Buy British Day – UK Made Plus Size Clothing & Accessories

Did you know that every October  Buy British Day takes place?  A day celebrating British manufacturing and supporting local businesses. Today might not be the exact day but I still thought it would be great to join in.

So today I want to share a short selection of local plus-size clothing & accessories businesses most of which do not only offer great quality but also allow you to submit your own measurements and customise your products.



Silly Old Seadog


Silly Old Seadog is an amazing company. Not only is it UK based and producing unique and quirky vintage fashion, but their stunning vintage dresses are also handmade and they are one of the few places that do not distinguish between straight and plus sized.

Their inclusive range spans from size 6-24 and also offering dresses made to your custom measurements. And as the final cherry on top they use different body types of models to showcase their fashion on their site.





Lady Vintage


Lady Vintage is another UK based company offering vintage style clothes all of which are made in London. Their main line of clothing is available in the sizes 8-22 while their plus-size range Lady Voluptuous comes in the sizes 16-32.




Lindy Bop


Lindy Bop is the 3rd Vintage reproduction company in this list and while the majority of their clothes are made internationally they also do have a range of British made clothes which they offer in their subsection Made In Britain




Kenickys Fancy Dress


With Halloween coming up Kenickys Fancy Dress more or less have to be part of this list. They are a current internet find, so unfortunately, I cannot give you any first hand information regarding the quality, however what you can find online is promising.

Kenickys Fancy Dress is a company based in Coventry and they offer a wide range of different costumes from decade based costumes to fairy tales, Halloweenuniforms & much more. you can also submit your very own costume idea and they will do what they can to turn your idea into reality. The costumes are handmade and come in amazing size range. All handmade costumes are available in sizes 8-40 and not only that you can also have your costume made to your own measurements. Buying a costume here is the closest you are going to get to making your costume yourself.


As a word of warning – make sure to order in time. As the costumes are custom made for you, you will have to allow time for them to make your costume. They recommend ordering at least 10 working days ahead of time. So if you want to wear a costume from Kenickys Fancy Dress make sure you order soon.




trakke-logo-21Trakke is a Scottish company born out of the love of the outdoors and the love for design and quality. Trakke believe that a bag should be made to last a lifetime.


All of their bags are handmade in their stylish workshop in the heart of Glasgow. They are designed to be practical with many useful gadgets and pockets and also to be functional and comfortable. I do have myself one of their bags and I would not exchange my Wee Lug Messenger Bag  for anything.


Trakke. Adventure Everywhere. Handmade in Scotland. from Trakke on Vimeo.



Black Heart Creatives

Black Heart Creatives is a blogger gone statement jewlery business that offers unique laser cut acrylic statement jewellery. The pieces are full of kitsch, glitter or sass depending what you are looking for.

product-selection-2 palm-blinghalloween


There is the fat bitch/babe collection celebrating plus-size women in an in your face way, the palm bling collection taking palms and pineapples to the kitschiest max, the live fast and die yum which is fast food jewellery the pop art way and a lot more timeless and seasonal collections like pop art portraits and the Halloween range etc.  Not to forget that you can choose between all sorts of colours for your unique jewellery piece and there is also the custom option which allows you to create your own necklace or earring sporting your own custom statement chosen by you.



Definitely worth checking out. If you like a statement jewellery piece in you collection there is absolutely no way around Black Heart Creatives.


Any More Great Local Businesses?

Do you know a great local business that is worth supporting? Or are you maybe running a small business? Let me know in the comments and I will put them together in a follow up post.


Lots of Love



Get Glammed Up With BeGlam – App Launch Event

 be glam - launch event collage

Everybody loves a little glam

If you are like me you will love to get proper glammed up once in a while when having a night out with the girls, going to any other sort of special event or sometimes simply just because. The only thing that does feel even better than glamming yourself up is getting glammed up – and there is a new kid on the blog when it comes to booking experts.


BeGlam - Mirror Polaroid

A Little Glam Can Go A Long Way For Body Positivity & Self Love

Getting glammed up really can do so much more than just getting you ready for a special event or a night out. Practising some self-love & self-care by trying out some new amazing makeup looks or getting your “hair did” can do soo much for your self-esteem and make you feel soo good about yourself and even your body.

This does make me think of “Cheap Thrills” by Sia.  It does express in a great way how treating yourself to a little makeover (and hitting the dance floor with your loved ones) can make you feel a million dollars.



Everybody needs a little glam once in a while. At least this is how I feel.


So What Is BeGlam & What Has It To Do With Getting Glammed Up?

Like I said earlier, the only thing that feels even better than glamming yourself up is getting glammed up with some professional help, making  you look your best and pampering yourself a bit – and this where BeGlam comes in.

mono hair replacement systems

BeGlam allows you to easily browse and book your local makeup artists and hair stylists. The great thing about freelance MUAs and stylists is that they will come to you rather than you having to go to their studio or salon, so this is perfect for a little pamper party at home or especially if you are looking for a somebody to do your wedding makeup and hair for you and your bridesmaids.

be glam booking stepsSource:

You can book via the website or the iPhone/iPad app. I believe an Android versions in planned and will follow soon. If you are interested, keep an eye on my Facebook page, I will let you know as soon as BeGlam will hit the Google Play Store.


