#FridayFavourites – A Koala In A Suit…

This Week: A Favourite Piece Of Jewellery

This weeks #FridayFavourite isn’t an outfit, but a lovely and quirky piece of jewellery. I just had to share this absolutely lovely koala necklace with you, that has become one of my absolute jewellery favourites.

I am talking about this cute guy:

Chunky Cat Cuddler

I bought this lovely fella at plus north from the stand of Chunky Cat Cuddler, a lovely blogger who also has a great little online shop featuring fashion and jewerllery.

She offers actually quite a few more animals from the same range. I think I will actually have to get one or two more of them:

Animal Instinct –  Chunky Cat Cuddler

I think the cat will definitely soon by mine and I am strongly contemplating to get the cheetah too. And I can only recommend to have a look around through the shop and particularly the necklaces, as there are some true gems in there (see what I did there…).

What do you think

What do you think about the little fella Which one of the necklaces is your favourite?


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