The key to a great plus-size fashion bargain…

As the very first thing, please forgive me terrible pun in the headline. But now to the outfit: When I was last at the Simply Be store in the Manchester Arndale Center I was looking for a top to go with the polka dot skirt from Castaluna. Both are featured in  my last outfit post. Before I went I gave myself one promise, this time, I would buy nothing else but the one shirt.

How to expect… I broke my promise

However, I am me and like it was to expect, I broke my promise as I came across this beauty:     So, obviously I could not resist. And once again I walked out of the shop not only with the see through daisy shirt for my last post , but also with the above shirt with peter pan collar and a beautiful key print. However due to that I now I had the same “problem” again, only the other way round. Now I had a shirt that needed a great skirt or trousers to go with. Well… “needed”…

The Solution

So I had a quick look at Asos Curve. And once again I was very lucky and spotted a bargain, a  leather skater skirt reduced  from £85 to only £34 pounds and it was still available in my size.  

A true bargain

When I received the skirt I was quite impressed. It is a great quality and at this price an absolute bargain. At the time of me writing this it is still available in the sizes 20 and 24-28.

Please excuse the image quality but it was, like usually, a very busy day and by the time we got to take the pictures the sun had almost gone.

I combined the skirt and the top with my trusty black wedge heels which  I bought off Deichmann ages ago and still absolutely love. And I also added my £10 satchel from Tesco, which I also bought a while back. This bag really does not look like a £10 pound bag, even if the true quality is not the best. But if you don’t expect it to last you for the next decade it is still a great bag. All in all this whole outfit is quite a bargain: it came at the price of approximately only 70 pound in total (and that is including the shoes & bag)

Shirt: Simply be – £14 (available here)

Leather Skirt: Asos – £34 (available here)

Shoes: Deichmann – ca £20

Bag: Tesco – £10   I love stumbling over little bargains like the largely reduced skirt or even the cheap Tesco bag that did not look like a cheap supermarket bag. What was your favourite fashion bargain? Do you have a secret tip where to find them? I would love to hear from you. Signoff

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