Kelly Osbourne Unveiling Clothing Range in Sizes 4-28

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Today I have been pretty excited when I heard that Kelly Osbourne will be reveiling her very own clothing range called “Stories by KO”.

Getting a bit sidetracked: “Don’t you remind me of someone?”

I have, except for some of her particularly weird phases, always liked the style of Kelly Osbourne.

Although I had my own weird phases. And for a particular time I remember that I kept getting told that I would look just like her… Although I guess that was mostly a thing of beingĀ  on the slightly heavier side and just having somewhat similar hair styles. Looking back though, they had a bit of a point

Image Source picture on right
Me at 18 & Kelly in her teenage years*

Back to the topic

The clothing range. What is particularly special about it, is that it will range from a UK size 4-28 (US 0-24) and with that one of the very few clothing ranges that don’t discriminate between so called “normal sizes” and “plus sizes.

“I believe fashion should be fair”

Kelly says that she believes that fashion should be fair and that this is the reason for the size range choice. I guess that she herself has been pretty much any size from a size 4 to a size 20 (if it is right what I have heard) might have also contributed to this decision.

So having had a similar style in the past and now even more loving her recent style I am really looking forward to her range and am excited to see what will be part of it. I hope it will be easily available in the UK.

Thank you Kelly

Ultimately I would like to say thank you Kelly for being part of the long overdue plus-size revolution and bringing us women closer together. This range brings us closer to the realisation that we are all “normal sized”, no matter what size tag we wear in our clothes. We need more universal ranges like this.




*Image Source

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