-aged bank teller. I wore these few pieces in an endless rotation for at least a whole year without any new additions.

Black Evans Work Wear Shirt

Evans Plus Size Work Wear Tunic

Evans Office Wear - Plus Size Blazer

Why no new pieces?

After the shopping trip from hell I definitely did not feel like making another try to go shopping and make that experience again, and from the experience on the first trip, I felt like there was anyway not much more workwear available than shapeless potato sacks, just made of slightly better fabric. Boy was I wrong, as I know today.

Looking back, I wished I had at the time already known about the plus-size blogosphere and that there is so much great fashion out there. And not only that, there are even some accessories that can help transform a not so great outfit into a perfect office piece.


Let me introduce Wingz

I am talking about “Wingz fashion”, which is one of my favourite little accessories that can easily transform a casual piece that you love but unfortunately is not suitable as officewear,

Wingz are a little set of sleeves that you can add to any top or dress that would otherwise sport the dreaded bare arms… With Wingz you can turn these pieces that might be stylish but would otherwise break the office clothing policy or just simply make you feel uncomfortable into a stylish and absolutely office worthy fashion statement.


I wonder how I have lived without them before.


What Do You Think?

What are your experiences with work-wear? Do you have any favourite retailer for plus-size office attire? I’d love to hear from you.  




Just stumbled across your blog, it’s great! Wingz bought me here, just received my first piece and i’m over the moon with it. Looking forward to reading more x

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