Beauty Brawl Day 2 – Brow Product

Beauy Brawl 2017 - Beauty Blogger EventGraphics by Emma Drury

I Always Had A Thing For Benefit Brow Products

When it has come to eyebrows I have always had a thing for Benefit. May it be for getting my actual eyebrows waxed and shaped or when it comes to any type of either eyebrow wax or brow powder. For the most of times I have been using their Brow Zings in alternating shades, based on my hair colour at the time.

Benefit Brow Range Revamp & Disappointment

After Benefit revamped their range I tried out their new KaBrow eyebrow cream-gel colour. It turned out I loved the product, but was not really a fan of the packaging/brush. The “magic” brush that it comes with and that is supposed to convert into a full size bush sounds like a great idea. Especially as the relatively tiny brushes Brow Zings used to come with, were my least favorite thing about it.  However this “magic” feature is not quite so magical, unfortunately.

Benefit kabrowsource:

The lid, which transforms into the brush appears to be made out of a cheap plastic. This, together with some extra thin weak spots and it’s length, it appears to break the first time you are not  not pushing it  100% perfectly back into its holder, before you throw it in your makeup bag. Something that easily happens. The result is a broken apart and now extra short brush.

I am still going to use KaBrow at home (using a separate brush), as it is a great product. However I tend to put my makeup on on-the-go half the time. So being that delicate is definitely a makeup-bag-kit disqualifier for me.

Beauty Brawl – Giving The Brow Revamp Another Chance

Due to that I was on the search for an alternative, that I would be able to carry in my makeup bag from now on, without breaking while being simple to use but obviously still doing a good job. So when day 2 of Beauty Brawl came around I ultimately decided to give another one of Benefits revamped brow products a try: Benefit Goof Proof Brows

Benefit Brow Pencil - Goof Proof Brow Pencilsource:



In this case it will be somewhat difficult to 100% distinguish between packaging and price. Why? Ultimately this is nothing else but an ordinary brow pencil. What is special about it, is the shape the mine comes in, as you can see below.

benefit Goof Proof Brows - Tip Shapesource:

Instead of a round mine, the Goof Proof Brow Pencil comes with a diamond shaped mine. This allows you to use the pencil as a fine liner but also as a wide pen to evenly and quickly fill out your brow. Overall I do love the idea. However,  it has a (very) little flaw. This only works perfectly if the mine would remain close to perfectly flat, however in practice that does not quite work out as with use the tip gets somewhat rounded. So you have to either accept not to get 100% benefit from the shape or you will have to once in a while flatten the tip, which would then cause you to lose some product. All in all this is a minor issue though.

The second practical feature is the built in brow comb (looking similar to a mascara applicator) which  will help you to tame unruly eyebrow hairs and to blend/even out some of the product, making it look more natural.

Otherwise the packaging is perfectly fine, overlooking the fact that the silver colour might rub off a little if you, like me, constantly carry it around with you in your makeup bag.

Score: 85


The product itself is a long lasting high quality brow pencil. There isn’t really anything bad to say about this. However, also not much that would be to write home about either. All in all a very solid product, easy to apply, durable and natural looking.

What I have to praise Benefit for though, is that they finally have increased the number of shades the product is available in. Increasing the choice from 3 (light/medium/dark) to 6 different shades, giving you also some more choice not only by darkness but also between warm and cold tones.

Benefit goof proofinc colourssource:

Score: 75


Well that is a bit of the downside of this product. I think at £20 the price for this product is a little higher than it should be. To give you a bit of an illustration the comparable MAC product, the MAC Brow Sculpt Pencil, comes at £16.50, not to forget that there some ordinary brow pencils that you will be able to get from £8 onwards. So you will have to evaluate for yourself if the added convenience of the shape and the added brush is giving you the added value, or if you prefer to put in a bit more work and/or want to get yourself  a separate brush with it.
Although if you look around there is also pretty much always somewhere a sale on. At the moment for example (July 2017) LookFantastic is offering a discount, reducing the price to £16.

Score: 60

The Final Verdict

Overall I am happy with it and do in no way regret testing out the Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Although, to be honest when the time comes around when I will need to review it, I am not sure if I will re-buying it. This time I might actually look into testing out a new brand.

Any Tips Or Advice?

Do you have any favourite eyebrow brands or products? Are there any brands you would definitely recommend when it comes to Eyebrow grooming or is there any brand I should steer clear from? I would love to hear what your best and/or worst experience with an eyebrow product was!

