Buy British Day – UK Made Plus Size Clothing & Accessories

Did you know that every October  Buy British Day takes place?  A day celebrating British manufacturing and supporting local businesses. Today might not be the exact day but I still thought it would be great to join in.

So today I want to share a short selection of local plus-size clothing & accessories businesses most of which do not only offer great quality but also allow you to submit your own measurements and customise your products.



Silly Old Seadog


Silly Old Seadog is an amazing company. Not only is it UK based and producing unique and quirky vintage fashion, but their stunning vintage dresses are also handmade and they are one of the few places that do not distinguish between straight and plus sized.

Their inclusive range spans from size 6-24 and also offering dresses made to your custom measurements. And as the final cherry on top they use different body types of models to showcase their fashion on their site.





Lady Vintage


Lady Vintage is another UK based company offering vintage style clothes all of which are made in London. Their main line of clothing is available in the sizes 8-22 while their plus-size range Lady Voluptuous comes in the sizes 16-32.




Lindy Bop


Lindy Bop is the 3rd Vintage reproduction company in this list and while the majority of their clothes are made internationally they also do have a range of British made clothes which they offer in their subsection Made In Britain




Kenickys Fancy Dress


With Halloween coming up Kenickys Fancy Dress more or less have to be part of this list. They are a current internet find, so unfortunately, I cannot give you any first hand information regarding the quality, however what you can find online is promising.

Kenickys Fancy Dress is a company based in Coventry and they offer a wide range of different costumes from decade based costumes to fairy tales, Halloweenuniforms & much more. you can also submit your very own costume idea and they will do what they can to turn your idea into reality. The costumes are handmade and come in amazing size range. All handmade costumes are available in sizes 8-40 and not only that you can also have your costume made to your own measurements. Buying a costume here is the closest you are going to get to making your costume yourself.


As a word of warning – make sure to order in time. As the costumes are custom made for you, you will have to allow time for them to make your costume. They recommend ordering at least 10 working days ahead of time. So if you want to wear a costume from Kenickys Fancy Dress make sure you order soon.




trakke-logo-21Trakke is a Scottish company born out of the love of the outdoors and the love for design and quality. Trakke believe that a bag should be made to last a lifetime.


All of their bags are handmade in their stylish workshop in the heart of Glasgow. They are designed to be practical with many useful gadgets and pockets and also to be functional and comfortable. I do have myself one of their bags and I would not exchange my Wee Lug Messenger Bag  for anything.


Trakke. Adventure Everywhere. Handmade in Scotland. from Trakke on Vimeo.



Black Heart Creatives

Black Heart Creatives is a blogger gone statement jewlery business that offers unique laser cut acrylic statement jewellery. The pieces are full of kitsch, glitter or sass depending what you are looking for.

product-selection-2 palm-blinghalloween


There is the fat bitch/babe collection celebrating plus-size women in an in your face way, the palm bling collection taking palms and pineapples to the kitschiest max, the live fast and die yum which is fast food jewellery the pop art way and a lot more timeless and seasonal collections like pop art portraits and the Halloween range etc.  Not to forget that you can choose between all sorts of colours for your unique jewellery piece and there is also the custom option which allows you to create your own necklace or earring sporting your own custom statement chosen by you.



Definitely worth checking out. If you like a statement jewellery piece in you collection there is absolutely no way around Black Heart Creatives.


Any More Great Local Businesses?

Do you know a great local business that is worth supporting? Or are you maybe running a small business? Let me know in the comments and I will put them together in a follow up post.


Lots of Love



Flik & Flak by Swatch – So Many Childhood Memories

 Swatch & Flik  Flak – Tied To So Many Childhood Memories

Every once in a while an event comes along that really excites you because it is a brand that is really close to your heart – the opening event of a new Swatch Shop (about which I will post soon as well) that has opened in the Arndale Center was one of these events that I was very excited about even long before the event.



Growing Up With Swatch and Flik & Flak

Swatch is a brand that is and was really close to my heart – the brand is tied to so many great memories for me. Why? I literally grew up with it. My very first watch was a Swatch Flik Flak and I even learned to read the clock with the help of Swatch  and Flik & Flak.
I  remember being out with my friends, climbing trees, having picnics, building dams and whatever else we have done out and about in the woods and fields, looking down at my watch checking the time when I will have to be home (or more realistic how late I was this time).