Bubbly, Celebs & Makeovers At The Release Party

The release party  at the Artisan was good fun: Celebrity guests (Housewives of Cheshire), makeovers, tasty food and bubbly.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses
Oh and yes, I mentioned celebrities. Who they were. I was told they were part of the cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. I have to admit I would have not recognised them or had the faintest idea who they were wasn’t I told as I do not really watch that sort of show,  but once it was pointed out to me who they were it was actually interesting and nice to meet them.
I guess while this would have been an exciting point for many, it was a little lost on me.

However, celebs or not the event was great, you simply can’t beat the combination of bubbly, yummy food and  especially makeovers.

Be Glam - befor & after collage



dressDress: ‘Ionia’ Sea Blue Polka Dot Tea Dress –  Lindy Bop
Shoes: Old Season – Deichmann

Here is a quick glimpse of what I wore on the day. The beautiful Lindy Bop  ‘Ionia’ Sea Blue Polka Dot Plus-Size Tea Dress. I do love this dress and I got a lot of compliments for it. I will fairly soon post a full review of this dress to give you a better idea and include some better pictures of what I mean by that.

I want to leave you with one little word of warning though: If you consider buying this dress and your boobs are a bit on the larger side, you will have to be careful with this dress.

What do I mean by that? Take a closer look at my left boob in the picture (a thing I did not expect to say today…) . You should see a seam going across my boob. If this dress would fit as it was intended, this seam should lead around my bust, not across it. In my case the seam luckily ends up bang in the middle of my boob wich makes it kind of look like it was intended this way and I more or less get away with it.

All in all a lovely dress that I very much love but I guess if you are on the more well endowed side you will have to try the dress on and see where this seam ends up on you.


What Makes You Feel Glamorous?

What do you do when you want to feel glamorous? Have you ever booked a freelance make-up artist, mobile hairdresser or maybe a mobile nail artist?

Now go out put your make-up on do your hair and hit the dance floor, hit the dance floor….

Lots of love



Perks of the #Bloggerlife – Brunch at Neighbourhood

An Invitation To Brunch

While there is a lot of work and effort that has to go into blogging it obviously has its perks. What I am writing about today is, next to an excuse for impulse buys and shopping sprees despite being broke, one of the prime example of those perks: An invitation to brunch – yum!


Neighbourhood is a Manhatten style bar and restaurant and offers modern European and US-influenced food. It has recently undergone major renovations and menu updates and to celebrate the new brunch menu and so they invited some local bloggers to taste some of their yummy new brunch dishes.

Brunch! Yum!

We got to taste some absolutely yummy american style pancakes, which are extra thick pancakes in a little stack just as you always see in all those american programs and films. Usually I am more of a thin pancake or even Crepe kind of girl but those were amazing, I have not hat pancakes as fluffy as these in a long time.

American Pancakes

This was followed by a luxury version of the good old british classic of sausage & egg butty which can be described in only one word. YUM!

Luxury Sausage & Egg

And the final dish was for each of us our personal choice of eggs from simple scrambled eggs over poached eggs with avocado to eggs benedict and more. I always wanted to try eggs benedict so I grabbed the chance, although with a little twist. Neighbourhood is not only offering the classic but also an adapted version called eggs norwegian exchanging the classic bacon with salmon – this does not only sound like a dream it really is amazing.

Neighbourhood Brunch - Eggs Norwegian
Eggs Norwegian

Bottomless Mimosas

For the ordinary mortal the brunch at Neighbourhood comes with two courses and is served every Saturday from 10am – 2pm for £35 pp. The food is  delicious & to put the cherry on top it also comes with bottomless mimosas, bloody marys and obviously unlimited refill coffee (including cappuccino etc.) – so it’s all in all absolutely perfect for a catch up with the girls.

Brunch at Neighbourhood - Bottomless Prosecco, Mimosas & Coffee
Bottomless Mimosas, Prosecco & Coffee

Lana from Lindy Bop – My OOTD

For a posh brunch like this, I wore one of my recent favourite dresses which obviously is once again a vintage dress – the Lindy Bop Lana Dress in a Size 26. The great thing about this dress is that it also comes in many different prints, however like with most Lindy Bop dresses you have to be a bit careful about the sizing as it runs a little bits small.


What Do You Love About Brunch?

What do you love about brunch? Do you know another great place for brunch?

Lots of love


Affordable Winter Walks – Featuring bonprix

Snuggling Up While It’s Getting Cold Outside

Autumn is in full swing and as it is getting colder and windier outside it is time to cosy and snuggle up either at home under a blanket with nice cup of tea or to have a stroll in a toasty and warm coat through the awesome autumn landscapes that millions of colourful leaves have turned the world into.