Lots of love!



Beauty Brawl Day 1 – Liquid Lipstick

Beauty Brawl Day 1 – Liquid Lipstick

Beauy Brawl 2017 - Beauty Blogger EventGraphics by Emma Drury

Day one in the beauty brawl was looking at liquid lipsticks and so we are kicking things off with a beautiful matte liquid lipstick in a berry tone.

After I recently  tried out a Clinique lipstick for the very first time. It was immediate love. The Clinique Long Last Matte Soft Liptstick in matte plum is literally  one of the most beautiful purples lip colours I have ever seen and tried out

Given this experience and the conclusion that I need to do a lot more trying out of Clinique lipstick along with my love for matte lipsticks  it was an easy decision to choose the first product of the beauty brawl.

Liquid Lipstick resized 006

Clinique Pop Liquid™ Matte Lip Colour and Primer

Clinique has fairly recently brought their Clinique Pop Liquid™ Matte Lip Colour and Primer range, which comes as a range of liquid but also solid lip colours.

Clinique: A lightweight liquid lipstick covers lips with lush pigment and a modern matte finish. Wears all day. Moisturising formula with built-in primer provides a smooth, even glide so lips feel as fresh as they look.


As I had recently updated my hair colour to green another lovely purple shade sounded like a great choice and so I went for shade number 8 -black licorice.



Well there is not much to say on the point of packaging. The lipstick comes in a nice looking square frosted tube along with a silver top than can double as an emergency mirror if you have nothing else available. It is not quite perfect, but definitely better than blind application.

The applicator itself is also one of the relatively common liquid lipstick applicators. However, I have used applicators in the past that made precise application of liquid lipstick a fair amount easier, due to which I had to apply a few minus points there.

Score: 75

Liquid Lipstick resized 002


Clinique is pretty much everything but a budget brand but at £16.50 it still comes in significant cheaper than your favourite MAC lipstick. So I guess while it might not be a “cheap” but given its quality I would say it definitely qualifies as a “value for your money” option.

Score: 80

Liquid Lipstick resized 007


The deep berry colour of this liquid lipstick is an absolute dream. The pictures unfortunately don’t do it any justice.

I personally am a fan of liquid lipsticks that dry and that don’t leave you in the danger of smearing that deep colour all over your own face, which will inevitably happen to me. This lipstick in unfortunately not of this type. I was waiting for ages for it to dry till I realised that this is just not going to happen. While I initially was disappointed in this, it turns out this is also where a major difference lies in for this liquid lipstick

While many other matte lipsticks can dry out your lips, the Clinique Pop comes with a primer and not a separate one. The liquid itself contains a hydrating primer made of shea and murumuru butters that not only nourishes your lips but only makes the colour go on smoother.

Score: 85

Liquid Lipstick resized 006

A product I can only recommend

While my first experience I made with Clinique lipsticks have been great. The  Clinique Pop Liquid™ Matte Lip Colour and Primer has once again has been awesome.

Clinique might not be the first point of call when thinking of lipsticks but I will definitely find myself back at the Clinique counter to try out some more lipsticks. Who knows maybe Clinique lipsticks will soon even outnumber my MAC & Lush lipsticks…

Did you recently discover any new or unexpectedly amazing lip products? Which matte lipstick is your favourite? I would love to know!




Summer Beauty Brawl 2017

The Blogging Break Is Over

After a few months of a blogging hiatus it is great to be back. I am looking forward to so many great things. there will be lots of new fashion and body positivity posts like there have always been. On top of that I am though also looking forward to a lot more beauty, a ton more plus-size fitness and some other great things like mindfulness, self-care and one or the other DIY.

Back With A Bang – Beauty Brawl  2017

While I might not have taken part in this year’s Summer Beauty Brawl which took place a few weeks ago I still loved the idea. So I thought what is stopping me to to join in a little late reviewing my own list of 10 beauty products.. Over the next days you can expect 10 beauty packed posts.

If you wonder what a beauty brawl is just check out the rules below.

Beauy Brawl 2017 - Beauty Blogger Event
Graphics by Emma Drury

So What Is A Beauty Brawl

The Beauty Brawl is a group of different bloggers getting together and for 10 days reviewing one beauty product each day. While each blogger will review a different product, all bloggers will look at the same product type each day, starting off with a liquid lipstick, following with a brow product and so on.