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So what exactly is or are Flik & Flak?

Flik Flak is Swatch’s collection of cute but practical children’s watches. They are not only built to be very robust they & come with a machine washable textile strap they are also designed to make it easier for the kids to tell the time  & to help children to learn to read the clock in the first place.



How Flik & FlakTeach Kids To Tell The Time

The idea behind the line of watches is to kids to read the clock  via stories and games. Flik & Flak  are two cartoon characters who are siblings and represent the hands of the watch.  Flik (the big brother) tells the minutes, Flak (the little sister) tells the hours.


What time is it? Flick it pretty tall, he can stand up straight and touch the numbers around the watch. He will count the minutes. Flack is his younger sister and she is in charge of the hours. Let get going, it is time to tell the time…

Swatch introduced Flik Flak in 1987. I do remember that the watch also came with one of those cardboard practice watches and I I believe some cute stories. While that was basically it in my day (the early 90s), in 2016 Flik & Flak have gone fully digital, including Youtube videos, online games and all sorts of other content on .


Great As First Watch

Ultimately these are great watches and I can only recommend them if you are looking for a watch for your child. I believe this collection is a great choice, especially as a very first watch. They are rugged, practical, help your child to learn a new skill and I can only hope that your child will tie as many great memories to their watch as I do should you decide to get one for them.


Always Wanted A (Grown Up) Swatch

Ever since I grew out of wearing a kids watch on my wrist I had wanted to get myself a grown up Swatch. For some reason though that never really materialised, So I am more than happy that Swatch  & the Arndale Center reminded me of their great watches and even more that they have decided to treat to one of their beautiful time pieces – not to forget to evoke me of so many great childhood memories.

I hope you enjoyed this post even though it wasn’t about one of my usual topics (I am not exactly a parent blogger) but I guess stylish watches for kids is also kind of a fashion topic… 😉
I will share more about the actual event my favourite watches and lots of pictures of  the day and all those quirky & colourful watches very soon.

What Reminds You Of Your Childhood?

Do you have a brand or item that makes you think of growing up? What is it that wakes those memories for you?

Lots of love

celebrity prom dresses


Jewellery, Delicious Italian Food & An Armed Robbery

An Invitation by Victoria Highfeld

I  recently attended an event at Victoria Highfield, a jeweler in Didsbury. On this evening they  reminded me that I should probably have my family heirlooms enlarged to breathe some new life into them and opened my eyes to the world of jewelery beyond cheapo fashion jewelery .  (read the event post here).


This tie Victoria Highfield incited me to introduce me to the world of ChloBo followed by a lovely dinner. I had never heard of of ChloBo before, so I did a little research before the day.

According to what I found online the jewelry brand produces handmade pieces inspired by the island of Bali and the story of the company, as you can read it on their facebook page, just sounds adorable:

chlobo frontpage


When ChloBo founder Chloe Moss turned 21 she packed her bags and embarked on a journey around the globe looking for creative inspiration […] eventually she ended up on the beautiful island of Bali.

Discovering the island’s beautiful soul, the stunning craftsmanship and the amazing silver, Chloe was utterly inspired and here marked the birth of ChloBo.

Upon returning to her home in the UK, Chloe transformed her spare bedroom into her studio. [..]


The Bali inspiration gives this brand a bit of a sophisticated hobo chic. I particularly like the the concept of stacking and combining the pieces with each piece being reasonably affordable.If you want to go for the stacked bracelet look though like in the image below, you will fairly quickly reach a spend in the hundreds.

With the cheapest pieces starting at around £45 though there definitely is not too much I can complain.  ChloBo seems to offer something for every wallet, if padded or not – and there is no need to start at a big stacked bracelet collection right away. I can imagine that  becoming a long term collection, buying each piece to mark a day or memory, similar to the Pandora bracelet charms- and the pieces do appear like they would last.

ChloBo Bracelets - Victoria Highfield Event

Jewelery - ChloBo Bracelets Victoria Highfield


But Then There Was An Armed Robbery

I was really looking forward to this day however the event  unfortunately had to be cancelled as there was unfortunately an armed robbery on the day of the event at one of their branches. The robbers apparently did not use guns, but whatever the weapons were, this does not make it less frightening

My thoughts are with the staff that had to go through this traumatizing experience. I hope that nobody got hurt and that there wasn’t too much physical damage to the store.


