Extra 15% Off Sale Items – Plus-Size Bargains at Asos

Update: The Discount Code for an extra 15% off has unfortunately expired but the reductions up to -75% are still available

Discount Code GET15

Asos is currently giving you an extra 15% off their reduced items,  using the code “GET15“. This code will be valid till Monday the 8th of September.

Usually I am not the one to shout about reductions, so many were happening recently. In this case however, there are a few real bargains and I had to work hard on controlling myself not to go on a giant spree. So I thought this one would probably be quite interesting to you.

Sale items are reduced  up to 75% and with the extra 15%, there are quite a few great bargains available. In fact also the jumpsuit I have written about in an earlier post is available in this offer:

New Look Inspire Aztec Print Bandeau Jumpsuit

At full price this plus-size jumpsuit was £22.99. With the discount and using the code, you can get it now at £13.60, which really is an amazing bargain.

What’s In The Sale

As it was to expect most items are summer lines, but there are also some great transitional pieces amongst them. Also most of these summer pieces will be great to see you through autumn and maybe even winter if you mix up the combination a bit, for example with a leggings, a cardigan or maybe even Wingz. In case you have not heard about them yet, Wingz  are separate sleeves that you can wear under a sleeveless top, giving you a bit of extra coverage and great for turning a summer dress into a lovely autumn dress.


My Sale Wish List

There are actually a lot of great items available within this sale that I had my eye on for a while. The truth is unfortunately though, neither my wallet nor my wardrobe space is infinite. But one can dream…. and so I put the below wish list together.


1: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Skirt In Colourblock – Was £22.00, Now £11.00, With Code £9.35
2: ASOS CURVE Scoop Neck Skater Dress With Short Sleeve – Was £22.00, Now £11.00, With Code: £9,35
3: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Applique Lace Trim – Was £40.00, Now £12.00, With Code £10.20
4: Forever Unique Plus Size Esta Bandage Dress – RRP £247.50, Now £100.00, With Code £85,
5: Club L Plus Size Mesh Insert Pencil Skirt – RRP £38.00, Now £15.00, With Code £12.75
6: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Salon Dress With Scallop Edge Applique – Was £85.00, Now £42.00, With Code £35.70
7: Alice & You Pleated Skater Skirt – Was £25.00 Now £10.00, With Code £8.50
8: ASOS CURVE Full Skater Skirt In Scuba – Was £30.00, Now £18.00, With Code: £15.30
9: ASOS CURVE SALON Fit & Flare Dress With Inserts In Print – Was £75.00, Now £52.00, With Code: £44.20
10: Barney’s Originals Plus Size Leather Biker Jacket – RRP £225.00, Now £75.00, With Code: £63.75
11: ASOS CURVE Floral Skirt With Lace Hem In Longer Length – Was £45.00, Now £13.00, With Code £11.05


Ultimately I Could Not Resist

As mentioned above, neither my wardrobe space nor my wallet are infinite and I actually had promised myself not to buy any further  clothes till next payday. However, looking at the choice available I at least wanted to try a few pieces on. And so I ended up ordering the 3 lovely items below. The plan is to keep only the 1-2 items I like the most. However, I know myself… f I like them on myself it will be very unlikely that one of them is  actually going to get sent back.

1: ASOS CURVE Pleated Midi Skirt In Bright Floral Print – Was £35.00, Now £24.00, With Code £20.40
2: Club L Plus Size Mesh Insert Jumpsuit  – Was £49, Now £22, With Code £18.70
3:  ASOS CURVE Exclusive Leather Trousers – Was £95.00, Now £28.00, With Code £23.80

What is your favourite

What is your favourite? Have you made use of this offer and if, what have you bought? Or are there maybe any other great deals out there we don’t know yet about… Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you!



OOTD – Yours Kimono

I usually don’t do these mirror selfies, but I am just so in love with my new “Yours” kimonos, that I just quickly wanted to give you a quick glimpse of one of them.


Yours – Palm Print Kimono
Asos Curve – Swing Dress
Belt – H&M
Yours – Necklace
Yours – Bracelet

Soon a proper outfit post/review is going to follow. So keep your eyes open for it.



The Little Black Swing Dress

This is another one of the little black dresses I recently bought from Asos after I realised that I had been overlooking that essential wardrobe piece by far too long for bold and colourful dresses.

Generally I love peplum dresses, tea dresses and skater dresses. Or in short, dresses that are taken in at the waist that create and highlight nice hour glass like figure. So so far shift dresses hadn’t made it into my wardrobe yet as I was afraid  that, given my plus-size figure, it would make me look a bit like I was wearing a nighty. This is actually the first swing dress I have tried on.

