Jewellery, Delicious Italian Food & An Armed Robbery

An Invitation by Victoria Highfeld

I  recently attended an event at Victoria Highfield, a jeweler in Didsbury. On this evening they  reminded me that I should probably have my family heirlooms enlarged to breathe some new life into them and opened my eyes to the world of jewelery beyond cheapo fashion jewelery .  (read the event post here).


This tie Victoria Highfield incited me to introduce me to the world of ChloBo followed by a lovely dinner. I had never heard of of ChloBo before, so I did a little research before the day.

According to what I found online the jewelry brand produces handmade pieces inspired by the island of Bali and the story of the company, as you can read it on their facebook page, just sounds adorable:

chlobo frontpage


When ChloBo founder Chloe Moss turned 21 she packed her bags and embarked on a journey around the globe looking for creative inspiration […] eventually she ended up on the beautiful island of Bali.

Discovering the island’s beautiful soul, the stunning craftsmanship and the amazing silver, Chloe was utterly inspired and here marked the birth of ChloBo.

Upon returning to her home in the UK, Chloe transformed her spare bedroom into her studio. [..]


The Bali inspiration gives this brand a bit of a sophisticated hobo chic. I particularly like the the concept of stacking and combining the pieces with each piece being reasonably affordable.If you want to go for the stacked bracelet look though like in the image below, you will fairly quickly reach a spend in the hundreds.

With the cheapest pieces starting at around £45 though there definitely is not too much I can complain.  ChloBo seems to offer something for every wallet, if padded or not – and there is no need to start at a big stacked bracelet collection right away. I can imagine that  becoming a long term collection, buying each piece to mark a day or memory, similar to the Pandora bracelet charms- and the pieces do appear like they would last.

ChloBo Bracelets - Victoria Highfield Event

Jewelery - ChloBo Bracelets Victoria Highfield


But Then There Was An Armed Robbery

I was really looking forward to this day however the event  unfortunately had to be cancelled as there was unfortunately an armed robbery on the day of the event at one of their branches. The robbers apparently did not use guns, but whatever the weapons were, this does not make it less frightening

My thoughts are with the staff that had to go through this traumatizing experience. I hope that nobody got hurt and that there wasn’t too much physical damage to the store.


Stil A Lovely Evening At Gusto

I do absolutely understand why they had to cancel the event. While we wait to hear to when the event might get rescheduled Victoria Highfield still was so nice to invite us to a lovely Italian meal at Gusto, an absolutely amazing Italian restaurant. And not only that, they also had a lovely little goody bag for me.

Victoria Highfield ChloBo Goodie Bag

Oh So Delicious Food

I promise I won’t turn this post into a restaurant review (although that might actually come later) but the food was absolutely amazing.

I had been wanting to go out for a nice steak for ages and so I chose the thin char-grilled steak which came with Parmesan shavings and rocket, which was absolutely delicious. And not only that, in the uk it seems to be quite difficult to get your steak actually served medium even when you ask for it specifically, despite how thin this lovely steak was cooked to perfection. For dessert I finally got the chance to test sweet cannelloni which had been wanting to try for ages.

Gusto Chorlton Parmesan Steak
flattened rump steak with garlic, chili, peppercorn, sea salt, rocket and Grana Padano
Gusto Chorlton Sweet Canneloni
cannelloni filled with vanilla mascarpone


The More Than Lovely Goody Bag

Victoria Highfield made not only sure that I still would have a good evening but also a goody bag was awaiting me in the restaurant. I was quite excited about what I would find inside.

I did not expect to receive an actual piece from the collection, but that was exactly what it was, a beautiful bracelet with cross charm.

It is not only beautiful but also feels great and really meets the expectation I had from the website –  a great quality piece to last, won’t be “so last season” next year thanks to it’s classic design… – bottom line. I like ChloBo.

ChloBo Cross Bracelet


It does fit okish, while you can notice it is not made specifically for plus size wearers. For pieces like this that range between £45 and £250 depending on bracelet I would wish that it was possible to add an extra bead or two for perfect wear if needed. However if you are not planning to wear it 24/7 it is perfectly comfortable on my rather larger than average plus-size wrists over the course of an evening.



Thanks A Lot For A Lovely Evening

Thanks Victoria Highfield. I hope everyone who had to go through the trauma of the robbery has recovered well and despite the event not happening, you made me very happy this evening. 😉

Lots of love



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