Stil A Lovely Evening At Gusto

I do absolutely understand why they had to cancel the event. While we wait to hear to when the event might get rescheduled Victoria Highfield still was so nice to invite us to a lovely Italian meal at Gusto, an absolutely amazing Italian restaurant. And not only that, they also had a lovely little goody bag for me.

Victoria Highfield ChloBo Goodie Bag

Oh So Delicious Food

I promise I won’t turn this post into a restaurant review (although that might actually come later) but the food was absolutely amazing.

I had been wanting to go out for a nice steak for ages and so I chose the thin char-grilled steak which came with Parmesan shavings and rocket, which was absolutely delicious. And not only that, in the uk it seems to be quite difficult to get your steak actually served medium even when you ask for it specifically, despite how thin this lovely steak was cooked to perfection. For dessert I finally got the chance to test sweet cannelloni which had been wanting to try for ages.

Gusto Chorlton Parmesan Steak
flattened rump steak with garlic, chili, peppercorn, sea salt, rocket and Grana Padano
Gusto Chorlton Sweet Canneloni
cannelloni filled with vanilla mascarpone


The More Than Lovely Goody Bag

Victoria Highfield made not only sure that I still would have a good evening but also a goody bag was awaiting me in the restaurant. I was quite excited about what I would find inside.

I did not expect to receive an actual piece from the collection, but that was exactly what it was, a beautiful bracelet with cross charm.

It is not only beautiful but also feels great and really meets the expectation I had from the website –  a great quality piece to last, won’t be “so last season” next year thanks to it’s classic design… – bottom line. I like ChloBo.

ChloBo Cross Bracelet


It does fit okish, while you can notice it is not made specifically for plus size wearers. For pieces like this that range between £45 and £250 depending on bracelet I would wish that it was possible to add an extra bead or two for perfect wear if needed. However if you are not planning to wear it 24/7 it is perfectly comfortable on my rather larger than average plus-size wrists over the course of an evening.



Thanks A Lot For A Lovely Evening

Thanks Victoria Highfield. I hope everyone who had to go through the trauma of the robbery has recovered well and despite the event not happening, you made me very happy this evening. 😉

Lots of love



Put A Ring On It

Despite the title, no I have not gotten engaged. However, I recently got a little bit of a feel of how it is to wear a set of precious Diamonds at a lovely little jeweller at Victoria Highfields.

Victoria Highfields Cupcakes - Jewellers Blogger Event
The obligatory branded event cupcakes 🙂

I Am A Little Scared Of Diamond Rings…

I am usually not the jeweller and diamond type of girl. To be honest, I rarely wear any jewellery above the price of £20, simply because I would be terrified of losing it. I still do have the appreciation for beautiful diamond jewellery. And this place has some lovely things to look at for anyone with an appreciation for diamonds


Look! Sparkly!

In fact we were able to try some absolutely stunning pieces on, pieces that are very unlikely to ever grace my finger in real life as I would be more than mortified of losing them. Each of them was at least worth the equivalent of a small to mid-range car on my finger, being German this is an accepted way of  estimating value.

Victoria Hall Jeweller - Diamond Rings


Unfortunately none of these beautiful pieces did fit on my rather large fingers. The good news is that they do these pieces on a bespoke pieces so even if you have somewhat fat fingers like mine, they will  make for you, the exact ring you imagined for you.I was told if you want you can even bring the stones in yourself if you want to save some money or want to give a stone from a family heirloom a new life.




I Finally Found Out My Ring Size

I had a good chat with one of their staff and got some advice on what ring size to wear. Apparently I measure a Y, but this is not where the advice ended because there is more to it than just measuring. Which ring size you buy also depends a bit on the type of ring. For a thicker ring you will probably get away with a larger size than for a smaller ring. The rule of thumb is a ring should slide on, but always wiggle off.

If you also have no clue what your ring size is and always just buy whatever fits you in the cheap store you went to like I always did: here is link to the Victoria Highfield ring size tool that will help you to find out your size – all you need is a ring that fits you well and a printer. Although for ring fitting it will always be best to visit your local jeweller. I guess rings are also a little bit like bras, because one fits you does not mean that all in that size fit you. Ultimately it will be best to try them on.

