A Much Loved But Unfortunately Neglected Hobby

As a blogger photography is a crucial skill. Without pictures you lovelies would have no idea what I would be talking about. The old cliché just holds true. A picture says more than a 1000 words.

I used to do a lot of photography and absolutely loved it. You can have a look at my old fotocummunity.de account here. However, then life kicked in and I was busy with uni and work. The endresult was: I have not properly been using my beloved EOS 400D as much as I would like and for far to long it has been stuck on automatic. Unfortunatelly I have lost so much of my knowledge about how to take the best pictures making use of all the settings…

So I was dead excited when I was invited to take part in the #LightCameraCurrys Workshop, which was organised by Currys  and the Joe Blogs Network to help bloggers take control of their cameras and get off the auto setting.

The Workshop

The Workshop took place in the The Manchester Photographic School. And I actually have had my eye on some of their courses. So this was an absolute win.

Christian our host lead us through all common questions. Firstly how to get your camera off auto mode. Addressing things like how to make use of ISO to make best use of the available lighting. Leading on how to choose the right shutter speed depending on the speed the object you want to photograph is moving at and which effect you want and also aperture which helps you achieve great depth of you can use it to achieve great depth of field effects.


Exposure – 1/200

Exposure – 1 Second.

A short exposure time enables you to take sharp pictures of a moving opject avoiding blurred lines. A longer exposure allows you to capture more light but can also lead to movement blurring. This is an effect that can also be used to artistically capture movement. Here is an example of this in a picture I took a few years ago.



While the camera can only focus on one point, aperture influences the size of the area in front and behind the area of this point that appears in focus. A small aperture will result in a small range while a larger one will result in a larger range.
Here is an example from during the course playing around with a short range:


Time For Practicing What We Have Learnt

No photography course it complete without a practice part. The perfect place for this was th  Food & Drink Festival that was happening in Manchester at the time. After being separated into groups each of us got a task, from capturing the food preparation, to groups or individuals.

I was in the food group, our task was it to capture the food itself and particularly the process of it being made. One of the tips was to go in close and to experiment with the depth of field that I mentioned above.

As usual I obsessed a little bit over a few subjects trying to get the perfect picture. So the time flew by and I obsessed bit about a few objects like for example the pizza  that you will see in the images below. But I think I still got a few nice images in the end of the day.










Thanks to Joe Blogs, Currys and The Manchester Photographic School for this great day and all the tips.

Follow Up Post: Digitally Enhancing The Images

I used to also spend ages on digitally working on the images, ending up with some great effects. However, this is where I will have to stop for now. With a lot of overtime recently a trip to Germany and a lot of other big things happening recently I had to admit to myself that the day does not have enough hours at the moment to pick image editing back up.

So I decided to let you have a first look at these pictures as they are and to be honest, I actually do like them as they are and I did not want to make you wait any longer.

I guess soon there will be a follow up post in which I will pick out one or two of the above pictures to see what I can do with them. So look forward to another slightly off topic post and some more photo tips soon.

I Would Love To Hear From You

Like always I would love to hear from you. Do you have any favourite photographs that you have taken? Share them with me! Or do you have maybe any great photo tips to share? Let me know.

Lots of love


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