Finally the right occassion….

…to wear a dress that has been hanging in my wardrobe for more than a year.

A Wedding In Germany

Earlier this month I was invited at a beautiful wedding in Germany. Some of my friends in Germany were tying the knot after having been together for more than 6 years. The bride & groom looked stunning and the setting was absolutely beautiful, although we unfortunately missed most of the ceremony due to absolutely getting lost.

You might at in a later post be hearing a bit more about this wedding, as the beautiful bride has actually agreed to writing up a little guest post about her lovely dress, once all things have calmed down and they are back from their honeymoon.

The Project D Maxi Dress

This wedding finally gave me the opportunity to wear the blue Project D Maxi Dress that I had bought at Simply Be last year, but never really had an occasion to wear.

The dress is floor long and a lovely cobalt blue. It’s striking silver detailing on the shoulders and below the bust makes this dress almost look like Hollywood red carpet dress. A stunning dress, but it would unfortunately be a bit overdressed for a day in the office or a simple night out. And so the dress hung unused in my wardrobe for a rather long time.

A Little Too Revealing

I really do like this dress and particularly the colour. However, in reality it is a lot more revealing than it seems in this picture. By this I don’t mean that it exposes my arm fat, which I generally don’t show that often, but rather the cleavage and the split on the side.

One could tell that this dress was not really designed with a 46G bra size (Eu Size 105G) in mind and so there was a bit too much bra and boob visible for my liking while I was moving. In hindsight I would have wanted to have had some safety pins on me on the day, for a possible quick fix. If I ever wear this dress again I will definitely have some in my handbag.

The split was not so much a problem once we were at the party. While the split came quite far up on my leg with me being 1.75m, it was relatively subtle even while walking about. However, walking to the train station, that was a completely different story. The wind was coming from the most impractical direction for me. So half my dress was flying in the wind and I was practically in a micro mini, trying my best to hold the skirt down.

Covering Up With A Shawl

As I was feeling like I was baring a little bit too much, I combined the dress with a shawl so that I could cover up when I felt like it. I had bought a nice and surprisingly cheap white shawl on ebay. However, as I usually would, I forgot it at home. Due to this we had, as described in my earlier post, to go on a last minute hunt for a moderately suitable shawl on our first day in Germany. Ultimately we discovered six a nice international jewellery shop with tons of shawls that were on sale for great prices. I ended up buying approximately 5 shawls, which I will show you soon in another post.

Complimenting The Dress

The shawl I chose to go with this dress was a brownish shawl with silver detailing. Not quite as nice as the white one I had, but it matched the dress pretty well. And in combination with my blue and silver fuse & No. 7 Nails the whole ensemble was complete.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it is a very beautiful dress, but not a practical one. I would feel more comfortable if I could hide my bra line a bit more, but I guess I will wear this dress again, when there is no wind and I will have safety pins with me. Oh, and hopefully I will that time remember to bring the white shawl with me.


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