Despite Expectation: I Did Not Feel Out Of Place

Jewellers really were and are not one of my usual habitats … But having had a closer look at one I have to say I have been positively surprised. It does not always have to be cheap fashion jewellery from fashion retailers. I had a good look at all the displays and there were some beautiful and actually affordable gems (see what I did there… erm sorry that was a bad one).

I guess spending a few pounds more, can get some lovely  and a lot longer lasting jewellery than you can get from your usual retailer. I would encourage you to have a quick browse at your local jeweller, it is at least worth a look.

Victoria Hall Jeweller - Blogger Event - small

Giving My Beautiful Family Heirlooms A New Life

I think I might actually very soon be paying Victoria Highfield another visit fairly soon. I have now for quite a while some lovely rings lying around that I have inherited from my grandmother,  that I have not done with much more than staring at, as they are far too small for me.

These rings aren’t worth much in money, however they are to me. They are basically all the physical memories I have left of my grandmother and it would be amazing to be able to wear them.  I am sure  Victoria Highfield will do a great job with these  3 lovely family heirlooms giving them another life, beiing worn by another generation.

My Grandmothers Rings


She Practically Never Took The Gold One Off…

I am so so looking forward to wearing this pieces. Particularly the gold ring with the large stone is absolutely stunning to me. I have been told that was also the ring that she wore the most and practically never took of. I do like to think back to the memories I have with my grandmother, unfortunately they are few as she unfortunately died when I was 5. It will be great to be able to wear a piece of my family and it’s history.

Far To Valuable To Be Locked Away

I would encourage you to have a look to your drawers at home or ask your parents if there is any family jewellery that was just locked away in a box. Those pieces of memory are far to valuable to be locked away.



FatPhRocks – Plus-Size Maxi Dresses For Tall Girls


Not only fat but also tall…

Finding the right evening- or occasion dress is really not easy for me. Particularly when I have set my heart on maxi dress, as I am not only struggling with the plus-size aspect but I am also 5’9 (1.75m).

Most so called “floor length” maxi dresses end up rather ankle length on me and heels are almost always a no go, as even if the dress is a bit longer it usually still leaves the dress at this neither here nor there length. To me this is a real shame, as while I don’t need the heels for the height, they do give my posture and real boost and accentuate all the good bits of my figure.

FatPhRocks – Plus-Size Dresses For Tall Girls

So the guys from FatPhRocks really can be a godsend. They are a dress shop specialising in plus-size dresses for tall girls. They offer day & evening dresses, up to a size 28 in a very affordable price range, with most dresses ranging between the sizes £25 and £50. At the moment they are still a fairly small shop, but they still have good range to choose from.

Capturescreenshot of FatPhRocks showing part of the range

In particular I really like their single colour floor length dresses in almost all cuts offered and especially that they offer a choice of dresses that either do or don’t cover your arms/chest area if you are looking for this kind of thing but also sleeveless dresses that expose more of your chest area if you are looking for that . The only thing I am personally not too much of a fan of in their range are some of the prints, but this is rather a matter of personal taste, who knows you might love those prints.

Overall I would recommend, if you are a taller lady like me, it will most likely be worth having a look yourself. The range is small but for that it offers some choices the bigger players don’t offer.

Trying The Dress

I chose the Eddie Dress In Purple*, a dress that is a bit more high-necked than most of the evening dresses that I have worn in the past, but I thought this might be a good choice, looking back at the last big evening dress I wore, where I ended up exposing a bit more of myself than I had wanted (you might remember).

But before I go on, let’s give you some more pictures of the actual dress, as we know picture says more than a 1000 words, so moving images should be even better, right?.
(thank god for gifs, helping me to make a complete fool out of me…)


FatPhRocks  – Dress Eddie Dress In Purple*
Belt: Accessorize – Old Season

Overall I am very happy with the dress. Finally a maxi-dress that is not only long enough but that also manages to contain my boobs, I knew it had to exist somewhere. Although, I had to get used to a bit to the neckline as it is some what in the middle, neither high nor low. But now looking at the pictures again after a few days I have to say I have grown to like it.

barefoot collage with shadow
Please excuse the “all over the place” lighting, I was experimenting with a new setup

The higher neckline is balanced out by the low back. While I do like this feature of the dress, the pictures do remind me every time that I am desperately waiting for the summer as I am in real need of at least a little bit of a tan.

