Flik & Flak by Swatch – So Many Childhood Memories

 Swatch & Flik  Flak – Tied To So Many Childhood Memories

Every once in a while an event comes along that really excites you because it is a brand that is really close to your heart – the opening event of a new Swatch Shop (about which I will post soon as well) that has opened in the Arndale Center was one of these events that I was very excited about even long before the event.



Growing Up With Swatch and Flik & Flak

Swatch is a brand that is and was really close to my heart – the brand is tied to so many great memories for me. Why? I literally grew up with it. My very first watch was a Swatch Flik Flak and I even learned to read the clock with the help of Swatch  and Flik & Flak.
I  remember being out with my friends, climbing trees, having picnics, building dams and whatever else we have done out and about in the woods and fields, looking down at my watch checking the time when I will have to be home (or more realistic how late I was this time).

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So what exactly is or are Flik & Flak?

Flik Flak is Swatch’s collection of cute but practical children’s watches. They are not only built to be very robust they & come with a machine washable textile strap they are also designed to make it easier for the kids to tell the time  & to help children to learn to read the clock in the first place.

Source: www.flikflak.com


How Flik & FlakTeach Kids To Tell The Time

The idea behind the line of watches is to kids to read the clock  via stories and games. Flik & Flak  are two cartoon characters who are siblings and represent the hands of the watch.  Flik (the big brother) tells the minutes, Flak (the little sister) tells the hours.


What time is it? Flick it pretty tall, he can stand up straight and touch the numbers around the watch. He will count the minutes. Flack is his younger sister and she is in charge of the hours. Let get going, it is time to tell the time…

Swatch introduced Flik Flak in 1987. I do remember that the watch also came with one of those cardboard practice watches and I I believe some cute stories. While that was basically it in my day (the early 90s), in 2016 Flik & Flak have gone fully digital, including Youtube videos, online games and all sorts of other content on www.flikflak.com/en/fun-and-games/ .


Great As First Watch

Ultimately these are great watches and I can only recommend them if you are looking for a watch for your child. I believe this collection is a great choice, especially as a very first watch. They are rugged, practical, help your child to learn a new skill and I can only hope that your child will tie as many great memories to their watch as I do should you decide to get one for them.


Always Wanted A (Grown Up) Swatch

Ever since I grew out of wearing a kids watch on my wrist I had wanted to get myself a grown up Swatch. For some reason though that never really materialised, So I am more than happy that Swatch  & the Arndale Center reminded me of their great watches and even more that they have decided to treat to one of their beautiful time pieces – not to forget to evoke me of so many great childhood memories.

I hope you enjoyed this post even though it wasn’t about one of my usual topics (I am not exactly a parent blogger) but I guess stylish watches for kids is also kind of a fashion topic… 😉
I will share more about the actual event my favourite watches and lots of pictures of  the day and all those quirky & colourful watches very soon.

What Reminds You Of Your Childhood?

Do you have a brand or item that makes you think of growing up? What is it that wakes those memories for you?

Lots of love

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