Taking A Dip – Boohoo Extreme Dip Back Top

May I Introduce To You Another Impulse Buy!

I am usually not a fan of  weird hems. The hanky hem, bubble hem and drop hem are basically one of my pet hates in plus size fashion. This baby though really caught my eye and spurred another impulse buy.

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Plus Lizzy Extreme Dip Back Top

Trying New Things And Loving It

In the beginning I was not 100% sure, but then I thought what the hell, I can at least try it. If I learned anything over the last year of blogging then it is to challenge what I believe looks good on my and to push my boundaries of what I feel comfortable with.

Extreme Dip Back TopBoohoo
Body – Boohoo
Skinny Jeans –  very old season George at Asda
Stiletto Plateau Heels – Deichmann
Grey Clubmaster GlassesSpecspost

Neither Usual Fat Stereotype nor Eurovision Song Contest

In most cases drop hems are either one of those weird little weird  half circle added over the bum, or something you would expect to see at the Eurovision song contest. This top however is a drop hem game changer for me – it is bold enough to be special but I do not feel like I belong in an episode of Ru Pauls Drag Race.


The Sizing & Fit

The shirt is generously sized as it is meant to have a slight oversized fit. This does not necessarily mean that you should size down, but if you are a size 26 and have your heart set on this top, you should probably still be ok.

The front hem of the shirt comes in a bit higher than it does for the model on my 5’9(1.75m) & size 24-26 (EU 52-54). For my liking it is a little too high but it does not spoil the top for me, I’d just prefer the front to be a little longer. I guess the reason for it coming in higher is my rather largish bust with a cup size F-G.

For my height also the longest part is more than fine and if you are average height you should be perfectly fine as well. I think I had about 20 cm room before the “train” would have started scraping on the floor.

Plus Size Drop Hem Top - Lisa vs Boohoo Model2

Great For Layering

I love the versatility of this shirt. With summer coming slowly to an end, the potential to layer becomes an important attribute for clothing. Another win for this top. On warmer days I have worn this top just with leggings bearing my arms. Now that it has become a little colder I like to combine it with a long sleeve top and jeans like I did for these pictures or with a set of Wingz, which are great for adding sleeves to any piece of clothing, for the last remaining warm days.


Easy To Dress It Up Or Down

This is one of these pieces of clothing that has endless combination and style possibilities. Did you notice how much the look and feel of it changes by just changing the shoes from my beloved Birkenstock Flip-Flops to my Deichmann plateau high heels. Depending on the accessories this can so easily dressed up or down.

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There is one thing though I can tell you, you do stand out with this. Not necessarily in a bad way, but you just have to be ok with it to get some more looks than usual. At least this is what happened to me when I went out and wore this stunner in public.

Standing Out Is Not A Bad Thing

It is an unusual cut and when you walk the drop-hem basically turns into a flowing train, it just does stand out as a cut, plus-size or not.  This combination with the expectation that unfortunately still appears to exist that owners of fat bodies will generally be invisible or at least try to stay unnoticed unfortunately still seems to surprise some people.


However like I keep repeating myself quite a bit recently, like I said in my bikini a while back or in my rant about the oprah-magazine and their insane comment about the crop tops, even if this surprises people, it is not the end of the world, despite a few extra looks the world still continues to turn and in the worst case nothing happens except for you feeling more fabulous and having contributed to people wearing what they want having become a more normal sight in public.




A Word Of Warning

One little word of warning though… Just be careful if you by any chance end up wearing this top with stiletto high heels like I did and make sure this won’t be happening to you:


Now Reduced From £16 to £10

I think I found here a true stunner and am so happy ending up getting it despite initial doubts if I would really wear it. I love it and I do wear it a lot. The best news is that, while I got it at full price, it now ended up in Boohoo’s sale and is reduced from £16 to £10 now. I can only give you the advice to try it if you are on the fence about it… you might fall in love with it, in the worst case you can always send it back… 😉


What do you think?

What do you think about this top? Did you recently get an out of the ordinary piece of clothing? Let me know. I would love to hear what you think. Please drop me a comment below.

Lots Of Love



What a wonderful top! I like the drop hem! Although I’d worry that I’m quite short that even with heels I’d still be treading on it lol! Love the outfit though, great for any season I reckon!

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