The very first thing that I checked out though was the length. Within 5 minutes I had popped on the high heels to find out how it would work with those. And I have not just tested it with any small heels, but my impulse buy stunning but sky high Missguided sandals (usually I am more the kitten heel kind of girl)

PicMonkey Collage-shoeshadowFatPhRocks  – Dress Eddie Dress In Purple*
Shoes: Missguided Clara Strappy Heeled Sandals (I’m wearing silver)
Belt: Accessorize – Old Season

I’d say for me the dress is the exact right length. It works with heels and still  but if wearing it with flats it might touch the floor but will not be dragging over floor.

I Will Come Back

I am definitely happy with the dress and can’t wait for the next occasion to wear it out and for the next wedding that I will be going to the FatPhRocks shop will definitely be one of the shops I will be checking.

Do You Know Other Plus-Size Specialty Stores

For everyone that stands out in another way except for being plus-size, may it be being tall, short, having big feet or a large bust, knows how difficult it can be finding fitting clothing, as shops are rare.

So I have decided to compile a list of specialty plus-size shops and ranges. So if you are aware of any specialty shops, may it be petite, maternity or any speciality you can think of, pop a comment in the box down below.


Lots of love




Simply Be Spring/Summer 2015

A while back I was lucky enough to attend the Simply Be Spring/Summer Preview. This was an absolutely amazing event in an impressive London penthouse, involving some lovely wine, yummy canapés, a stunning new Spring & Summer collection and lots of lovely plus size blogger babes.


Simply Be SS15 UK Plus Size Blogger Event


If you follow my Instagram you will have most likely been able to follow the events on this day as it happened and will already have gotten a glimpse into the new Simply Be collection, if not, even the more of a reason to follow me on Instagram.



I so hope the bikini top will come up to a G-Cup. #SimplyBeSS15 #preview #plussizeswimwear #plussize

A photo posted by Lisa (@girlgeek85) on



Simply Be’s have by now even added a video of this preview day on their youtube channel so that you can get a first hand impression of the event in moving pictures if you pay enough attention you can even glimpse of me wearing one of my favourite Missguided dresses in this video.



 My Favourite Trends & Pieces

While then these styles were merely a preview, these lovely pieces are now, bit by bit, making their way into the Simply Be online shop. A good occasion to give you  a bit of  a closer look at the collection and my favourites.


While I am not really a fan of this years florals I am very much in love with the the clean bright colours in an almost candy colour range in combination with clean strong cuts as well as the simple monochrome styles with a hint of 60s. And lastly not to forget I like the denim. For some reason it has recently not been easy to find a nice plus size denim jacket.



monochrome products


From top left to bottom right:

Mono Blazer
Crepe Tennis Skirt
White Textured Skater Dress
Chunky White Necklace
Asymmetric Zip Skirt
Scuba Prom Skirt

Candy Colours

Candy Colours


From top left to bottom right:

Crepe Tapered Trousers
Brushed Mint Textured Coats
Denim Babydoll Dress
Pleat Midi Skirt
Purple Crochet Pencil Skirt
Yellow Ladder Trim Midi Dress
Colour Block Winged Bag



From top left to bottom right:

Denim Jacket
Patch Skinny Jeans
Denim shirt

Great Swimwear 2015

The one thing though that absolutely stood out to me is the Swimwear. This year simply be have really outdone themselves with their swimwear. Great colour combined with vintage lines.



Colour Block Bikini
Polka Dot Bikini
Sports Swimsuit
Mesh Swimsuit

What is great about these swimsuits, at least some, is that Simply Be also thought of us busty ladies when designing them. Wearing a G-Cup I am simply not able to wear a “normal” swimsuit without proper cups and/or under-wires. My mom always called it “pancakes” what swimsuits without proper cups would do to a large bust. No desirable shape… The black mesh swimsuit is one of those good examples, as it contains fixed foam cups supporting and keeping the bust in shape.


My absolute favourite piece is the monochrome one piece below which will instantly transform you into a plus size bond girl.



Retro Swimsuit

But also the Bikinis are not to be scoffed at.  After I made a great step of confidence and bought my very first Bikini last year (read more about this here) I might be buying Bikini number 3 and 4 this year…

What Is Your Favourite?

Which one is your favourite piece? Did you get one of these lovelies already


Lots of love