What Products Are We Reviewing Each Day?

Day 1: Liquid Lipstick

Day 2: Brow Product

Day 3: Eyeliner

Day 4: Makeup Remover

Day 5: Nail Varnish

Day 6: Face Mask

Day 7: Primer

Day 8: False Eyelashes

Day 9: Hand Cream

Day 10: Bronzer


What are the rules?

  1. Each blogger must review the arranged product type on the designated day – well that is the rule that I am breaking by taking part late….
  2. Reviews must be honest, with each product being scored out of 100 using the following three categories: product, packaging, and price.
  3. The scores for each review will be turned into a Top Trumps card via the Top Trump It app – next time around we will have our very own custom made cards!
  4. The products should be new and not used before – this helps to keep things fair so that no one is at an advantage.
  5. Bloggers can either buy the products themselves or source them from sponsors, depending on what they would prefer.


Who is taking part?

This time around the following bloggers took part:


Lots of Love


Sparkle Like A Diamond

No matter if you are getting ready for Halloween, an evening of fancy dress or simply a night out, everybody deserves to feel like a fairy princess. Thanks to a trend that hit the scene during the last festival season, this could not be simpler. It is time to sparkle things up!


I Am A Fairy Princess

I was recently so lucky to run into Wish Upon A Sparkle at an event I recently attended. They truly made me feel like a fairy princess. And not only did they choose a great application for my face shape they also perfectly matched it to my turqoise & grey hair. Boom! Can I please have this every day.


I absolutely love this picture. Not only is the sparkle amazing, the pictures also really show the different colour nuances of my silver and turquoise hair do.  If you would like to add a little sparkle to your life too here are a few options for you.


Book A Sparke Professional

Wish Upon A sparkle are absolute experts in sparkle & glitter. No matter if you just want to sparkle up your face makeup, try out the sparkle-braid trend or even go for a full body sparkle, they are the team for you.

You can book them for Hen Parties, Weddings or any other private or corporate event.



DIY Sparkle

A bit over the top to hire a professional for your night out sparkle? Fret not!

Just buy a Sparkle-It-Up-Yourself Kit online. One good example is Stardust by BeautyBLVD, which comes in four colour variations – silver, gold, purple and a turquoise shade. Each kit contains 15g sparkle, bonding gel and an application brush, everything you need to make yourself sparkle.

Womens Evening Dresses


The Sparkle Downside

The downside of this whole thing is though that the glitter gets EVERYWHERE. I was pouring at least as much sparkle out of my bra as I had in my face. You will pretty much have to accept that the sparkle will be all over the place, especially if you should drunkenly fall asleep with it still on. Luckily I was able to avoid that.

Given that it gets glued on with skin glue, it does take a little effort to take it off. If you are the type that is unlikely to remove your makeup after a night out, you will pretty much have to accept a bed full of sparkles. However, there is nothing a long shower and a good vacuuming can’t fix. And let’s be honest being a fairy princess is worth it!



Did You Try Festival Sparkle

Did you try festival sparkle yet? Do you know of any other places where you can great sparkle? I’d love to see your pictures of your glittery self if you have any.




Get Glammed Up With BeGlam – App Launch Event

 be glam - launch event collage

Everybody loves a little glam

If you are like me you will love to get proper glammed up once in a while when having a night out with the girls, going to any other sort of special event or sometimes simply just because. The only thing that does feel even better than glamming yourself up is getting glammed up – and there is a new kid on the blog when it comes to booking experts.


BeGlam - Mirror Polaroid

A Little Glam Can Go A Long Way For Body Positivity & Self Love

Getting glammed up really can do so much more than just getting you ready for a special event or a night out. Practising some self-love & self-care by trying out some new amazing makeup looks or getting your “hair did” can do soo much for your self-esteem and make you feel soo good about yourself and even your body.

This does make me think of “Cheap Thrills” by Sia.  It does express in a great way how treating yourself to a little makeover (and hitting the dance floor with your loved ones) can make you feel a million dollars.



Everybody needs a little glam once in a while. At least this is how I feel.


So What Is BeGlam & What Has It To Do With Getting Glammed Up?

