Guido Maria Kretschmer for Heine

Guido who?

I have to admit I have practically no idea who Guido Maria Kretschmer is. I moved from Germany to the UK approximately 5 years ago so I never really know what is going on in the mainstream media there.  But judging by all the chatter that has recently gone through the net and the German plus-size blogger scene,  he appears to be a pretty big deal in fashion there right now.

And so I stumbled across several blog posts & online articles about a plus size range, he designed recently for the German retailer Heine

His Plus Size Range For Heine

Many of the headlines in magazines & blogs promised an amazing plus size range, that all German plus size women had waited for and in which they could finally feel sexy and feminine. Guido Maria Kretschmer himself stated that he designed an on-fashion and very feminine collection, so that big women would not have to  feel like wearing  granny clothes or potato sacks any more…

So let’s have a look at it

That sounded quite promising. So I had a look at it, hoping the situation had gotten much better back in my old home Germany. Well and what I saw was quite… erm… well… meh.

A few pieces of the Guido for Heine range with it’s prices on the German market

Click here to see the rest of his collection:
On the UK Site
On the German Site

To be fair, I have been spoiled by the by far more progressive plus-size fashion szene here in the UK. But the clothes in this collection lack, well anything that can show off the curves of us plus size women. Except for a few pieces, and in my opinion these are sold at extortionate prices and even the shapeless pieces are by far to expensive for what they are.

How plus-size is this plus-size range?

The other issue I have with this plus-size collection is that it only offers a size  range of EU Size 40-52(UK sizes 12-24), while the UK standard for plus size retailers is a size range of EU size 42-60 (UK Size 14-32).

The Conclusion

So ultimately I have to say, unfortunately I am less than impressed with this collection. Generally I am not really aware of the current stand of German plus-size fashion, I have to admit, but if this is really one of the most feminine and on trend plus-size ranges, then I am very much disappointed by the German retailers. And in addition, looking at the prices of the range, it appears that German plus size clothes still are surprisingly expensive.

I guess, given how much press coverage this range seems to have received, it at least appears to be a sign that plus size fashion is slowly but steadily is moving into the right direction in Germany.  So I think it while it appears to be moving into the right direction it really does needs some speeding up, but that is me saying that from abroad – please correct me if I am wrong.

Some of the help for speeding up the process is actually coming from the UK. Indeed quite a few of the UK’s plus size retailers are slowly moving into the German market, offering a wider range and in most cases also lower prices. Examples are Evans, Asos and Simply be. Although even some of those retailers don’t offer their larger sizes in Germany (see the asos section below) which I really don’t understand. So it appears German plus-size retailers will need to change and that quickly, if they don’t want to be left behind.


Simply Be

The design of the Euro website of Simply be is awful, but their clothes and particularly their dresses are really good and a lot more affordable. As their logo in the below collage states, they offer UK sizes 14-32 which corresponds to EU sizes 42-60.

A few pieces of the range of the Euro page of simply be & for comparison their prices on the German market 


Also Asos will be worth having a look at. As far as I know, they already sell for quite a some time in Germany and also have, other than simply be, a German language website. They  have a great and varied range. Although what I don’t understand is why on their German site they only offer up to a EU size 54 (UK size 26) when they offer  up to a size 30 (EU size 58) on their UK site.

A few pieces of the range of the German page of asos & for comparison their prices on the German market

Cheaper alternatives if you like Guido’s collection

I have included in both, the asos & the simply be collages, one or two pieces that might be suitable and a lot cheaper alternatives to the Guido for Heine range. So if you liked the nicer Guido for Heine pieces, but were put off by the price, head over to the mentioned shops or have a look in my (growing) Plus-Size Shops section of the blog.

Most UK Plus-Size shops ship to Germany

So far, all of the companies in my Plus-Size Shop section are UK based, but as I mentioned before, more and more of them are moving into the German market or at least are shipping to the German market. So head over, you might find some great more affordable pieces or even some great pieces and styles that haven’t made it to the German market yet.

So what are you girls from Germany thinking about the current state of the plus-size market? Has it changed much over the last 5 years I have not been around? Are there any new great shops I should check out when I am back in Germany for me weekend trip next week? And what are your favourite shops?

I would love to hear from you.


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