As I first suspected it unfortunately looks somewhat shapeless on me it’s own. Little Black Swing Dress - Asos

However in a combination with a cardigan or belt, it is a completely different story.

Little Black Swing Dress Asos- with cardigan

This does not mean that I amw now a passionate swing dress fan. But this dress has made it’s way into my wardrobe and it will be worn in different combinations with cardigans, belts and similar.

If you like this dress, it can be bought here on the Asos website. It t y (at the time of this post) is even reduced down to £15 from it’s original price of £25.

Ultimately I will in future I will give swing dresses a bit more of a chance. Who knows maybe there is an amazing swing dress out there in a great print or colour that might become a key piece of my wardrobe.

What is your opinion of plus-size swing dresses? Unshapely nighty or essential wardrobe piece?


First Experiences With Asos

Ok, to be honest, my wardrobe is spilling over with dresses, but there is one kind of dress I am constantly short of: the classical little black dress. I love bold dresses in striking patterns and colours. So most of the time I just appear overlook the simple black dress. This is ultimately a bit unfair, as these dresses are great all-rounder that suit all situations, from a work day to a girls night out or date night, just depending on how you accessorize or combine them.

Asos - Wide Range Of Black Dresses

So I decided to use this opportunity to try out Asos Curve. I had been meaning to try them out already for a while. In a way I could not believe that I actually hadn’t yet. They also appeared to have a very wide range of dresses including many black ones, as you can see in the picture above (and that was only the first page). Giving me a choice between quite a few black dresses in various different styles and particularly several ones with sleeves. As I mentioned before, I will never understand why there are so few dresses with sleeves out there.

So ultimately I decided on these dresses:

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swing Dress With V-Neck And Long Sleeve

Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swing Dress With V-Neck And Long Sleeve

  ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Square Neck

Image 4 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Square Neck

ASOS CURVE Midi Dress With Scoop Neck

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Midi Dress With Scoop Neck In Nepi

Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum Dress

Image 1 of Club L Plus Size Lace Panel Peplum Dress

I also signed up for asos premier which could be described as an amazon prime for fashion, but  at £9.95 it is much more reasonably priced. What this ultimately gets you is one year free unlimited next day delivery and free returns collection alongside with another few little things like early access to sales and a subscription to the asos magazine print version. I am not massively keen on the early access to sales etc although I really like the next day delivery. A great option if you need a dress for an unexpected special occasion or if you are simply impatient, like me.

So I ordered the dresses and only one day later I had all those lovely little black dresses delivered via a well tracked DPD package.

Initially I had planned to only keep one or two, but I loved them all and ultimately I decided to keep them all. So look forward to a number of “little black dress” review posts soon.


Dress Review: Anna Scholz – Print Peplum Dress

Anna Scholz - Print Peplum Dress2

I have had my eyes on the Anna Scholz print peplum dress for a while. It is part of the of the Anna Scholz for simply be  line. I adore peplum dresses as they tend to emphasize my shape and curves in a great way. Also the reviews of this dress I had seen before were really promising. So after I had seen  Georgina at “Fuller Figure Fuller BustCass at “Plump Parsnip”   and   Rosie at “A Pocket Full Of Rosie”  rock this dress I was wondering how this great piece would look on me.

The print is absolutely stunning. Although my other half keeps referring to it as  “the dress with the interference pattern”. And to be fair, he has a point. The print resembles an impressionistic picture of water lilies or to go with his interpretation an image of them, on a monitor with strong interference. Anyway, a great pattern.

Anna Sholz Print Peplum Dress - Outfit Collage

The dress is not only well designed but also well made, I do love quality. Although the feel of the dress, is something that took me a bit to get used to. It is quite thick, smooth and shiny which does make it a bit slippery and for me causes the belt to rock up quite a bit.

I am very happy with the overall length of the dress, but I would like the top of the dress to be a bit longer and the peplum to begin a little lower, but this is not spoiling it for me. Especially as one big pluses for this dress are the sleeves. I will never understand why there are so few dresses with sleeves out there. This means that this is one of the few that I will happily wear without a cardigan.


All in all I am in love, especially when combined with the shimmery high heels that I recently bought in the sale at Deichmann. I still cant believe I got these shoes for only 5 pounds.

Currently (at the time of this post) the dress is still available in most sizes and is also strongly reduced. So if you, like me had your eyes on this for a while, now is the time…