Like I said earlier, the only thing that feels even better than glamming yourself up is getting glammed up with some professional help, making  you look your best and pampering yourself a bit – and this where BeGlam comes in.

mono hair replacement systems

BeGlam allows you to easily browse and book your local makeup artists and hair stylists. The great thing about freelance MUAs and stylists is that they will come to you rather than you having to go to their studio or salon, so this is perfect for a little pamper party at home or especially if you are looking for a somebody to do your wedding makeup and hair for you and your bridesmaids.

be glam booking stepsSource:

You can book via the website or the iPhone/iPad app. I believe an Android versions in planned and will follow soon. If you are interested, keep an eye on my Facebook page, I will let you know as soon as BeGlam will hit the Google Play Store.


Bubbly, Celebs & Makeovers At The Release Party

The release party  at the Artisan was good fun: Celebrity guests (Housewives of Cheshire), makeovers, tasty food and bubbly.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses
Oh and yes, I mentioned celebrities. Who they were. I was told they were part of the cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. I have to admit I would have not recognised them or had the faintest idea who they were wasn’t I told as I do not really watch that sort of show,  but once it was pointed out to me who they were it was actually interesting and nice to meet them.
I guess while this would have been an exciting point for many, it was a little lost on me.

However, celebs or not the event was great, you simply can’t beat the combination of bubbly, yummy food and  especially makeovers.

Be Glam - befor & after collage



dressDress: ‘Ionia’ Sea Blue Polka Dot Tea Dress –  Lindy Bop
Shoes: Old Season – Deichmann

Here is a quick glimpse of what I wore on the day. The beautiful Lindy Bop  ‘Ionia’ Sea Blue Polka Dot Plus-Size Tea Dress. I do love this dress and I got a lot of compliments for it. I will fairly soon post a full review of this dress to give you a better idea and include some better pictures of what I mean by that.

I want to leave you with one little word of warning though: If you consider buying this dress and your boobs are a bit on the larger side, you will have to be careful with this dress.

What do I mean by that? Take a closer look at my left boob in the picture (a thing I did not expect to say today…) . You should see a seam going across my boob. If this dress would fit as it was intended, this seam should lead around my bust, not across it. In my case the seam luckily ends up bang in the middle of my boob wich makes it kind of look like it was intended this way and I more or less get away with it.

All in all a lovely dress that I very much love but I guess if you are on the more well endowed side you will have to try the dress on and see where this seam ends up on you.


What Makes You Feel Glamorous?

What do you do when you want to feel glamorous? Have you ever booked a freelance make-up artist, mobile hairdresser or maybe a mobile nail artist?

Now go out put your make-up on do your hair and hit the dance floor, hit the dance floor….

Lots of love



Blondes Have More Fun – Dyeing My Hair Blonde

Ladies And Gentlemen: My New Hair

Girl Geek In A Dress - now blond


I Can’t Count How Often I Changed My Hair Colourb

As you know I do like changing my hair colour but when I recently dyed my hair purple, I thought this would have been my last big colour change for a while. Purple was by far my favourite and I really had planned to stick with that for a while.




Hair Collage2



Refreshing Roots Turned Into A Colour Change

I meant refresh my purple. At the time the purple had turned by now into a turquoisy blue with at least 8-10cm  dark roots. I thought it was best to give it a full rather than just the usual root bleach to avoid my hair turning even more patchy.

To my surprise I liked what I saw when I washed off the bleach.  I also never had never ever been blonde which made it all a whole lot more interesting. So I thought it might make sense to stay blonde for a while now that I had to bleach it anyway and ultimately I could always put purple back in my hair at a later point.

So Blonde It Is

So I decided to get an ash blonde toner. My hair had unfortunately a faint green undertone left in it while being a little lighter in the bottom than it was on top. So I went for two tones, firstly as I could not decide and secondly because i thought one was too dark and the other too light and secondly as I was unsure if I would need to.

I ended up using both and had the overambitious idea to create something obre-ish by using most of the darker tone on top and the lighter  in the ends. That did not work out quite as intended but I am overall happy with the result although there is still a slight green undertone. But I should be able to get rid of that when using a toner with a bit of a redish/warm undertone the next time. For now thoug I wanted to avoid killing off my hair completely by dyeing it again. I will leave it to recover for a few weeks before I’ll dye it once again.

Not Forever, But I Like It

Like usually I don’t think that this hair change is going to last forever but I do like it and I think I am going to stick with blonde for a while. What do you think about it? Do you like me as a blonde?