I love this feeling of snuggling in a warm coat or blanket while it is cold around you. This year seemed to be passing me by and although I recently found a lovely autumn coat, winter is just round the corner and I had absolutely now winter ready coat. I already expected I once again had to wear lots and lots of layers.

Affordable Winter Walks With bonprix

So I was even more excited when bonprix got in contact with me if I might be interested in taking part in their Affordable Winter Walks challenge.

If I am honest I have to admit, it was a while back since I had last checked out bonprix and so I was very positively surprised of their range. Since I last knew about them, their choice and range as a whole has significantly improved.  I  had quite a hard time to decide, there were so many lovely coats and vests to choose from.

Faux Suede Duffle Coat

After I debated for a while for and against a biker jacket (I had recently binge watched sons of anarchy…) I decided to go with the winter jacket that reason was voting for right from the beginning and chose this beautiful faux suede suede duffle coat which is bang on trend with this strong (faux) suede trend.

So ultimately there was not much of a compromise between reason and fashion to make and snuggly as it is, it is the absolutely perfect choice for a stroll in the autumn/winter sun enjoying the colourful landscape

bonprix faux suiede coat


Bon Prix - Plus Size Sued Coat Taupe Side

The Fit – Length

Especially while being as a cyclist and being 5’9 both the length of the coat and the length of the arms are important for me.

It is not too long to be restrictive but long enough to cover your lower back which sometimes does get exposed by too short coats when wearing jeans, especially when on the bike.

Bon Prix Plus Size Suede Winter Jacket

The Fit – Size

I am usually somewhere between a size 24 and 26 and chose a 26 for this coat, keeping in mind that there might be a time when I might wear a jumper or multiple layers of clothing under it. It is a good job I went for the larger size as it does fit well but is a little bit snug when the zip is closed. So go for your usual size but if you are unsure between two sizes, go for the larger one.

Faux Suede Duffle Coat Open vs Closed

The Fit – Arm Length

I so so often struggle with the arm length,with coats exposing the especially on the bike dreaded dreaded gap between gloves and sleeves, but this coat works perfectly being at this perfect compromise length working for the taller and the shorter girl.

Bon Prix Plus Size Faux Suede Coat

The Cut – Seams

When ordering the coat I wasn’t too sure on the outside seams but now wearing it I do actually like it as it seems to stretch your length in the back and accentuate your waist thanks to strategical placing.


The Lining – Warm & Cuddly

The faux suede is super soft and the coat is lined with and even softer  shearling style trim which will keep you warm and toasty even in the strongest winds.

This makes particularly the hood lovely and cuddly, although that might be a little bit roomy but no less comfy.



Bon Prix Faux Suede Coat Hood

The Combination

Right about the time I got the coat, Lindy Bop entered a sale with hundreds of dresses reduced up to 30% and some even more… (bye, bye bank balance) I simply could not resist… As you know I absolutely adore vintage and particularly ‘Tara’, this autumnal  dress in plum, seemed just perfect for the season while complementing and connecting the colours in the coat with my blue/purple hair.


lindy bop collage

The Shoes

The ankle boots are from my absolute favourite shoe shop: Deichman. They are not only one of the few shoe shops in the UK that offer a reasonable ratio of flat to high heels with even some reasonable proportion of kitten heels they also offer fashionable shoes that last more than only a few wears at a reasonable price. Chances are you are going to use those lovelies next winter season for a walk again.

Brown Deichman AnkleBoots With Buckle

Deichman – Ankle Boots £19.99

The boots are part of their XXL line, this means they run up to EU size 44 (UK 10) and are usually a little wider than their normal Graceland range shoes. They might not be fur lined, so they are not quite winter shoes yet, but with some cosy socks they will comfortably carry you through autumn.

The Cardigan

I will ignore the cardigan for now, not only is it 5 seasons old and from a shop that is not available in the uk, but I am also sure that if you are the slightest like me, you will have a large collection of cardigans already waiting to be thrown into autumn ready combinations.

Adding It All Up – Affordable Winter Walks Indeed

With the overall topic being affordable winter walks, this outfit is definitely
falling into the affordable Category.

Bon Prix & Lindy Bop Dress


With the Calculation looking as follows

What do you think?

What do you think about this coat? Would you have chosen a different one? Have a look at the range yourself… there are so many I “almost chose”. Which Lindy Bop dress could you not resist?


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One of my biggest passions, next to a slightly weird obsession with statistics, is plus-size fashion, particularly vintage-styled fashion. Over the last few years, my wardrobe has constantly grown large and is now filled with many amazing vintage and other kinds of fabulous dresses.

For far too long I had been influenced by the thinking that was, and still is to a large extent, prevalent in my home country of Germany: Big girls just don’t wear pretty dresses and especially not short ones.

For most of my life, I have tried to hide my curves, rather than showing them off in glamorous plus-sized dresses. But my attitude has changed, I do enjoy wearing & showing off all of these amazing clothes, and I am very much looking forward to exchanging style tips, great finds and all manner of ideas with all of you.

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